First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Chapter 21: Don’t make me repeat myself for the third time


Mu Ru was slightly taken aback. Of course, she had not applied to Dongfang Mo. Moreover, Dongfang Mo was like a ghost. She did not even dare to breathe loudly when she saw him, so how would she dare to apply to him for school.

“second brother, Mu Ru is a student herself. It’s only right and proper for her to go to school. ”

Dongfang Jun, who was standing by the side, spoke up for the injustice

“What’s there to apply for? Mu Ru, ignore second brother. Come with me. ”

“Ah Jun, don’t blame me for not reminding you. She’s the eldest sister-in-law. Don’t call her mu ru every time. ”

Dongfang Yu’s voice had obviously turned cold. His face, which was originally wearing an elegant smile, had also turned gloomy. He was obviously displeased with Dongfang Jun calling mu ru by her name.

“Ah Jun, hurry up and go to school. Didn’t you say you were going to be late? ”

Dongfang Mei immediately called out to her son. At the same time, she also chided him

“Our Dongfang family is a big family. There are rules regarding the order. The eldest sister-in-law’s name is not called by you. Only your brother and I can call her that. You and Ah Yu have to call each other sister-in-law. ”

“got it. ”

Dongfang Jun replied unhappily. He put down the glass of milk he had finished and looked at mu ru sympathetically before he turned around and walked out of the door.

Mu Ru looked at Dongfang Yu who was staring at her from the stairs and glared at him. Then, she walked past him and quickly went upstairs.

Dongfang Yu shrugged and shook his head. He ignored her and went downstairs straight to the door. Dongfang Mei called out to him unhappily, “AH YU! ”

“Ah Yu, aren’t you going to eat breakfast? ”

“No, I’m not. ”

Dongfang Yu did not even turn his head. He walked straight out of the door and threw a sentence from afar

“I’m meeting Tang Lili for breakfast. ”

Dongfang Mei let out a low, cold snort from behind him. This Dongfang Yu, a carefree young master who spent his days eating, drinking, gambling, and playing with women, what could he become If the Dongfang Corporation fell into his hands, it would be ruined sooner or later!

Mu Ru could not go to school and was not familiar with the Dongfang family. She returned to her room and took all the bedding that the devil had ruined last night to the bathroom to wash it clean. She dried it with a dryer and spread it on the bed again. This way, the brand new bedding would be restored.

By the time she was done with all this, it was already past three in the afternoon. She was tired and tired. She had not eaten lunch at noon and was exhausted. She did not even have the strength to go downstairs, so she fell into bed and quickly fell asleep again.

She slept so deeply that people would know when the door was pushed open and someone came in. It was not until her nose was pinched by someone and she opened her eyes when she could not breathe properly that Dongfang Mo’s ghastly face appeared in her sight.

Mu Ru gritted her teeth tightly and did not let herself scream out in fear. However, it was precisely because of this that her expression was too nervous, which made Dongfang Mo very dissatisfied.

“Xi Muru, your father said that you’re still a good girl. ”

Dongfang Mo increased the volume of his voice and then snorted coldly

“Take off your clothes and let me check. ”

“What? ”

When Mu ru heard his words, she could not help but step back. However, she was still on the bed. Even if she stepped back, she still could not leave the bed.

“take off your clothes. I want to check if you’re an original! ”

Dongfang Mo’s voice rose a few decibels and then snorted coldly

“Don’t make me say it a third time! ”