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Chapter 1159 - Little Qi's Side 146 (The Grand Finale Part 1)

Chapter 1159 - Little Qi's Side 146 (The Grand Finale Part 1)

Rumor has it that the eighteenth birthday party for the daughter of the Sheng family was held on a luxurious cruise ship.

That night, Miss Sheng had a lot of interaction with the young men present. She also received many precious gifts from the young masters. The public guessed that this was Sheng Xiao's way of choosing a future husband for his beloved daughter, and Miss Sheng did not seem to object.

However, there was something strange that night. Miss Sheng had disappeared from the cruise ship. No one knew of her whereabouts.


Soon, Little Qi woke up on a small cruise ship. She was still wearing the white princess dress from yesterday. She did not look like she had been violated.

She walked to the deck of the cruise ship. Her mind instantly cleared up. She turned around and wanted to run away, but a man grabbed her wrist. "Putting your arm around another man's shoulder while having me? Hmm?"

Little Qi felt a little guilty and immediately asked coquettishly, "Aren't you on your mission?"

"I've only been gone for a few days, and you're already having an affair?" He Yanzhi wrapped his arm around her waist and held her tightly.

"Even so, you shouldn't have taken me away. Do you know how worried Mom and Dad are? Besides, it's all your fault. You didn't stay by my side during my coming-of-age ceremony. Do you think I'm happy?" Little Qi deliberately bluffed. She didn't want to admit that she had gone too far.

"Didn't I rush back?"

"Send me back..." Little Qi looked at the endless sea and shivered. She had a deep-sea phobia, which was especially serious on this small boat.

"Send you back so you can flirt with other men?" He Yanzhi wasn't that stupid.

"How can that be? You come back with me. Everyone knows that I have a boyfriend. Didn't you take an oath of sovereignty?" Little Qi held He Yanzhi's palm and lied.

"It's necessary to take an oath of sovereignty, but... on such an important day, shouldn't I give you a birthday present first?" He Yanzhi took the opportunity to take off his coat and put it on Little Qi's shoulder.

"Where is it? It's my birthday present." Little Qi looked around, trying to find it.

"Me." He Yanzhi pinched her chin and turned her gaze back. "Haven't you wanted me for a long time?"

Little Qi was stunned. For a moment, she couldn't react. "Wait... Here?"

"There's a bedroom inside." He Yanzhi teased her. Of course, he had the same thought in his heart. He had only been away for a few days, and this little girl was already flirting around everywhere. If he didn't teach her a lesson, she would probably forget who she belonged to.

"But... I... Ah..." Little Qi's mind spun quickly, and her emotions were very complicated. She wanted to refuse, but He Yanzhi carried her like a princess.

He Yanzhi carried her and went straight to the cabin. There was indeed a bedroom there.

"Wait, don't tell me you want to..."

He Yanzhi put her down, then took off his shirt and leaned over. "Why does it matter where we are?"

"But..." Little Qi still had many concerns, but they were all blocked by He Yanzhi's sudden kiss.

Moreover, she could clearly feel that He Yanzhi was not joking. He had already endured for far too long.

What about her?

Should she resist?

Thinking of this, Little Qi closed her eyes. While enjoying the kiss, she wrapped her arms around He Yanzhi's neck.

There was no one here. No one would disturb them. In that case, what was there for her to restrain?

Then there was the sound of kissing, and clothes falling to the ground....