Divine Path System

Chapter 1380 X1

Chapter 1380 X1

[Archives X4]

Varian confirmed this was the place where research related to 'Prime World' was stored. It's only a few minutes from here with his speed.

But as he dashed to the location, a sense of hesitation creeped into his mind and he stopped.

[Arhives X1]

The most important records were stored here. Only three topics actually qualified to be placed inside this super-secured facility.

[The Perfect Hybrid: Hypotheses of Origins, Slivers and Stability For Existence]

It was a very pompous claim. Even though he had a great connection to the forces of life and its essence, Varian could not imagine creating a being with two origins.

Any simulation he ran in his mind would end up with the hybrid's origins collapsing, leading the creature into a violent death.

But from the Hybrids he had encountered so far, he had a basic understanding of their origin structure.

The jump from two origins to three origins was hard to describe. It's definitely not as simple as adding one more origin to a hybrid.

It's like hoping for an absolute a sizable frictionless surface. Good on paper, but impossible in reality.

[Palarians: Natal Treasures, Eugenics Factor, Distribution Patterns]

Palarians and their innate talent of awakening a 'natal treasure' puzzled Varian from the start.

Origin's affinity towards an Avenue determines which path an individual would awaken in and how fast he would progress in it.

Then what determines Palarian's natal treasure awakening? Why do only some awaken? And why were some natal treaures far more powerful than others?

Palarians had a very strict society which discriminated people based on their natal treasures.

Other than strong awakeners, like those of rank 7 and higher, normal Palarians were always given less priority compared to their awakened counterparts. If it was just some distinction, perhaps it could be bearable.

But according to Baldur, as long as it's an unawakened below rank 7, even murder would be given only a light sentence.

A 30-year service in the army? For Palarians who lived centuries, how was that a punishment intended to punish for a murder?

As such, the current day Palarian society, was a highly unequal one where awakened essentially behaved like nobles ruling over the peasants.

The only way to get out of this hell was to reach rank 7. But even if it's a kingdom like Pala, how many could and would reach rank 7?

Ironically, Palarians themselves had gotten used to this way of living. The resistance groups that tried to bring stricter laws and a more balanced society were all crushed.

These days, only one or two might still exist. Or maybe they were culled already and the authorities didn't even bother to make an announcement.

And finally—

[Creation Study: Propositions on the Universe's Creator, Substantiating Evidence, Unresolved Inquiries, and the Grand Design]

This sounded the most arrogant of all.

Assuming the Creator's existence to be true, how could these guys sitting in a labaratory verify his presence? But from the title, it was far from conclusive.

Maybe like many people, these researchers were also trying to find answers to the question as old as consciousness itself.

'So what's the grand plan here? Was it all for fun? Or is this a mission? A movie?' Like many people his age, Varian also got into an existential crisis.

But only for a few moments before he threw those thoughts out of his mind and marched ahead.

Those were the thoughts for old men, he reasoned. As a young man, he should focus on what's in front of him.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Prince Samatv controlled his lips from curling up as he reached the facility of Alpha Beasts.

The blocks didn't even have any guards. It's not that the lab higher ups didn't care about the security or were too arrogant.

There really was no need to arrange security for each and every block.

In the view of the lab leaders, a rank 7 or even a rank 8 security was useless. The only useful protection would be from rank 9s.

But even the lab couldn't recruit so many rank 9s. Most of the current rank 9s were actually rank 8s that were painfully trained by the lab's resources.

Even then, at least half of the trained left the lab for the army. While the leaders didn't expect all of them to stay loyal, it was a painful reality.

The ones that remained despite the invitation from the kingdom, army along with a mix of threats and incentivies were all people who were really loyal to the lab and believied in its cause.

In this context, if any accident occured in any block, a rank 9 would only take a very short time—perhaps one minute or less—to respond and resolve the issue.

Moreover, the lab didn't allow strongers in the first place. The ones that could enter were elite students and members of the society who knew how to behave.

This resulted in a situation where there wasn't a single breach in security for the last 5,000 years.

Naturally, this created a sense of complacency in the faculty.

In that situation, there was still a rank 9 guard dozing off in front of this facility's entrance.

Even though he was only a low rank 9, if even the complacent lab kept a guard, the importance of this facility was self-explanatory.

"Good day, Sir."

Unlike Zara, Prince Samatv bowed his head with ease and greeted the middle-aged man in security uniform with a polite smile.

"Hm? Oh! Mm." The old man cracked an eye open and looked at him in surprise before he continued to feign to be in sleep.

"Thank you for safeguarding this place. It's all thanks to your hardwork that I have an opportunity to visit this wonderful place today."

Prince Samatv continued to say, his expression perfectly aligned with his words and not a shred of deceit floating in his eyes.

Because he really meant what he said.

Without this place, his plan would never work.

"I'll see you soon."

Saying so, the Prince entered the facility with composed steps.