Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 1143 - Side Story (3)

Chapter 1143: Side Story (3)

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Su Xiaoxiao felt that in front of the world her father was as cool as a flower on a mountaintop. Anyone who asked him for help was willing to kneel before him.

But at home, he was like a sticky candy who stuck to her mother or to her every day.

And he didn’t have a bad temper at all.

Su Xiaoxiao felt that she would be satisfied if she met a man like her father.

Bu Yaolian glanced at Gu Bailu, who nodded. Only then did Bu Yaolian jump into Su Shenfan’s arms with a bright smile. “The chef in Lulu’s house made Dongpo meat today. Let’s go back after we eat it.”

Su Shenfan looked at his precious daughter. “Does our little princess want to eat it?”

Su Xiaoxiao almost drooled. She was also a foodie, and she got along especially well with Auntie Ah Luo. They could talk about food for the whole day.

Gu Bailu snorted. “Shouldn’t you ask me before you eat at my place?”

Su Shenfan snorted. “I’m gracing you with my presence by eating at your place. You have no status now.”

After Gu Bailu and Feng Qingtian gave up the throne, they didn’t take on the titles of retired emperor and empress. Instead, they truly had plain identities, just like commoners.

Gu Bailu sniffed. “My plain temple can’t accommodate a big Buddhist like you. Go away.”

Su Shenfan wouldn’t leave. The more Gu Bailu tried to chase him away, the more he wanted to stay.

In his eyes, Gu Bailu was his number one enemy.

Of course, Gu Bailu wasn’t really chasing him away.

On the other hand, when Feng Qingtian saw the people at his table, he warned unhappily, “Don’t lose sight of your wife all the time.”

Coming over every day to steal his own wife!

The former Prince Zi was also very unhappy.

He and his wife had endless things to do every day.

He had initially thought that they would be spending their days together, but Su Shenfan moved here with his wife and daughter.

No matter how annoyed Feng Qingtian was, he couldn’t drive Su Shenfan and his family away.

Feng Rao sent a letter to her family, and there was also one for Su Xiaoxiao. Of course, there were also many gifts. They were all from the boys in Cloud Mirror Academy who liked Su Xiaoxiao.

Su Xiaoxiao wasn’t interested in gifts, and tossed them to the side.

She opened the letter, in which Feng Rao said that she would love her Uncle Yunjing for the rest of her life and that she had to arrange a good marriage for him.

She asked Su Xiaoxiao to check if there were any beautiful and powerful women in the world who could match her Uncle Yunjing.

Su Xiaoxiao had seen Gu Yunjing before. Gu Yunjing was indeed peerless.

However, his heart was set on Auntie Lu. There were few women in the world who could match him, but even then, he wouldn’t fancy them.

Of course, Feng Rao had thought of this as well. She said to just do a search. Uncle Yunjing was too much of an immortal. He had never tasted a human before. Once he did, he would understand.

Su Xiaoxiao was amused. Was Feng Rao going to make Gu Yunjing touch a woman?

Uncle Yunjing was indeed good in all aspects, except that he was too much of an immortal.

Since he had decided to stay in the human world, he couldn’t continue to be one.

Su Xiaoxiao gave the order, and in less than two days, people from the Earthly Residence sent her a name list. When she looked at the list… Why did one of the names look familiar?

Lu Qingting.

Auntie Mo Qian’er’s daughter was only thirteen years old right now, two years younger than Su Xiaoxiao and the twins.

Mo Qian’er hadn’t been pregnant for many years, and once she conceived, she gave birth to two babies every three years. Now, she already had seven kids…

Su Xiaoxiao sent the list to Feng Rao.