Demon's Diary

Chapter 1222: All The Way East

Chapter 1222: All The Way East

After some searching, Liu Ming really found several spiritual materials that were useful to him and immediately purchased them without thinking.

At this time, he also discovered the difference between this place and Middle Sky Continent.

Most of the shops in Savage Wild Continent sell basic spiritual materials such as spiritual mines, spiritual herbs, beastkin materials, etc., but finished products such as spiritual weapons, magic weapons, and elixirs were rare.

Liu Ming looked at the hardy beastkin in animal skins all over the street, and he guessed some reasons in his mind.

After walking around for a while, Liu Ming suddenly stopped in front of a small shop.

This was also a shop that sold various spiritual herbs and materials. The front was about 6 meters wide. There were some spiritual herbs and beastkin materials placed on several wooden shelves inside, but it looked a bit messy. There was no customer at this moment.

“Brother Ming, what’s the matter?” Qian Rupin followed Liu Ming’s gaze and looked at the shop for a few times, feeling that the things inside were not better than other shops. She couldn’t help but ask.

Liu Ming didn’t say much and just walked in. Qian Rupin had no choice but to follow.

Liu Ming walked around inside and stopped in front of a shelf.

He looked at a jade box on the shelf that contained a green herb exuding a strong medicinal fragrance. Strangely, a crimson insect egg was attached to the root of this green herb. It looked like a silkworm chrysalis.

The two were tightly connected together.

“Senior, did you take a fancy to this thing?” A cautious voice suddenly came from behind Liu Ming. Turning around, a middle-aged man with red skin and two canine teeth came over.

This person seemed to be the shopkeeper of the shop. He was only at the Condensation Period early stage. He felt the unfathomable spiritual pressure from Liu Ming, so he was a bit nervous.

“The things contained in these 2 jade boxes are symbiotic, green silkworm grass?” Liu Ming asked calmly as he pointed at these 2 objects.

“Senior has really good eyesight. If senior wants it, I will only sell you for 980,000 spirit stones, just for the good numbers. How about it?” The middle-aged beastkin heard that Liu Ming was interested, and he offered a price with a smile.

Hearing this, Liu Ming’s eyes flashed.

If he saw this item in the past, although it was quite rare, it was not of any special use to him, but this material was one of the spiritual materials needed to refine the Soul Absorb Voodoo. It was extremely rare in Middle Sky Continent, but he unexpectedly found it here.

Liu Ming didn’t say much and threw out a bag of spirit stones. After the other party confirmed, he wrapped the jade box with his long sleeve and kept it away.

“Shopkeeper, I still need these materials. Do you have them?” After thinking for a while, Liu Ming took out another piece of green bone fragment and handed it to the beastkin shopkeeper.

The beastkin shopkeeper just closed a deal. Seeing that there was still a business opportunity, he was naturally in a good mood. He took the jade slip with a smile and infused his Divine Thought into it, but he looked disappointed.

“I’m very sorry. The materials senior needs are very rare. They are not available in small shops, especially the skeleton silkworm and wraith grass. I have never heard of them.” The beastkin shopkeeper returned the bone fragment to Liu Ming and shook his head.

Liu Ming frowned when he heard the words. Not to mention the wraith grass, this thing did exist in the Middle Sky Continent, but he had not heard of this skeleton silkworm. Could it be that it had gone extinct?

Thinking of this, Liu Ming’s mood turned bad.

In the following time, he took Qian Rupin and asked several large shops in succession, but no one knew about the spiritual insect such as the skeleton silkworm.

Liu Ming lost the intention to continue shopping and returned to the inn with Qian Rupin.

After returning to his room, Liu Ming sat cross-legged for a while, then he waved his hand and put several thick books, bone fragments and a paper tube several feet long.

These were the books about Savage Wild Continent and Luo City that he selected carefully. The paper tube was the map of the Savage Wild Continent. This map alone cost 100,000 spirit stones.

However, this map was well-made. It was really worth the money.

He held up a book with one hand and flipped through the pages one by one.

These books recorded some basic information of the Savage Wild Continent. It described in detail the power distribution of the Savage Wild 8 Races, some other powerful races, and the customs of various places.

While flipping through the books, Liu Ming unfolded the map of the Savage Wild Continent and compared the regions one by one. He gradually formed a general impression of the Savage Wild Continent in his mind.

He also knew a lot about Luo City, which was the destination of this trip.

Luo City was located in the extreme east of the continent. Outside the city was the most famous Endless Sea in Savage Wild Continent.

According to the introduction in the books, if the sea-crossing giant ship passes through the Endless Sea, it will arrive at the southwest of the Middle Sky Continent.

