Emperor of The Cosmos

Chapter 152

Chapter 152

In the process of absorbing the spiritual energy of the world, Jiang Li realized that he gradually understood the circle of life and death after these days' cruel practice, which included cutting his waist, limbs and even his head .

He no longer feared death .

In the instant change from life to death, he lost himself in the endless horror before, but he could control his mood well now . Although he could not fully understand the changes of life and death, he almost adapted to the realm in which he could totally ignore life and death .

Even Bodhisattvas lost themselves in the reincarnation .

He was still too naïve in his cultivation to cross the line of life and death and eliminate all obstacles .

However, during his practice, he meditated the Four Seals of the Great Emperor with the mind of the universe, as the violent water, fire, wind and thunder surged in his body and made all kinds of vague sounds .

These were four forms of spiritual energy .

Upon a long whistle, the wind and clouds stirred .

Jiang Li inhaled all the white spiritual liquids into his body . The liquid grew a little stronger . Then he jumped up and began to practice boxing .

Suddenly, he clenched his fist and let the energy out . The air current around his fist suddenly condensed and formed a flash of lightning-like light . After that, he threw a tornado out of his palm, which changed into a wind blade by his palm method, sliced the ground and left numerous ditches .


He jumped up and rose into the air as if he stepped on an invisible ladder . With several jumps, he reached a height of 20 meters . Then his arms shook violently and landed in circles . During the landing, the airflow around his body immediately rolled when he exhaled . The airflow turned into flame, which made him feel like being burned by the invisible flame .

Fire, fire, fire!

It seemed that some kind of sound was coming out of his body .

As the airflow boiled like flame, his body was rising like a hot-air balloon . He became a human-shaped bird, rising and falling in the sky .

When the Fire Seal of Great Emperor went to the extreme, the airflow around him turned again . He slowly landed on the ground with surging airflow like stormy waves . The airflow within his five steps turned into the ocean then, deafening the ear with its roar .

Jiang Li controlled the airflow into water, fire, wind and thunder continuously in this way . His miraculous mastery of congenital Gang Qi had exceeded Meng Xingyun .

"This martial art is really amazing!" When Hong Heiyu watched it aside, he immediately realized that this martial art born from the innate creation, contained the essence of Daoism and had infinite mysterious power . Every move was combined with the vast natural phenomena . It was invincible, integrating heaven, earth and man .

There were no such martial arts on earth .

It was a unique old art in the universe .


Hong Heiyu interrupted Jiang Li's practice at his peak vigor and came up to him, "What kind of martial art are you practicing?"

"It's a skill from Sarira of Great Emperor (the relics), the Mind Seals of the Great Emperor (namely the Great Seal of the Mind)," Jiang Li did not conceal his method . At this moment, he already knew that people like Hong Heiyu would not covet his things at all . How could such a person with a strong mind, s tough heart and grant momentum be greedy for worldly possessions?

"Demonstrate it to me . " Hong Heiyu said, "You can't understand this martial art base on your present wisdom . So you need to communicate the mediation of this martial art with me in spirit . "

"Yes! Mentor! " Jiang Li agreed without hesitation . He now understood that the most powerful thing was not martial art, but the heart of people .

By shooting his spiritual will, Jiang Li immediately connected Hong Heiyu by heart, so they could share their thinking and ideas .

This was the art of spiritual communication .

As long as the two people sat quietly and meditated, it could be done .

The mind of the universe showed up, and the Four Seals of Great Emperor, namely wind seal, fire seal, water seal and thunder seal, as well as various scriptures, actions, meditation were displayed in the mind of Hong Heiyu one by one .

Though there was no wind, Hong Heiyu's black hair and clothes were flying in the sky and he looked like a devil . He seemed about to soar up into the sky at any time with boundless domineering power .

During this time, Jiang Li had shown all the four seals he learned and the changes of the mind of the universe .

While Hong Heiyu remained motionless, meditating . He seemed to be enlightened .

Jiang Li kept looking at him, knowing that this martial art must have a tremendous impact on Hong Heiyu's mind . But Jiang Li was not worried about him . Hong Heiyu had gained supernatural power in Fetal Respiration Realm, so his spirit would not regress .

If it was someone else that viewed this martial art, their extreme joy might beget sorrow at last, which would result in the spirit regression . Wang Changrong, who saw this martial art, met the same situation .


After a long time, a wave appeared inside Hong Heiyu and a huge energy body emerged behind him . It was his holy fetus, a combination of pure spirit and life energy . It had three heads and six arms with all kinds of weapons, such as bow, spear, saber and pike, in the hands, and looked like a fierce devil in hell .

However, the fetus began to shrink gradually . The body was not as huge as before, but the strength didn't decrease . On the contrary, his strength condensed into essence . Owning a strong spirit and a small holy fetus was the dream of all practitioners .

