Five Villain Daddies Are Fighting To Spoil Me

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Daddy Huo Yao

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How could he make her cry instead of spoiling a good little girl like her? 

If he had a granddaughter like this, he would want to give the best things in the world to her and never let her feel wronged.


Ye Sang nodded and silently held Grandpa Huo’s hand tightly with her own chubby ones as she sobbed childishly, “Daddy bad…”

“I don’t want Daddy anymore…”

Grandpa Huo’s hand was grabbed by her pair of pale and delicate hands, and she looked up at him with tear-filled eyes. He sighed slightly with a soft heart and followed what the little girl said, “Okay, okay, okay, we don’t want Daddy here.”

If he could make his daughter cry, then the father is probably not a good person either.


Huo Yao slowly walked up and glanced around but didn’t see anyone. Then, from the corner of his eyes, he saw that his old man’s study’s door was half-opened and saw that the little girl’s white silhouette had slipped her way in like a mudfish.

The man looked distracted for a second but he smiled instead of getting angry.

The girl wasn’t afraid to die and went to look for his old man? 


Huo Yao could totally imagine the stinky old man getting mad and chasing the girl out.

His cold face was expressionless.

Without knowing why, he always had little emotions, but he couldn’t help but want to laugh at the scene of the little thing sobbing.


The man put a hand in his pocket and walked towards the study.

He didn’t even remember how long it had been since he came to the study upstairs.

If it wasn’t to get that little girl out, Huo Yao thought that he probably wouldn’t have wanted to come here ever again in his lifetime.

To be honest, even though Huo Yao mentally prepared himself, he still couldn’t control his expressions when he opened the door. Dumbfoundedness appeared on his cold and self-restrained face.

It was kinda… kinda different from what he had imagined?


It wasn’t freaking different, it was completely the opposite of what he had imagined.


What about scolding the little girl, chasing her out of the house while she cries? 

What was this bizarre “kind father and filial son” kind of scene? 

When Old Master Huo heard the door open, the smiles on his face immediately disappeared the moment he saw Huo Yao.

The little thing hid behind her grandpa in terror. She pouted and her grape-like eyes were teary. Under Huo Yao’s expressionless stare, she forced herself to swallow the word “baddie” which was on the tip of her tongue and softly called, “Da…Daddy.”

The harmonious atmosphere immediately dropped to the freezing point upon Huo Yao’s arrival.

Old Master Huo’s voice changed a little, “Daddy?”

What daddy?!

Grandpa was shocked for a few seconds as his disbelieving glance fell onto Huo Yao, as if he was looking at the ‘degenerate of the family’ and ‘unfilial son’.



The little thing’s Daddy was Huo Yao? 

Huo Yao shifted his expressionless glance to Ye Sang, who was hiding behind Grandpa, and repeated coldly, “Come here.”

He definitely underestimated this little girl as she managed to make his Dad favor her in a mere few minutes.

Ye Sang backed off further and covered the strand of hair sticking up on top of her head tearfully as she refused. “Nooo…”

Wuwuwu…” She couldn’t help but to cry and spoke between sobs, “I treat you like my Daddy…

But I didn’t know you wanted to pull my hair out.”

This cheap dad went overboard.


Grandpa Huo heard the little girl’s pitiful accusation and raised his voice as he exploded.

“How dare he!”