Five Villain Daddies Are Fighting To Spoil Me

Chapter 227 - Sangsang Is Drunk Again (Part 1)

Chapter 227: Sangsang Is Drunk Again (Part 1)

Mu Chen came here today because he wanted to see what the brat’s daddy number four looked like.

Seeing that Ye Sang was determined to go with Su Ye, he didn’t stop her but instead watched her from the side.

The man couldn’t help but pinch the little thing’s meaty cheeks and rub her soft curly hair.

“Daddy.” Ye Sang swayed her head, her cat eyes were clear and round.

Mu Chen smiled through a humph but there wasn’t anything he could do to force her to go home.

But he couldn’t rest assured leaving her with Su Ye either.

“My daughter has never done any chores, don’t even think of making her do chores.” Mu Chen hugged his chubby daughter tightly and spoke expressionlessly.

Su Ye raised an eyebrow and smiled lightly, “Sure.”

Mu Chen looked down at the pale little bun and talked endlessly.

In short, in other words, Su Ye can’t bully his daughter.

Su Ye looked at the man in front of him speechlessly.

He was confused.

How did this guy turn from a cold and toxic genius to a chattery old lady?


He used to be such a villain and now he’s a dad.

Su Ye agreed lazily but thoughtfulness flashed across his eyes.

Honestly speaking, this is Mu Chen’s child and he didn’t need any permission to take her away.

Why is he acting like he’s unwillingly letting his dear go?

Su Ye couldn’t think of an answer on the way back. He called a taxi and gave Xiao Fei a call under Ye Sang’s soft glance.

When Xiao Fei saw the call, his heart trembled and picked up after a moment of hesitation.

“G-God Su…” He squeezed these two words out from his throat rigidly and hesitantly.

God Su.

The man narrowed his eyes and looked outside the window, “The child’s with me, don’t worry about finding her.”

Xiao Fei was speechless for a moment and replied “oh” blankly.

He stuttered and didn’t know what to say.

After going through so many, none of them knew how to face Su Ye anymore.

They even looked helpless when they spoke to him.

Su Ye understood his feelings and sneered slightly, his pale face looking lonely.

The two’s conversation ended awkwardly and a childish voice came from the side.

“Daddy, where are we going to live?”

The little thing controlled her swaying body and leaned forward with curious eyes.

Su Ye snapped back and glanced at her.

The man narrowed his long and pretty eyes, looking disappointed and frustrated.

He can’t go back to the club anymore.

He could live anywhere, but it’s different with a child.

“Let’s go to a hotel first.” He rubbed the little thing’s hair and looked down slightly, knowing that she grew up without having any hardships.

A hotel’s environment is more or less better than a rented home.

“Okayyy.” Ye Sang dragged her voice on and rubbed his palm, sitting obediently in the car.

She was cute like a furry little animal.

It was easy to feel sleepy in the car. The little girl laid on Su Ye’s thighs, sleeping soundly and sweetly.

Su Ye knew that she was exhausted and didn’t wake her up. He softly patted her back and carried her to the hotel after paying.

The man’s face was pretty and delicate, dressed in a black coat, but… there was now a child in his arms.

A girl in the hotel looked in the direction he left with her phone continuously.

Her friend asked, “What are you looking at?”

The girl replied, “That person looks like God… Su.”

“Who’s that…?” Her friend was confused and asked.

The girl shook her head, “No one, just a player I used to like.”

No one took it seriously.


Su Ye put the child lightly on the bed and pulled the curtains. He glanced at the sky outside the window and turned off the lights too.

He turned on a night lamp but he couldn’t sleep no matter what.

Ye Sang was different; she slept soundly and her lashes trembled. She pursed her lips and smacked her lips, not knowing what kind of dream she was having.

Ye Sang always loved to dream.

She dreamt of all her daddies.

As expected, this time was about daddy Su Ye.

She stood on the side and looked at the boy who stood with his team in silver HL uniform.

The five of them and the coach lifted the silver dragon trophy up and the little girl has never seen the light in Su Ye’s eyes shining as bright as this.

“Daddy…” Ye Sang cupped her face and watched the Su Ye in her dream without blinking.

She knew that daddy loved e-sports.

The boys in her dream were so bright and vivid.

It was for their belief, it was their glory and dream.

Ye Sang slept deeply. When she climbed up from hed, she realized that it was dark already.

She laid on the big bed and frowned, smelling alcohol in the room.

“Daddyyy…” Ye Sang’s voice was clear, but her head swayed from sleepiness, almost falling back on the bed.

Su Ye was tipsy. He laughed and turned on his laptop, everything was about his team losing KPL.

“God Su Playing Fake Games” were also bolded.

It looked rather grand.

The man rested his chin on his hand lazily and smiled, but the light from the screen didn’t reach his eyes at all.

“Yikes. He’s disgusting for playing fake games”

“Doesn’t he have any morals as a professional player? He deserves for doing this and having such a bad attitude”

“Su Ye is literal rash. How did he even make it in HL in the first place? How is this kind of person worth them calling him God Su?”

Su Ye smiled. He always saw this coming and it wasn’t surprising at all.

“HL is disbanding. Xiao Fei and Ye Li are free agents, anyone knows where Xuan Wen, coach and Lu Mi are going?”

“They all left…” He muttered to himself and gulped down a mouthful of alcohol, smiling.

They gathered together because of their belief and passion, now they all left.

Perhaps he shouldn’t be attached to it anymore.

It’s only a game.

“Daddy…” A soft voice sounded, the little thing was looking up at him without blinking.