God Level Demon

Chapter 13 - Arrested by the Police

Chapter 13 – Arrested by the Police

On the second day, Xia Ping woke up in high spirits. Yesterday, before he went to sleep, he used around three hours to type up sixty thousand words. In addition to the thirty thousand words from before, his web novel was now ninety thousand words long.

After two to three more days, he would completely finish it.

Although the workload seemed rather big, but for a martial artist like him, it meant nothing at all.

Once he finished breakfast, Xia Ping left home to go to school. However, very quickly, he discovered that the uncles and aunties on street were all gathered together in gossip.

“Did you hear? Last night there were two perverts running around naked near the ninety fifth high school! Things really are getting worse day by day, not at all like they used to be! Who would’ve thought that somebody would actually go around doing such a thing? It’s simply an offence to public decency!”

“Of course I heard. It seems as if those two freaks had done a lap and half around the school before somebody caught on and called the police. Almost three police cruisers filled with a dozen cops cane over! When they arrived, they just immediately arrested those two perverts as everybody cheered.”

“Good! If perverts like them aren’t caught, then our public security will be in shambles! I wouldn’t even feel safe letting my daughter out onto the streets, just because I’m afraid that she’ll be attacked by a pervert!”

”I heard that those two perverts were students at the ninety fifth high school.”

“You’re joking right? They’re students? Are they insane? My god, they actually have such a fetish at such a young age. Complete beasts!”

“The university entrance exams are coming up. It’s possible that the stress is just getting to them.”

“Too much stress isn’t an excuse for exhibitionism. That’s a crime.”

“We don’t need to worry about those two perverts right now. According to the police, they’ve already broken the law, so they’ll be detained for a week without bail.”

“But sooner or later they’ll be out, so at that time we have to monitor them closely.”

“Right, we absolutely have to monitor them closely. They’ve already proven that they’re future criminals, thus we absolutely can’t let down our guards.”

A group of aunties and uncles fervently discussed the matter, their spittle flying everywhere.

Xia Ping was speechless. He could say with absolute confidence that Gao Wan and Yang Wei were the two perverts who were arrested. Who would have thought that they would be so unlucky as to actually get caught by the police?

Still, he didn’t really care about it all that much. Very quickly, he arrived at school. Things now weren’t the same as before. After what happened yesterday, he was already famous throughout the class.

Just as he walked in, he could detect the scorching gazes of his fellow classmates as they all focused on him. It was likely that they already knew that Yang Wei and Gao Wan, those two brothers-in-distress, had arrested by the police.

Xia Ping was very calm. Ignoring everybody’s gazes, he headed over to his desk and started typing. For him, writing that web novel was his job, and it would be what earned him the Federation credits he needed.

Ding-dong, ding-dong.

As the bell for class rang, the home room teacher Qiu Xue walked in. Almost instantly, she discovered the two empty seats. “Where is Yang Wei and Gao Wan? Why aren’t they in class?” she asked in confusion.

“Teacher, they’ve been arrested!” a student shouted back. “I heard that they’ll be detained by the police for a week. Without bail too.”

Arrested?! And also detained by the police?!

Qiu Xue was completely stupefied and felt a bit stunned. My god, what the heck happened?

Although, she had only taught for half a year and had taught a few naughty students during that time, she never once thought that one of her students would actually be arrested by the police one day. What bad thing did they have to do to be arrested by the police?!

”What the heck happened? Why did the police arrest them?” Qiu Xue quickly asked. She had something to do yesterday, so she left Skywater City after class and had only just got back this morning, thus she had no idea what happened after she left.

“They were running around naked through the school and offended public decency, so a few righteous aunties called the police on them,” a student responded, his face having an extremely bizarre expression.

He was there on the scene last night when Gao Wan and Yang Wei were treated as criminals and arrested. At that time, their hysterical screams as they were taken into custody sounded like that of a slaughtered pig, so tragic that one couldn’t even forget. It really moved one to tears and made one feel sympathy for them.

What’s more, another group of aunties started throwing eggs, vegetables, and all sorts of stuff at them, causing them to look just as tragic as they sounded.

Qiu Xue was slightly dumbfounded. “Why were they running around the school naked?” She remembered that while those two students weren’t that good normally, usually bullying their fellow classmates, but it wasn’t to the point where they would do such a publicly offensive act.

“It’s probably because of too much stress,” Xia Ping casually inserted.

Too much stress?!

All of the students looked at Xia Ping with scorn. Too much my ass! In the end, wasn’t the reason they were forced to run around the school naked all because of the contract you had with them, you bastard?”

It can basically be said that it was all because of this bastard that both Yang Wei and Gao Wan were arrested. In ancient times, this would be referred to as “forced prostitution”[1], yet this guy says it’s because of “too much stress”? Why was his face so thick?! Too shameless!

“Oh? Too much stress?”

Qiu Xue didn’t really understand what had happened, but she also felt that “too much stress” was the most accurate answer. There was just only five months left before the university entrance exams, something that would basically decide their fates and the rest of their lives.

Yesterday, she even held a class to discuss the details and how important it was for them. Unfortunately, it was likely due to this increasing the amount of pressure they felt, so in the end, they couldn’t think things through and decided to run naked around the school.

Ai, after going back and forth, it was still her fault that she hadn’t noticed her students mental state and didn’t manage to help them when they needed it. Who would’ve thought that this would be the result? That they would be arrested by the police?

Thinking up to here, Qiu Xue couldn’t keep on waiting any more. “Everybody, since something like this has happened, today’s class will be changed to self-study. As for me, I’ll be heading over to the police station to see if there’s anything your classmates need help with.”

After she finished speaking, she quickly dashed out of the classroom.

The students off to the side all had strange expressions as they looked at the prime culprit, Xia Ping. However, Xia Ping’s face was as calm as ever, not at all affected by their gazes.

“Self-study? That’s also good. I can take advantage of this time to finish up the next section of the web novel.” Xia Ping couldn’t help the burst of glee inside. If he didn’t have class, then all that time could be used to continue writing his web novel.

In the blink of an eye, an entire day passed. Today was a normal day in school. As for the defeated Xiong Batian, he was nowhere to be found. It was rumoured that he had been sent to the largest public hospital for treatment, so it was likely that he wouldn’t be back for a while.

Yang Wei and Gao Wan had also been arrested, so it would take at least a week before they could come back.


After he headed back home and finished eating dinner, Xia Ping went all out in typing his web novel as another few hours passed. In total, he had managed to type out a hundred and twenty thousand words before uploading them all at once online.

Opening Penguin, he took a look at his web novel page. Due to time being too short and the web platform not having enough time to recommend his web novel, there weren’t many readers who left behind comments on it. The result was that it looked miserable.

“I can’t keep going like this, I have to be more proactive. Proactively publicize and forcefully make this web novel popular, that is.” Xia Ping’s eyes flashed with a gleam.

Translator Notes:

Forced Prostitution: In Chinese, it’s 逼良为娼, which literally means “forcing a good woman into prostitution”. This phrase is also a slang for “forcing a good person to commit crimes”, which is what it’s used for in this case.