God Level Demon

Chapter 20 - Everything was Finally Connected

Chapter 20 – Everything was Finally Connected

“Morning,” Xia Ping greeted. He felt it was a bit strange. Why was it that Jiang Yaru looked so furious? Could it be that time of the month? He heard that when it was that time of the month, a woman’s temper was unpredictable and couldn’t be messed with.

“Morning my ass!”

As expected, Jiang Yaru was in an extremely foul mood. She even had panda eyes, as if she hadn’t been able to sleep at all last night. Revealing a mournful and tragic expression, her tender face reddened. “Y-you bastard! What did you make me read?! You can actually write such a shameless web novel?!”

She almost went insane. Yesterday, she went on Penguin to read his web novel and even payed twenty five credits for it. She wanted to read it from head to tail to understand just what this fellow was so cocky about for him to look down on her in the morning.

Who would have thought that its contents would be so bizarre from the first chapter? It wasn’t some web novel about school, nor was it some web novel about career competition, and neither was it a web novel about art. It was actually one of those shameless web novels about erotica.

As a well-learned top student who had read countless books, she was naturally aware of what an erotic web novel was.

Truthfully speaking, Jiang Yaru wasn’t opposed to those kinds of web novels. She believed that they had a reason for their existence. While she didn’t like them, that didn’t mean she would stop others from reading them.

The problem was that reading was one thing, writing was another.

Could you imagine it? This bastard Xia Ping was only an eighteen year old grade twelve student! He should be at that time of his life when he was as pure as a sheet of paper! Yet, this guy actually wrote such a shameless web novel! What the hell was in his brain? Could it be that this was the beastly desire that all men had inside of them?

She also knew about the dirty thoughts that men had, but most men only stopped at that. Just thoughts. They wouldn’t actually express them. However, this shameless Xia Ping was completely different! He was a complete beast! Not only did he express those thoughts, he even wrote them out and published them on the web for all to read!

This type of behaviour was just too scary. When did Xia Ping become such a shameless and perverted guy? Give him a few more years and who knows whether or not he would walk into the path of crime?

“You read my web novel?”

Xia Ping was a bit astonished. He didn’t think that Jiang Yaru would actually go and read his web novel. And judging by her appearance, it was likely that she didn’t just simply give it a look. She seemed as if she read it all from beginning to end.

“Right. I read it. I read it all from beginning to end.” Jiang Yaru’s pretty face was flushed, her beautiful eyes scowling at Xia Ping. However, inside she felt a bit uneasy. At first, she spurned such shameless web novels. After all, what was so good about them? If she was interested in such things, watching a video would be far better than reading such web novels.

However, she never would have though that this web novel would be written so well that it actually completely attracted her attention. At that point, she couldn’t stop even if she wanted to and was completely immersed inside.

All of the emotions of the protagonist was on display before Jiang Yaru. Her struggles, her helplessness, her firm resolve, everything. It seemed as if Bai Rong was played with by countless men, but in reality, wasn’t she also just playing with them at the same time? Everything was described so well that it seemed as if it truly real.

“Then how was it?”

Xia Ping was really interested now. Originally, he thought that only men liked such web novels, but now it seemed as if quite a few women also liked it as well.

“It’s not good at all. Beyond terrible. That web novel completely reveals just how dirty you are inside. If you dare to take it a step further, then that would be a crime. You’ll definitely be arrested by the police at that point.”

Jiang Yaru glared at Xia Ping, her pretty face blushing bright red. In reality, the reason why she had panda eyes was because she had spent the entire night reading this web novel.

The contents inside were too provocative, especially for a pure young schoolgirl like her. It was as if somebody who hadn’t even passed grade-school going on to do the university entrance exams. The difficulty was just too big. Practically instant defeat.

It was difficult to imagine just how this bastard managed to think up such a realistic plot for his web novel. After all, it was hard to write about something unless you experienced it.

Could it be that while this bastard looked as if he didn’t have a girlfriend, he was actually a veteran at playing with women? And not just a veteran, it was the kind where he had several girlfriends by twelve, brought women to hotels by fifteen, and left no flower behind now at eighteen?!

Jiang Yaru couldn’t help but have those thoughts as she looked doubtfully at Xia Ping. Even if she was Xia Ping’s childhood friend, she still didn’t actually understand much about him.

An example was that she didn’t know when Xia Ping broke through to the fourth layer of Martial Disciple.

“Beyond terrible?”

Xia Ping raised a brow. “It seems like you still don’t understand. I guess it’s only men that can understand then.”

“Who doesn’t understand?!”

Hearing those words, Jiang Yaru became even more furious. “I’ll tell you right now, there’s nothing amazing about it at all. It’s basically art coming from life and then…”

Wait a minute! Coming from life?!

Jiang Yaru was shocked. She seemed to have thought about a very startling thing. The protagonist of that story was a teacher. And her own home room teacher Qiu Xue was a beauty.

Although she hated to admit it as a woman, but Qiu Xue was beautiful. Not only was her figure hot and mature, she had countless pursuers in school. Even many students liked her as well. Heck, she herself also liked this teacher too.

Then Xia Ping liking Qiu Xue was very normal. The problem was: did his liking turn into something more perverse? Was it to the point where he wrote a web novel about it because he couldn’t do anything else in reality?

The protagonist’s name was also a big giveaway. Bai(white) meant “snow(Xue)”, and Rong actually meant “furong” as in the furong flower. And didn’t that furong flower bloom during autum(Qiu)?! When those two meanings were added together, wasn’t that Qiu Xue?!

Dear heavens! This guy was an absolute monster!

He actually had those thoughts about his teacher! No wonder in the end that beautiful teacher married a student! So that was the reason!

If Qiu Xue knew about this, that one of her own students specifically wrote a web novel because he liked her, it was likely she would go crazy.

She also saw how many clicks that web novel had. The number exceeded a hundred million and it was extremely popular. At this point it was likely that many people on the web had already read this web novel.

“You beast! I never thought that you were actually that sort of person! If this matter is found out by our teacher, then what will you do about it?! Are you able to take responsibility?!”

Jiang Yaru furiously scowled at Xia Ping.

“Take responsibility?” Xia Ping blinked. He didn’t understand what Jiang Yaru meant at all. He just simply wanted to write a web novel to earn money. Take responsibility for what?

However, seeing Jiang Yaru’s furious expression. He felt as if he did actually do something wrong, as if he was a scumbag that ran away after doing that.