First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Chapter 18 ugly niece-in-law meets aunt


“You can rest assured about this. Mu Ru is definitely a good girl. I can guarantee it with you. ”

Xi Yuancheng shamelessly patted his own chest and promised.

“Alright, you can take your beautiful daughter back first. ”

Dongfang Mo’s voice was cold and emotionless, then he added coldly,

“between a beautiful skin and a good girl, I’d better choose a good girl. After all, I’m a little mysophobic. ”

Xi Yuancheng could no longer care about the insults and ridicule in Dongfang Mo’s words. Although he knew that Dongfang Mo’s words had also scolded him and his two daughters, the most important thing now was.. He had to quickly bring his beautiful and precious daughter back safely.

Mu Ru had thought that with Xi Yuancheng and Xi Muxue here, she would no longer have to stay in the Dongfang family, but who knew that in the end, Xi Yuancheng would still leave her in the Dongfang family, completely ignoring her life and death.

“Why are you still standing there? ”

Dongfang Mo looked at the woman who was standing there in a daze and could not help but growl

“Why aren’t you rolling over to have breakfast? You don’t even know how to fight back when you’re slapped. WHAT AN IDIOT WOMAN! ”

Mu Ru walked towards the dining room with trepidation. She ignored Dongfang Mo’s words. After all, she had been bullied by Xi muxue since she was young. Furthermore, Xi Yuancheng was here just now. How could she fight back?

Mother Liu brought the breakfast to the dining table. Dongfang Mo’s wheelchair moved to the seat next to the dining table. Mu Ru sat down next to him. Because she was afraid, she did not even dare to look up.

“You don’t even dare to look at me. How are you going to serve me at night? ”

A cold and clear voice sounded above her head without any emotion, but it still made mu ru’s hair stand on end.

Wait on him at night?

“Ah Mo, who made you angry again? ”

The sweet voice of a middle-aged woman came from the steps.

Mu Ru looked up and immediately saw a tall, voluptuous woman with a mature charm walking towards her with graceful steps.

She was slightly stunned. She remembered that she had seen this woman at the wedding yesterday. She couldn’t remember what her name was. She seemed to be Dongfang Mo’s aunt, an old aunt who had never married before.

“This is aunt Gu. ”

Dongfang Mo’s voice was still cold and stiff

“Give my regards to aunt Gu. ”

“Ah Mo, don’t scare Mu Xue. ”

The mature woman came to the dining table and sat down opposite Mu Ru. Then, she added to mu ru with a smile,

“My name is Dongfang Mei. Yes, aunt Gu. From now on, you can just follow Ah Mo and call me aunt Gu. ”

“Hello, aunt Gu! ”

Although Mu ru didn’t understand why Dongfang Mo had to call her mother aunt Gu, she still addressed her very sensibly.

“Hey, so obedient! ”

Dongfang Mei agreed very happily and took out a red packet at the same time

“Mu Xue, this is the red packet that aunt Gu prepared for you. Don’t think it’s too little. ”

“I… This… I… ” Mu Ru was a little uneasy and used her hands to push her away.

“Aunt Gu will give it to you. Why aren’t you taking it and thanking Aunt Gu? ”

The hoarse voice was still cold and emotionless. Before Mu ru could react, she heard him say again,

“By the way, Aunt Gu, she’s Xi Muru, not Xi Muxue. ”

“Ah? ” Dongfang Mei obviously did not expect the bride to change, so she stared at mu ru with wide eyes. “What’s going on? ”