Feng Mang

Chapter 20

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Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

Before seeing Wang Zhong Ding Liang Jing had once repeatedly warned Tao Yun Yun about the "5 taboos", it was now passed on to Li Shang without a word missing.

Li Shang was dumbfounded, "How do you know Han Dong?"

“Han Dong?” Liang Jing was incapable of understanding Li Shang’s logical thinking.

Li Shang nodded. “Yes, the person you're talking about isn't it Han Dong?"

“What Han Dong Han Xi?” Liang Jing was not satisfied with Li Shang's interruption, “I told you about the type of personality that Mr. Wang always hates, I'm not specifically referring to someone!"

(T/N: 東 (Dong in Han Dong name) = East, 西 (Xi) = West, technically Liang Jing saying 'What east or west, I'm not talking about that')

“Can he really, toward Han …”

Liang Jing interrupted him sharply. “Did you not wake up yet?”

Li Shang muttered in his mind: I have not slept at all……

Liang Jing called Wang Zhong Ding, “Mr. Wang, do you have time right now?"

“I’ve been outside all day.”

“Is that so ah … …” Liang Jing without a choice put forth his effort and said, “I want to give you a nice surprise."

“Don’t worry, there are still three days left when the deadline arrives even if you don't deliver it to my door, I'll reach out to you."

Liang Jing hung up the call and told Li Shang: “Go back and rest."

“Not……Not meeting anymore?”

“You'll meet another day.”


It was Han dong's first day as a laborer and although there wasn't much work, it was very miscellaneous, he had to run errands all over the place, only half a day had passed and he was already tired to death. After being cooked on a slow fire it was finally lunch time, Han Dong sat down on the ground and began devouring his small box of food.

The migrant brother who sat next to Han Dong smiled and asked, “You haven't done any manual labor before?"

Han Dong nodded, “I used to be an actor.”

“Ah? Well, that's a big gap.”

“I'm just an extra, there isn't a big gap.”

“Right, in any case doing service for the film industry, there's not much difference!!”

The corner of Han Dong's mouth was covered in grease stains, "You speak too highly, how can this be compared to the film industry?"

“How does that matter? Our work is to build the base of the film and television company!”

The chopsticks in Han Dong’s hand stopped suddenly, “What we are building here is the film and television company base?””

“Wasn't it written on that big sign?" The migrant worker brother pointed to it.

Han Dong turned his head and “Zhong Ding Film and Television Company” in huge impressive letters appeared on the fence outside of the construction site.

'Dang! I just had to find the construction site that they have invested in to build the company!'

Han Dong’s back was emitting cold air and he had the urge to leave in a flash but the wages here were settled on a daily basis and if he left now, then the morning’s work would equal to nothing. Han Dong thought about getting ahold of the hundred yuan and hesitated.

'Wang Zhong Ding shouldn't be coming to this place, right? Even if he were to come, it did not necessarily have to be today, right? Han Dong's eyes lit up, yes, Li Shang said that today he was going to see Wang Zhong Ding, ha ha ha … … Then I don't have to worry about it!'

“Mr. Wang, let’s go over there and look, watch out for the waste …”

Han Dong had just thrown his lunch box into the garbage bin as his eyes swept over the far distance, there was a group leading an inspection in the nearby area when he saw the man who dared to be on the cover of the famous magazine without photoshop, his two legs began to shake wildly.

This was to kill me ah ah ah!!

Han Dong was driven mad to no bounds, run he couldn't run, if by any chance he was running too blatantly, Wang Zhong Ding would catch him and kiss him by force. What was to be done? Right now the only way was to hide. Hide? There were only garbage bins in front, jumping into one would release a batch of flies to snitch on him. In anxious time, he suddenly spotted a well three meters away.

'With my two long legs shaft lining should be OK, right? I just need to hold on till he’s gone.'

As he was still thinking, Wang Zhong Ding’s eyes suddenly turned to where he stood.

Not good!!!!! Han Dong jumped down the well to avoid the “love at first sight”.

As a result, that was the end of it…