Feng Mang

Chapter 16

When Li Shang opened the door, he saw Han Dong sitting against the corner of the wall and was immediately frightened.

“What are you doing?”

Han Dong looked at him with a dispirited expression, “I decided to quit the show business.”

Li Shang was puzzled, he asked, “Have you lost your mind?”

“No, I haven't lost my mind.” Han Dong dejectedly drinking a mouthful of liquor, he said in a faint tone as if he has fully grasped the meaning of all things in this secular world: “The depth of the water in the entertainment circle is too deep, in order to rise above others, many people are willing to give up everything and live without integrity, limit and dignity, I despise this kind of luxury erosion, and living a licentious life beyond measure, so I'm thinking about settling down.”

After hearing those words, Li Shang straightened up and answered, “Have you ever been in the entertainment industry before? Saying it like that seem as if you really have!!"

Han Dong admitted defeat, he casted a sorrowful glance towards Li Shang, “Can't I do it because of love?”

"For love again?”

By now, Han Dong was intoxicated, he affectionately said, "Nan Zhen and all the other girls from before are different, I thinking of giving up this kind of 'constantly on the move lifestyle' for her and find a proper job, not seeking wealth or fortune, just the two of us……"

“Wait a minute!” Li Shang interrupted him, “Didn't you and Nan Zhen broken up already?”

Han Dong as if just awoken from a dream, he said, “Oh, that's right, I forgot, .then who's the one after that…… after…… who's after, what's her name? Don’t interrupt……Meng Zhu Le…… Lin Lan? Wrong! Song Wei? That's also wrong too! Mu Dou Er? Was it Mu Dou Er?”

Li Shang began to have a black line going down his face (-_-|),”Who are you asking?”

“It’s Mu Dou Er! Mu Dou Er isn't the same as those girls before, I think……”

"All right, all right!” Li Shang waved his hand impatiently, “Let’s be serious now, today When I was strolling down the street, I bought some new clothes that I plan to wear for the selection day, how about you help me look at these?”

Han Dong didn't looked at Li Shang’s new clothes, but cast his eyes on the trousers that were torn by a railing, The more he looked, the more it seems like an unknown thing, he then grabbed the trouser and respectfully placed it in Li Shang's hands.

“Although your brother can't go to the scene in person to wave a flag and cheer you on, but this trouser will be there in my place to accompany you, wear this on that day and you will definitely stand out amongst the others!"

A look of disgust appeared on Li Shang's face, “Hey, how many days has it been since you washed this thing? There's even a big hole here."

“The wonderful thing is in that big hole!!" Han Dong said in a mysterious tone, "Let me tell you, this hole is your door to the entertainment world!”

By now, Li Shang did not want to listen to this nonsense anymore, he simply kneaded the pants then placed it to the side, “It's good enough if I just accept it, right?”

That night Li Shang was sleeping soundly when suddenly a crisp 'slap' sounded appeared, his face immediately burn. As his eyes shot open, he saw Han Dong was riding on his body, looking like a vicious devil himself.

“Damn you gay person, you still want to be with me? I will pull out your JB!”

Li Shang hastily covered his vital part, but before he could, he was kicked off the bed by Han Dong instead.

“Get lost! You want to use unspoken rules with me? No way!”

If Ye Chenglin had not told him that people who sleepwalk would go crazy if they were suddenly being woken up, Li Shang would have slapped him on the face and got up already, 'Do you think there are many people who want to use the unspoken rule with you?'

Han Dong pried open the floor and invite the “five sisters” out, then he placed them on the bed and hugged them in the position like an intrauterine device, and finally went to sleep.

(T/N: Intrauterine device = A T-shaped birth-control device)

Half an hour later, Li Shang quietly tiptoed to the bedside, he grabbed the inflatable doll that was closest to the edge of the bed and placed it on the floor before laid himself down, but just as his head touched the pillow, at once he was kicked down to the floor again.

"Get lost! Don’t even think about getting on my bed!” Han Dong scolded while he distressfully picked up “Shou Shou” and placing 'her' back on the bed.

As a result, Li Shang remained awake on the cold floor for an entire night.