Five Villain Daddies Are Fighting To Spoil Me

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: The Little Thing’s Lost Again

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The little puppy, fearful for its life, ignored her, running down the stairs in the darkness with its back to Ye Sang.

“Doggy…” Ye Sang quickly chased after it. The tail on her pajamas swayed as she ran, often stumbling, falling onto the ground with a ‘bang’. She would then promptly crawl back onto her feet, brush off the dust on her butt, and continued the chase as if nothing happened.

A human and a dog chased after each other.

Soon, the little puppy took Ye Sang downstairs as she had no sense of direction.

The sudden fall in temperature made Ye Sang stop in her tracks.

The little puppy wagged its tails and stopped.

Ye Sang’s cat eyes lit up and quickly hugged it tightly, “Caught you!”

Before she could stay happy for another second, she started to observe the dark environment around her. She hugged her only ‘asset’ and slowly realized.

That she was…

Lost again. 

Ye Sang’s position was not that far from that person, but she squatted down, looking at the ground; a little ball that didn’t catch anyone’s attention.


The man sat in the chair with crossed legs. His long and slim fingers held a lighter, turning it on and off carelessly.

The noise from the lighter seemed to beat on the other person’s hearts, making the oppressive atmosphere become even more tense.

He looked at Duan Tingfan coldly, his attitude aloof and apathetic, “All those who opposed me never ended well. Mr. Duan, will you say it or not?”

How fancy that the Duan family came up with the plan to put a sky in his company.


Huo Yao had always been cautious. But even though all the others have been caught, Duan Tingfan stayed rather strong-willed and still hasn’t said a single word.