Godly Stay-Home Dad

Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – Decoration

“What materials do you all have for the full package? Zhang Han casually asked.

About things regarding renovation, Zhang Han had learned quite a bit of it back then. Although the things he knew about renovation was not much, it was still at the least enough for him to not get conned easily by someone else.

“Our company has retail stores at Xilong Renovation Market, and furthermore have cooperation relationship with quite a few international brand shops, therefore, whatever decoration and materials that Mr Zhang you would want, we have it all. Moreover, the price will definitely be cheaper compared to you personally going to the shop to buy.” Zhao Kai replied truthfully.

This kind of situation was normally mutually beneficial. Zhao Kai’s company would buy the materials at wholesale price, then sell the materials to the buyer at a profitable price. This way, the company could earn money, and the buyers could also save some money too.

Of course, for this kind of situation to work, the inner quality of a company matters too. If a company were to substitute the materials with fake materials, the buyers could only count themselves unlucky.

“I will take the full package then.” Zhang Han nodded his head and said.

Hearing that, Zhao Kai’s smile became more enthusiastic. Taking the ipad over from the youth’s hand, he opened up the photo album and said, “I’m not sure what kind of renovation style Mr Zhang wants? This is our company’s renovation examples, you can take a look first. After you have decided, when we go back today, we will make drawings according to your opinion to provide for you to choose.”

Zhang Han began to look at the pictures on the ipad, while Manager Ma took his leave and left after picking up a phone call.

After looking for a while, Zhang Han had his own opinion. He intends to renovate the first floor to family style, and not business store type.

The structure of the first floor was very simple, there was only a staircase at the inner left side, and a toilet at the right side. For the remaining space, it was just the living room. The door faced towards the south and was located at between two very wide French windows.

Zhang Han muttered to himself for a while, then said out his opinion.

“At somewhere near the middle, make a television wall at the wall in the east side. In front of the television wall, place a sofa and coffee table.

This way, Meng Meng can watch the television when she is waiting for me to cook for her. The kitchen will be on the west side, and it will be a square shape open kitchen. The stove will be placed at the side facing towards the television. This way, I can look at Meng Meng while I cook.

Near the television, a small stage can be built there for me to put a piano. When I am free, I can teach Meng Meng to play the piano, which is pretty nice. Near the piano, and at the corner near to the door, I can put a small high table there and place a laptop on the small high table, then at the surroundings, I can install some high-quality sound system. That way, when eating, I can play some music to listen to.

At the place near the window and sofa, place a small round table and four ball-shaped chairs. It will be the corner for eating snacks and drinking beverages. At the outer side, place a dinner table, and a big crystal chandelier on top of the dinner table. Also, around the surroundings of the dinner table, I want some decorations.”

“Mr Zhang, the workload of those things that you speak of are not big. There will also be no problem in the renovation.”

Zhao Kai opened his phone’s calculator and said while calculating,

“I will speak about the specific works. Floor tiles, kitchen’s wall bricks, a small area of integrated ceiling at the kitchen, rest of the ceilings, television wall, small stage, few other furniture, the cost of tearing down the original decorations, and also the cost of the revamp of the second floor. Not counting the materials, the total fee for the manual work cost 150k rmb.”

“How long will it take for you all to finish the renovation?” Zhang Han asked.

“About 20+ days should be enough.” Zhao Kai muttered for a while, then replied.

“One week!” Zhang Han raised up a finger and said lightly, “Finish the renovation in a week. I will give you 300k rmb for the manual work fee!”


Zhao Kai thought he didn’t hear clearly at first and went into a daze for a while, then followed by being overjoyed at the unexpected good news and quickly nodded his head and said, “Alright, alright! The renovation will be finished within a week. Then, Mr Zhang, do you want to hand over some down payment first? It is currently 3pm. I can call people to come down to tear down the original decorations right now. Before night, they will most likely be able to finish tearing down the original decorations.”


