God Level Demon

Chapter 7 - Realm of Complete Perfection

Chapter 7 – Realm of Complete Perfection

Xiong Batian turned around and spoke to the teacher wearing white workout clothes standing off to the side. “Teacher, we can start the battle now.”

This teacher was the judge of the duel. He was there to uphold the rules and to prevent the loss of human life.

The teacher nodded. “Understood. We can start now. However, please remember that moves to kill are not allowed, otherwise I will immediately take actions to stop you.” He gave Xiong Batian a warning glance.

“Relax, teacher. I will be sure to treat him tenderly and with love.” Xiong Batian smiled viciously, baring his teeth.

With a “swoosh” the teacher leapt off the Soaring Dragon Platform and announced the start of the duel.

“Xia Ping, being able to duel with me should be your honour. Now, I’ll teach you a lesson about what a real expert of the martial path is like. Do remember next time that if you don’t have the capability, then don’t provoke other people. Otherwise, you’ll pay a heavy price.”

Xiong Batian gave a battle cry as he took a step forward. This one step caused the entire Soaring Dragon Platform to shake, and with a “bang” forcefully imprint itself as a footprint. Now, filled with a powerful force, his large body dashed forward like darting lightning and punched out!


His large fist caused the surrounding air to explode and roar out, as if a real black bear was also roaring alongside him!

Mid-tier martial skill, Darting Lightning Bear Swipe!

With the force of this punch, if it landed on a normal human’s body, that body would be split into pieces.

“So strong! That’s Xiong Batian for you. This one punch alone already contains a force of five hundred kilograms. Even a block of steel would be punched through with that kind of power. This kind of strength really is too terrifying. A normal six layer Martial Disciple is no match at all.”

“As expected of the mid-tier martial art skill, Darting Lightning Bear Swipe. Not only does it have the furious strength of a black bear, it also has the speed of dashing lightning. Once these two traits are combined, every move has a type of violent beauty.”

“I didn’t think that Xiong Batian would actually go all out at the start. He’s not planning on giving that kid any opportunity at all. Way too brutal. Now, he’s instantly killed off all hopes of that kid winning.”

“Even If a lions hunts a rabbit, they still need to use their full strength, much less Xiong Batian. He isn’t the type to underestimate his opponents. I bet that kid will probably be crushed with one punch.”

The students below the platform discussed the battle. They were all shocked at the might of Xiong Batian’s punch and marvelled at it. As for Xia Ping, he basically didn’t have any chance of victory at all.

“Too slow.”

Although the other students felt that not only was this punch powerful, it was also extremely fast, Xia Ping felt that it really was way, way too slow. Aside from that, it was also full of openings.

He received the full imprint of the Five Form Fist and thus had the eyes of a martial arts expert. Towards such a childish martial skill, he naturally had an advantage over it. In front of him, Xiong Batian’s martial skill meant nothing at all.


Five Form Fist – Tiger Fist! Fierce Tiger’s Descent!

In an instant, Xia Ping’s aura changed. From a harmless little white rabbit, he instantly became the overlord of the forests, the very king of the beasts itself: a fierce tiger!

Even the students below the platform felt that violent aura of the beast king. All of them trembled, as if they were a little rabbit being hunted.

“Impossible! This aura! Could it be that he has already mastered the Five Form Fist and reached the realm of complete perfection?!” His pupils contracting, the teacher who acted as the judge couldn’t hold back his shock as he felt that aura.

He had a vast range of knowledge and experience, and was naturally aware that the normal martial skill, Five Form Fist, usually wasn’t so powerful. To reach such a level with the Five Form Fist, one must have practiced this martial skill until the realm of utmost mastery.


Xiong Batian was completely dumbfounded. He could sense that terrifying aura radiating off of his opponent, as if Xia Ping was truly a fierce tiger that had bared its fangs and wanted to swallow him whole.

Although he was like a black bear, but that was in appearance only. In the end, he was still basically a human wearing a bear’s skin. However, Xia Ping’s skill allowed him to fight as if he had truly transformed into a ferocious beast.


Fist met fist, the shockwaves of the resulting collision blasting off in all directions, as if a bomb had exploded in midair.


