From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 1465-END

Chapter 1465-END

1465 Extra: Sweater

The weather in Beijing gradually became cooler.

Grandpa Jian’s garden was filled with precious flowers of all colors, shapes, and species.

In fact, some of these flowers could only be seen inside this garden. This was because they had been cultivated for him by his grandson and granddaughter.

Hence, many of Grandpa Jian’s friends were incredibly envious of him.


Recently, Grandpa Jian discovered his grandchildren began to wear turtleneck sweaters with similar designs.

“Old woman, have our grandchildren been wearing new sweaters lately?” Grandpa Jian asked Grandma Jian.

“Mhmm. Our darling knitted them new ones,” Grandma Jian replied. She seemed to know this from the very beginning.

“Knitted them new ones?” Grandpa Jian repeated. He paused for a moment and then asked: “Then why did she not knit one for me?”

“Back then, didn’t you say you didn’t want her to work too hard?”

“Hey! That was so many years ago. Why do you still remember that comment?”

“Huh? So you’ve changed your mind now? You no longer mind if Yiling is overworked?”

“That’s not what I’m saying. I’m just saying that if she’s knitting sweaters for her brothers, she can knit one less sweater for them. If she does that, she can put that time and effort into knitting a sweater for me instead. After all, she has so many brothers and only one grandpa,” Grandpa Jian replied.

“It’s alright. You don’t need to be jealous of your grandsons. Yiling has already knitted a sweater for you,” Grandma Jian replied with a smile on her face.

“Huh? Did she knit one already? Where is it?” Grandpa Jian asked. He was completely unaware of this.

“She gave it to me two months ago,” Grandma Jian answered.

“Then why didn’t you tell me? You secretly hid it away!” Grandpa Jian complained.

“Well, it wasn’t cold enough to wear a sweater yet. So why would I take it out to show you? You couldn’t wear it anyways.”

“Even if that’s the case, I could still look at it and be happy knowing that Yiling knitted it for me! And it’s getting cold now so it’s time for me to wear it. Hurry up and bring me the sweater that Yiling knitted for me!”

“Okay, okay. I’ll bring the sweater to you. You can sleep at night with the sweater Yiling knitted for you!”

“That’s none of your business!” Grandpa Jian huffed.

When Grandma Jian handed Grandpa Jian the sweater, he was so happy that he refused to put the sweater down.

Perhaps he could sleep with the sweater in his arms tonight!

After a while, Grandpa Jian suddenly remembered something: “Old woman, will Yiling be knitting all those brats a sweater this time?”

“What’s the problem?”

“It’s just about Yunnao…”

Grandma Jian instantly understood what Grandpa Jian was saying. She told him: “Don’t worry. She’s also knitting a sweater for Yunnao. However, since she’s knitting the sweaters one by one, it might take a few more days before he receives his.”

Jian Yiling knitted sweaters for her family members by generation.

This meant Grandpa Jian’s sweater was knitted first.

As Jian Yunnao was the second youngest of the Jian brothers, he would be receiving his sweater near the end.

“That’s good, that’s good.” Grandpa Jian said repeatedly.

As the days became cooler, Jian Yunnao also recently noticed a change in style in the sweaters his brothers wore. Even though the color of the sweater did not change, the style became the popular look for sweaters this year.

Naturally, he knew Yiling knitted the sweaters for them.

This realization made Jian Yunnao somewhat sad. Even though he knew he wouldn’t be receiving one, he still felt a little disappointed.

At this time, Zhang Yun came back from work. Zhang Yun was officially a doctor at Lahaisen Hospital’s Beijing branch.

She walked over with a paper bag in her hand and placed it in front of Jian Yunnao.

When Jian Yunnao saw the sweater texture in the paper bag, he froze for an entire moment.

His heart began to beat rapidly as he apprehensively opened the bag.

It was a sweater. A blue sweater.

This was the color Jian Yiling selected for him.

Jian Yunnao silently picked up the sweater and cradled it in his arms.

He felt its softness and warmth.


She finally accepted him…

She finally recognized him as her brother again.