Zhang Han signed a contract with Zhao Kai, then immediately transferred 300k rmb over to Zhao Kai.

After signing the contract, Zhao Kai contacted people to come down. Within less than 30 minutes, 2 pickup trucks arrived at the door. Within the 2 pickup trucks, there were a total of 5 workers.

“Mr Zhang, about those chairs, tables and……” Zhao Kai asked with hesitation.

“Handle it as you wish.” Zhang Han waved his hand.

Zhao Kai slightly smiled. All of those chairs, tables and other various items could be sold for at least 2k-3k rmb, which could be counted as a small tiny profit.

“Mr Zhang, I will let people to start working with the drawings, and at night you will be able to choose from one of the 3D drawings. After you finish choosing, we will be able to start working tomorrow.” Zhao Kai said with a smile.

“I will draw a simple drawing for you first. You all can just follow according to my drawing and refine upon it.”

Zhang Han was well aware of how he wanted to renovate the house. Taking over the paper Zhao Kai handed over to him, Zhang Han began drawing according to the design in his mind. Although the drawing was ordinary, the specific details and shapes could still be made out.

Seeing Zhang Han’s drawing, the corner of Zhao Kai’s mouth twitched.

Seems like the carpenters will have to suffer for a bit. Not sure how did he even think of those exquisite designs. The designs appeared to be very fitting and pleasing to the eyes, especially the three dimensional small fences surroundings of the dinner table.

“Oh yeah, I want to make a jadeite lotus decoration on the television wall. The petals have to be a crossover of pink and white.” Zhang Han added.

“Jadeite……lotus……television wall decoration?” Zhao Kai opened his eyes fully wide and said out the sentence with difficulty.

The workload that he thought was little, now seems to actually be the contrary.

Just the television wall decoration alone was more than enough to cause headache. Furthermore, the estimated cost of just this television wall decoration alone was above a million rmb!

“This……Mr Zhang.” Zhao Kai laughed bitterly, “According to your opinion, I think 7 days is not enough.”

“Oh?” Zhang Han’s expression did not change as he said lightly, “I will give you 500k rmb of manual work fee then.”

7 days was not enough? Add money then.

Upon hearing that, Zhao Kai went into a daze again. While feeling pleasantly surprised in his heart, he also somewhat sighed in his heart. It was the first time that he actually met with such a……unconventional customer.

Some customer would also give tips, but the tips they gave would not be a lot. For someone like Zhang Han who increases the price of manual work fee after a few exchanging of words, it was still the first time for Zhao Kai to encounter!

“Alright, I guarantee that the renovation will be completed within 7 days.” Zhao Kai took a deep breath and gave his guarantee. He had already decided to double the number of workers and renovate 24hr every day for this forthright customer.

“Mr Zhang, the time is pressing. Do you have any materials that you would want for the materials of the floor tiles, wall bricks and ceilings? Or else, how about you come with me to Xilong Renovation Market to choose the materials that you want?” After Zhao Kai instructed the youth beside him to quickly go work with the drawings, he turned around and said to Zhang Han.

Zhang Han nodded his head and followed along with Zhao Kai to Xilong Renovation Market. At the first store, they came to a high-end international brand ceramic tile store. After seeing something that he was satisfied with, Zhang Han immediately ordered it.

The floor tile that Zhang Han chose was the pseudo-classic bricks which belonged to the mocha palace series. A square meter cost 2500 rmb. Adding the wall bricks, skirting board and other things, the total came around to 490k rmb. As for the materials for the ceilings and cement, sand and so on other supplementary materials, the total came around to close to 300k rmb. The reason why the price of those materials was expensive was all because that the materials that Zhang Han chose were all high-end, formaldehyde-free environmentally friendly materials. After the renovation was complete, he would be able to immediately start staying in the house.

After spending close to an hour to buy the materials, Zhao Kai saw that there was still time, and thus asked,

“Mr Zhang, the time is still early right now. Should we go to the furniture marketplace and take a look at the sofa, exhaust hood and so on other furniture? This way, we can just straightforwardly help you install the furniture when we renovate.”

