Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 2160 - 2160 Dark Freezing Titan Elephant

Chapter 2160 - 2160 Dark Freezing Titan Elephant

2160 Dark Freezing Titan Elephant
Weng Baochuan forcefully rubbed his eyes. He had always been obedient to Weng Queji.

Weng Baochuan knew what Weng Queji was getting at.

Before Lin Yuan arrived, Weng Baochuan had never imagined that the head of the faction that toppled the Truth Association could be a young boy!
For such a young man to head up a powerful faction, Lin Yuan was unstoppable when it came to power, regardless of his background.

If he could stay by Lin Yuan’s side, he would definitely gain endless benefits while Lin Yuan continued to develop his endeavors.


However, rather than increasing his power and training, Weng Baochuan hoped for the day that he would be able to achieve what Weng Queji could not.

Weng Baochuan made a wish to himself.

I have to cure Master! No matter what!

When Weng Queji saw that Weng Baochuan had stopped crying, he said softly, “Baochuan, go and take your two uncles to see Jin Qianxun. He is seriously lacking manpower, so go and see if he needs help.”

Weng Baochuan nodded earnestly.

Weng Baochuan knew that the main reason for his master saying that was that he wanted some peace.

Weng Baochuan left the space to Weng Queji.

As Weng Queji watched Weng Baochuan walking away, he was dazed for a moment before he sighed softly and said, “After this sigh, I will resign myself! This kind of life isn’t bad!”

If Weng Queji was not frowning deeply, his tone would have been taken as sincere.

After some time, Weng Queji’s gaze finally landed on the Spirit-Mouthed Peony that Lin Yuan had left behind.

The Moon Empress had specially nurtured the Spirit-Mouthed Peony.

Although the Creation Master was a Class 5 Creation Master, there was no way he could have ever seen it before.

Nonetheless, he had the discerning eye of a Class 5 Creation Master.

It did not take long for Weng Queji to figure out what the Spirit-Mouthed Peony was.

At that moment, Weng Queji understood Lin Yuan’s good intentions.

But at the same time, he felt that Lin Yuan was naive.

At first, Weng Queji had refused to accept his reality.

But Weng Queji noticed that the concentration of pure spirit qi he concocted with his Class 5 Creation Master powers was far from being able to meet his needs.

It was at that moment that he decided to give up.

But when Weng Queji casually pulled open the Spirit-Mouthed Peony, his jaw dropped in silent surprised delight.

The ever-steady Weng Queji hurriedly summoned his main fey as his body started to tremble.

For almost a century, Weng Queji had never been so full of burning passion and hope.

The fey that Weng Queji had summoned changed into human form. It had blue hair and white eyes and looked as though it had cataracts. Its sturdy body was full of solid power.

However, its hands were in different stages of decay.

A malady like this that only appeared on the weak and sickly made this stocky man seem like a paper tiger.

This man initially had the same expression as Weng Queji, akin to a bottle suddenly being smashed.

After sensing such pure spirit qi, the man now had the same expression as Weng Queji.

But in spite of his shock, the man hurriedly circulated his spiritual power and was afraid of wasting even the smallest trace of the pure spirit qi.

Weng Queji was spiritually linked to his main feys.

When Weng Queji sensed his main fey starting to recover after absorbing the pure spirit qi within the Spirit-Mouthed Peony, he forcefully waved his hand and screamed fervently, “Old friend, the heavens are so generous to us! We now have a chance to try again!”

While Weng Queji’s main fey was absorbing pure spirit qi, snow started to fall around it.

The man started to let out a buzzing noise.

This was the man’s way of responding to Weng Queji while it was absorbing pure spirit qi.

With renewed hope, the zen expression that used to hang off Weng Queji’s face vanished completely.

A few minutes ago, all Weng Queji had wanted was peace.

But now, his previously withered heart started to beat again.

Although it was just an instant, Weng Queji rediscovered his youthful courage to overcome problems and scale obstacles.

After two full hours, the man who had been sitting crossed-legged next to Weng Queji stood up.

Weng Queji had not shown any affection to his feys after contracting them.

But now, this man with blue hair and white eyes suddenly embraced Weng Queji.

Weng Queji let out a shocked gasp when he was hugged. But when he sensed his fey’s flaming heart, Weng Queji said, “Old friend, we were never able to cross that wall because we lacked spirit qi that was pure enough to help your bloodline to evolve. You won’t be stuck at Eternal V if your bloodline evolves!”

Weng Queji had not only found his motivation but was also able to see the light in his future again.

Weng Queji had not led an easy life and had not received many blessings along the way.

This was the first time that Weng Queji felt that he owed someone not just a favor but an enormous one.

After the blue-haired and white-eyed man was done with his exhibition of joy, he set Weng Queji back down on the ground.

The blue-haired and white-eyed man was silent for a moment before he said self-reproachfully, “If my bloodline wasn’t so special, we wouldn’t have wasted decades. It’s all my fault!”

While he spoke, he let his head and hand drop as an apologetic expression spread across his face.

Weng Queji placed a hand on the blue-haired and white-eyed man’s shoulder.

“Freezing Elephant, what are you saying? When I was young, I was a roaming orphan who was raised by a farmer couple. I always saw it as my biggest opportunity to have been able to form a contract with you. Without you, I would never have been able to become a spirit qi professional, much less have access to Creation Mastery. Do you remember how many times you’ve saved me during our journey together? I’ll feel hurt if you apologize to me!”

A look of reminiscence appeared on Weng Queji’s face.

When he saw that the blue-haired and white-eyed man lifted his head, Weng Queji looked into his eyes and smiled as he said, “Your bloodline might be special but isn’t weak at all. If your bloodline evolves from the Freezing Curse Sacred Elephant to the Dark Freezing Titan Elephant, your future will be boundless! So, there’s no need for you to be down on yourself!”