Luo City itself was one of the most prosperous cities in the Savage Wild Continent. It was under the jurisdiction of the first race in the continent, the Blood Vine Race. The sea-crossing giant ship was naturally controlled by the Blood Vine Race.

Being able to travel between the 2 worlds at will made Liu Ming amazed at the strength of the Blood Vine Race.

After all, Taiqing Sect, being 1 of the 4 ancient sects of the Middle Sky Continent, could only open up a few secret realm spaces close to its own world. It had no ability to travel freely to other continents yet.

As time passed, it was already dawn when he finished reading the information on several books and bone fragments.

Liu Ming walked to the window and looked at the morning scenery of Black Water City, thinking deeply.

Savage Wild Continent was far more complicated and larger than expected. The Black Water City he was currently in belonged to the far west of the mainland while Luo City was located at the far east of the mainland. The distance between them was tens of thousands of miles.

In the Savage Wild Continent, teleportation arrays were very rare, far less common than in the Middle Sky Continent. Only a few major forces had some, so they could only travel by flying along the way.

Unlike the Middle Sky Continent’s seemingly relatively peaceful existence, among beastkins, fighting and killing was nothing more than a normal thing.

Especially among small and medium-sized tribes, for the sake of resources, wars often broke out. Although Savage Wild 8 Races had reached a certain balance, there were often frictions between each other. Coupled with the natural disasters that might encounter along the way, Liu Ming was not fully sure that he would be able to reach Luo City safely.

He looked out the window for a long time and took a deep breath.

There was no other way. If he wanted to return to the Middle Sky Continent, he must go to the Luo City.

Liu Ming then turned around, unfolded the map and began to plan the routes.

After daybreak, Liu Ming had roughly decided on the routes in his mind, and he immediately told Qian Rupin about it.

“I don’t have much experience in long-distance travel, so let’s follow the route set by Brother Ming.” Qian Rupin seemed to have not slept all night. She was holding the jade slips related to the totem arrays and said with a confused expression.

“Okay then, let’s rest another day and set off.”

Liu Ming smiled wryly. The little girl really felt relieved.

A day later, a white flying boat left Black Water City and disappeared into the distance.

Half a year later, over the endless brown swampland of the Savage Wild Continent, a chase battle was in full swing.

3 burly tiger beastkins rode giant green birds and chased after a silver figure shrouded in black air in front.

The leader tiger beastkin had a strong figure. Circles of silver patterns were all over its body. His arms were full of muscles as if containing endless power.

The giant green birds they rode were huge, but they flew extremely fast. With a slight flap of their wings, they could fly tens of meters away. It was really lightning speed.

However, the silver figure in front was not slow. It also had 2 silver wings on its back. When the wings flapped, a large amount of water vapor rose from the swamp and gathered over, making its figure look vague.

The more water vapor gathered, the faster the silver figure’s speed became.

The tiger beastkin cultivators on the back of the giant green birds didn’t seem to be in a hurry. They flew for hundreds of miles and came to a very deep reed-shaped forest.

At this moment, the 3 tiger beastkins on the giant green birds let out strange giggles. Several white beastkin winds rose from the jungle below, rolling straight toward the silver figure in front.

There were also 2 tiger beastkins in the beastkin winds. Each of them exuded the aura of the Real Pellet State. Several white beastkin winds burst open and launched countless white wind blades at silver figure.

For a moment, within a hundred feet of the silver figure, it was full of whistling sounds. The silver figure seemed to be drowned in the overwhelming white wind blades.

The silver figure let out a cold snort, and black air gushed out and wrapped its body. It didn’t intend to dodge as it bumped into the countless white wind blades.

Several tiger beastkins were startled when they saw the silver figure forcibly rush through wind blades.

The silver figure didn’t seem to be hurt at all. He rushed out of the encirclement, leaving them far behind.

“Don’t even think of leaving!”

Seeing this scene, the burly tiger beastkin at the rear shouted angrily. He released black air from his body, turning himself into a giant silver tiger phantasm about 30 meters in size.

He opened his mouth and blasted a violent white sound wave at the silver figure.

The silver figure was not surprised at all. It waved and threw 20 talismans with strong spiritual power fluctuations. Fire dragons, fireballs, lightnings and huge wind blades collided with the white sound wave.

At the collision, a loud noise occurred. The lights of various colors flashed in the air. A wave spread out in all directions.

These tiger beastkins and the giant green birds behind were staggered for a while. The silver figures flickered a few times in a row before disappearing into the distant sky.

Seeing that they couldn’t catch up, the burly tiger beastkin cursed a few words at the disappearing silver figure, then he had no choice but to return with the remaining tiger beastkins resentfully.

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