“Alright.” Zhang Han nodded his head.

The two of them went straight to the furniture market in the vicinity and undergo another round of shopping.

The sofa that would be placed in front of the sofa was a white color high-end leather sofa, which had the shape of a bent moon and the length of 4 meters. The cost of the sofa was not expensive. Only 40k rmb. Not expensive!

For the television, coffee table, chairs, and tables, those were all much easier to choose. For the first floor and second floor, Zhang Han spent up to a total of 500k rmb. The cost included the bathtub, smart toilet bowl, smart washing machine, 4 doors large-scale fridge, air conditioners, air purifiers and so on other items.

After finish buying everything and they were intending to leave, Zhao Kai suddenly thought of a matter, and asked with a somewhat astonished expression,

“Mr Zhang, aren’t you…opening a restaurant? There doesn’t seem to be a place for the customers to sit and eat at.”


Zhang Han went into a daze. He also forgot about this matter. After thinking for a while, he opened his mouth and said,

“There is still a small space at the place near the right window right? Place 3 small table there will do.”

Upon hearing that, the corner of Zhao Kai’s mouth could not help but twitched a bit. He felt that Zhang Han was not opening a restaurant at all and was just messing around!

Thus, Zhang Han bought 3 small tables and 6 chairs, spending a total of…1k rmb.

Since it was for outsiders to use, it would be enough as long as the furniture seems clean.

At all the stores where they bought things, for the contact information, Zhao Kai’s phone number was used instead of Zhang Han’s. Zhao Kai very seriously took pictures of each and every furniture, which were to be used when making the pictures tonight. At the same time, he also guaranteed to give Zhang Han an entirely new restaurant within a week.

After getting on the car, Zhang Han and Zhao Kai exchanged contact information with each other.

Suddenly, Zhao Kai recalled that they did not buy a piano and thus asked,

“Mr Zhang, can I know what kind of piano do you want? I have a friend who works in a piano store. I can help you ask around.”


Zhang Han muttered to himself. Zhang Han understood quite a bit about piano. When he was small, he had learned before piano. In the cultivation world, he also made a piano because he was bored. During the time of 500 years, he would play the piano occasionally. Under such a long time, his understanding towards piano was already very profound. Incorrect, it should be said that, his understanding towards piano music was already very profound.

For the brand of the piano, Zhang Han did not intend to buy a cheap one. Some people would say that a piano’s quality was not in the price of the piano and was in the tone. Towards that, Zhang Han felt that it was a bunch of nonsense. Let alone the reasoning of ‘you get what you pay for’, to speak about the quality, expensive pianos were much better than cheap pianos. To want to live a quality life, how could the things that were going to be used be bad?

For example, the seven colors serene piano that Zhang Han used back when he was at the Cultivation World. The piano was made with the Cultivation World’s top quality materials. It could still be remembered that back when Zhang Han played canon variation at a planet, the sound caused the people in the entire planet to be bewitched within it. Even more, if Zhang Han wanted, the piano sound could even be turned into killing sound and instantly wipe out the life of the planet.

……Speaking far already.

Zhang Han muttered to himself, then said forthrightly,

“Buy a Steinway Model O Grand Piano.”

“Alright.” Zhao Kai did not know much about piano and straightforwardly nodded his head and called his friend.

A minute later.

“Pfff……how much?” The pitch of Zhao Kai’s voice raised. Afterward, he looked at Zhang Han with a stupefied gaze. His lips wiggled and said out,

“Mr Zhang, the piano that you said cost 1.1million rmb. Guaranteed to be a genuine imported product.”

“Can.” Zhang Han nodded his head.

1.1million rmb was also the market price. Thus, Zhang Han immediately agreed. After passing over the restaurant’s key to Zhao Kai, Zhang Han went to find a hotel to stay at.