God Level Demon

Chapter 19 - Golden Potion

Chapter 19- Golden Potion

At night, in bedroom.

A webpage was being projected in front of Xia Ping who was sitting on his bed. This web page displayed a list of potions, monster meat and various precious spirit medicines.

School Martial arts competition will be held in three days and with his Martial Apprentice 4th stage strength it is impossible for him to enter the school’s top ten.Don’t think that, Tyrant bear was a school bully, so he was strong. He is strong but just in his stage that is Martial Apprentice 5th stage and with this strength he can’t enter the school’s top ten. In school there are still students who have higher cultivation, i.e. students who have a cultivation of 6th and 7th stage. These small experts are far stronger than Tyrant bear.

So with Xia Ping’s Martial Apprentice 4th stage strength, it is very difficult for him to enter the school’s top ten. Therefore he must strengthen his cultivation, if he wants to enter the top ten by defeating school’s small experts.

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“Golden Potion!”

Xia Ping’s eye caught a potion that was being displayed on his web page, it was named Golden Potion. It was made by mixing dozens of monster hearts which include heart of Violent Bear, Flying Tiger, single horned Wolf and many more which are then combined with additional 49 spirit medicines and then refined with countless process. This potion contains a huge amount of energy.So if he used this potion, then promoting from the 4th stage to 5th stage won’t be any problem. But the issue is that it is a banned drug.

Reason for it being a banned drug is that, this golden potion contained an extreme berserk energy. This energy is huge and if it is consumed by a weak bodied person, this potion will cause his body to explode which would result in death.

Therefore, anyone who wants to use the golden potion needs to be above Martial apprentice 7th stage. If anyone hasn’t achieved this martial realm then he can’t purchase it. It has been strictly forbidden by federation law.

“Golden Potion this is the most suitable portion for me.”Xia Ping thought excitedly. Regarding a ordinary person, this potion is extremely berserk and anyone who hasn’t reached martial apprentice 7th stage, this potion will be a one way ticket to hell.

However he is different, after cultivating Pure Yang Tactics, he was even able to absorb Sun’s berserk energy, so this little bit of berserk energy in this golden potion wasn’t of too much concern.

“It looks like it can’t be bought through regular means, then the only means I have is through Black Market.” Xia Ping though, then he remembered an saying,’ anything could be bought in the world with money and there is no such thing as prohibition in business.’

The more banned a thing is the more it earns and someone will carry out the illegal deal for the federation coin. Therefore the golden potion is still circulating through the market. However if anyone needs to purchase it he just needs to go to the black market.

“Heiyue City.” Xia Ping points to the city map and the introduction of city appears in front of him,” This is Yangzhou regions most famous Underworld city. This city has hiding dragons and crouching tigers everywhere. There are numerous bars and casinos. This city is home for countless criminals.

In city there are lots of cases of betrayals and bloody fights. And if you encounter anyone of them than you can only blame your luck. But here benefits are also many like prohibited items such as weapons, monster meat, medicinal pills, spirit medicine, martial cultivation technique could be traded without any requirement that is as long as you can pay for it that is. This city is a mixture of heaven and hell, a place for wealthy, paradise for criminal and if a kind hearted person ever comes here he will regret it lifelong.”

Xia Ping was a little uncertain as to why the Federation Government will let such a city exists in the open. Perhaps they have some kind of transaction with the government. In short such a city exists.

“Golden Potion is really too expensive. It needs five hundred thousand federation coins; this simply is robbery in the daylight.” Xia Ping said in shock after looking at the price.

For a middle class family like his where only his father gets the income for the family, will needs to work for seven years without spending a single coin only then he would be able to afford this potion but would only be able to afford just a single bottle of it.

From this single transaction it is clear that, they get a huge amount of profit from this, if he hadn’t written the novel and made such a huge profit then he didn’t have any right to purchase this potion he could only watch it on the screen.

“It seems like i need to call Editor Ming, to ask him for some advance payment otherwise I won’t be able to purchase this.” Xia Ping immediately moved his eyes from the page and called Editor Ming. Since he wanted an advance pay he need to go through some process as it was not in the contract. After contacting Editor Ming he waited for his reply.

After sometime, Editor Ming called back and said,”This request is a little difficult to complete, as according to the custom and company’s regulations ‘an author could only get his pay at the 15th of every month’ after all company needs to pay taxes or it will become troublesome later on and that will affect the company.However, after discussing with the management of the company and after knowing your difficulty, this case is regarded as an exceptional case and good news is we will be able to lent you a million federation coins in advance and the remaining will be provided to you next month at the scheduled date.”

This indeed is an exceptional case!

In fact, if Xia Ping’s novel didn’t create such a big storm and become the novel of disaster level and if it didn’t have such a bright and prosperous future. It is most likely that the company wouldn’t have paid any attention and wouldn’t be willing to pay anything in advance.

So to detain Xia Ping a disaster level author, they are willing to provide some help. This is the privilege of producing such a work.

“Many thanks Editor Ming.” Xia Ping also knew that his request was a little unreasonable, but to buy Golden Potion he needed to do so.

“Master Wolf, I am a little curious about your next work, can I ask when it will be out?” Editor Ming asked little impatiently. Because this novel Teacher Bai Rong has really became popular.

This morning it has a little more than two hundred thousand subscribers, but in the evening the subscription has reached three hundred thousand. The speed in which the subscriptions are increasing is really drastic . It has already earned six or seven million till now. But this is merely a start; perhaps by the time this upsurge concludes sale would have already broken the roof.

So if the writer continues to write the novel, with the current momentum the next novel will also have the same result and regarding the Penguin Novel Net, this is a huge opportunity to increase its achievement. But regarding Ming Fei as an individual he just wants to see more of such outstanding works.

“I don’t have any Inspiration to write any novel, I will need to wait at least a month to have some kind of inspiration.”Xia Ping said to Editor Ming but thought, ‘this books benefit haven’t even been maximised how could I write a new novel.’

“Ok, master Wolf I will be waiting for your next work.” Editor Ming although regretted a little but knows that such works can’t be brought out in a hurry it needs proper inspiration. Then they both hung up.

At the same instance, his phone biped transmitting information to Xia Ping,” Your account has been credited with a million federation coins.”


Next morning Xia Ping arrives at School and was planning to just go out of the class, when he was stopped by an angry voice. When he turned around it was Jiang Yaru who was brimming with anger and was staring at him with eyes that wanted to kill him.

“Xia Ping!”

Jiang Yaru said with clenched teeth, wishing she could eat this guy raw.