Xiong Batian had an expression of consternation on his face. He could feel a terrifying force coming from his opponent. That force went inch by inch from his hand, to his arm, and then to his chest and ribs, almost like a spiral that wanted to tear his body apart.

“Impossible! Just you alone want to beat me in terms of raw strength?! You’re dreaming!” Xiong Batian furiously roared, the veins in his head bulging. Forcefully holding back the pain, he punched out with his other fist.

“Too late.”

Xia Ping was like lightning, his other fist punching out even faster!

Five Form Fist – Tiger Fist! Wolf Devourer!


This fist was even more brutal and ferocious then before, its speed unbelievably quick. It was the final stroke of a fierce tiger that had locked into its prey. A blow that basically couldn’t even be blocked.

Xia Ping’s fist directly landed on Xiong Batian’s chest.

Crack! crack!

Like being ripped apart by a fierce tiger, seven to eight of Xiong Batian’s bones and ribs shattered as a great and mighty force exploded on his chest, bursting out inch by inch.

“IMPOSSIBLE!” Xiong Batian tragically screamed, his heart of martial arts crumbling. He spat out a mouthful of blood as he was sent flying.


He was sent flying for tens of meters before finally crashing heavily onto the ground and creating a huge dust cloud around himself.

“Impossible, you’re but only a trash at the third layer of Martial Disciple. How could you win against me? How could you beat me, Xiong Batian?” His face was savage. Unwilling to lose, he struggled to get up. Every part of his body was in pain, as if he was being bitten millions of ants.

“Scram. You’ve already lost.”

Xia Ping walked over to stand in front of Xiong Batian. Without even looking at him, he kicked him in the abdomen, like he would a piece of trash. With a “bang”, Xiong Batian’s body flew off of the Soaring Dragon Platform.

“AHHHHHH!” Xiong Batian bellowed. He was unwilling, extremely unwilling. However, there was nothing he could do as he flew off the platform and landed on the ground below. Seeing the disbelief in the eyes of the surrounding students, he was just itching to dig a hole and bury himself in it.

The reason was because he had been sent flying off of the Soaring Dragon Platform. He had already lost. Not only that, in the process, he was also treated the same as garbage. It could pretty much be said that he had lost all of his face at this point. When had he, Xiong Batian, ever lost so miserably before?

“Xiong Batian.”

Xia Ping stood on the Soaring Dragon Platform, looking down at him from high above. “You want to show me what a true expert of the martial path was like and teach me a lesson? Even send me to the hospital? Now, take a good look. Just who is the trash? You aren’t as awesome as you believe. I would recommend that you be more low-key from now on and stop looking for trouble every where you go. Understood?”

“You! You!”

Hearing those words, Xiong Batian was so embarrassed that he almost wanted to die. He was indignant! This bastard actually used his own words again him! That was going too far! Too despicable! His eyes rolled up as he was angered into unconsciousness.

“Immediately send him to the medical ward for treatment.” The teacher standing below the Soaring Dragon Platform was already prepared as he instructed the surrounding students to help out.

His experienced eyes flashed as he looked over at Xia Ping. “You have won this duel. I really didn’t expect that you would actually master the Five Form Fist to the realm of complete perfection. That is truly an incredible accomplishment. Compared to that, beating Xiong Batian means nothing. Not only that, your cultivation base should’ve also reached the fourth layer of Martial Disciple as well. When did such a genius like you appear at this school?”

According to the degree of mastery for a martial skill, it was also divided into several levels. Ordinary, skilled, perfect, as well as the realm of complete perfection. A normal student managing to reach “skilled” was already pretty good.

As for wanting to reach “perfect” or “complete perfection”, it wasn’t just as simple as effort and practice. It also required talent and deep comprehension of the martial skill.

Yet, once a martial skill was practiced all the way to complete perfection, then the strength it could display was unimaginable. Even an ordinary martial skill would be able to display an extraordinary force that was no longer ordinary.

“I’m just lucky,” Xia Ping said humbly.

The teacher gave Xia Ping a glance and chuckled, “Just luck? There is no luck in the study of martial arts. As a teacher, I really am looking forward to just how far you will go and how high you will reach. Keep up the good work.”

With that, he turned and left. He still had to bring the unconscious Xiong Batian to the school’s medical ward.