The fetus was a kind of energy and the purest one was the best one .

The three-head and six-arm fetus gradually melted its two heads and four arms into the body and became a normal person, who was exactly the same as Hong Heiyu . The fetus turned dark and no longer transparent as before .

The holy fetus seemed to be Hong Heiyu's virtual projection .

Even though Jiang Li did not know how Hong made it, he knew that fetus had returned to its true state . Although the original fetus looked terrible and powerful, its energy could not condense . Now the fetus condensed into a same-size person as himself and equaled the second Hong Heiyu .

As the holy fetus condensed, its power was ten times more than before . Jiang Li even felt that some of its energy could produce nuclear fusion-like power .

"The impact of Mind Seals of the Great Emperor on me is indeed extraordinary . I have a better understanding of the sky, the universe, the earth, the hearts of people, the stars and the Milky Way," Hong Heiyu slowly brought the fetus into his body and his temperament changed again . Jiang Li got a feel of facing a saint and vaguely saw the flowing golden light in the second-dimension space behind Hong Heiyu .

That was a sense of perfect state .

"My Ten Paths of Hell is complete now," Hong Heiyu said slowly . "In fact, everyone owns a hell in the heart . "

Jiang Li had nothing to say . He differed greatly with Hong Heiyu in realm so he could not understand what he really meant .

"Thank you so much for your Mind Seals of the Great Emperor . I finally eliminate the obstacles which hinder my breakthrough . " As soon as Hong Heiyu seized the air, the fog surged in the Death Valley . "Gui Junzi can no longer suppress me; on the contrary, I can kill him absolutely! The epiphany of the heart is a watershed . One thought can distinguish God from ordinary human living beings . "

"So mentor, I don't need to train any more, right?" Jiang Li carefully asked .

Hong Heiyu roared, "Continue your practice! I'll be stricter and crueler!"

"Why . . . " Jiang Li suffered terribly .

He really did not want to continue the training of being beheaded, cut waist or limbs, laparotomized or eviscerated . Although this was very helpful to his mind, he felt that he needed to take a break since practice and rest were both important for cultivation .

His mind was like a tightly stretched bowstring that at the edge of breaking at any time . What if his spirit regressed in the cultivation of life and death? It would be too late to regret .

"Don't be upset . It's a necessary process of cultivation . Others don't have the chance to get such hell-like training . " Hong Heiyu's words were true . Without his help, one must have died many times in such training .

"I'll tell you the main purpose of this training," Hong Heiyu slowly sat down . "The coming sword only will surrender to a strong mind . "

"The coming sword?"

Jiang Li was stunned and then understood, "Are there many secrets in this valley? Are the former practitioners' swords still left here?"

"Yes," Hong Heiyu swept his eyes over the changes in the Death Valle . "Many years ago, a strong practitioner practiced his swordplay here . He had reached Oblivion Realm, forgetting the shackles of time and space . His mind was about to be sanctified . The flying sword he owned was a sword of energy, that is, a spiritual sword . So it's difficult to control it . "

"Spiritual Sword… It's wonderful . . . " Jiang Li breathed slowly .

The cultivation world in his dream had an introduction of spiritual sword .

Spiritual sword was a flying sword, which was refined repeatedly and finally became a kind of pure energy . It could change into various forms like a thousand-fold sword net or an energy sphere . With it, practitioner could fly thousand miles in the twinkling of an eye .

But such a spiritual sword needed to be made by a talent with great power and high cultivation through hundreds of years of hard work and it also needed a lot of metal-property spiritual stones . In the process of refining, there were many calamities; for example, the vast metal breath could trigger thunderbolts during the formation of a spiritual sword, which would immediately lead to violent thunderbolts and chopped many masters to death .

Therefore, even in Jiang Li's dream, there were few spiritual swords .

Every spiritual sword contained tremendous energy that could split warships up .

When the spiritual sword was refined to the last moment, its metal substance transformed into energy body, resulting in the phenomenon that a large number of ions in the air gathered into thunderstorms . The thunderstorms and lightning converged on the sword, causing a huge nuclear fusion reaction, so that the material could gain great energy .

In his dream, when a great master made a spiritual sword, everything within 30 miles was wrapped up and shook by thunder, and then turned into powder .

A normal flying sword owned by Meng Xingyun or other practitioners could not be comparable to such a spiritual sword .

With a spiritual sword, one could easily cut through an Astral Fish Battleship, not to mention a Sonic Armor .

"Is there really a spiritual sword in this valley?"

Jiang Li was excited .

"Of course, there are also some other flying swords in the valley . The master left many flying swords . The king of them is a spiritual sword . I originally planned to get the spiritual sword and kill Gui Junzi with it, but it is difficult to find its trace and control it . Now I have some new clues," Hong Heiyu said . "I have decided to use your body as a container so you could seal the spiritual sword in your body!"