Death… And Me

Chapter 2411 Considerations

Chapter 2411 Considerations

However, Kentucky was concerned about another thing. "Aren't we going too far too early? Don't forget why we ended here. We came to this place to investigate the Pseudo-Temporal Path for Flinyu and Fosleve. Our companions should have arrived somewhere in this Universe, too. Last but not least, if the Vruve Organization could really track us down, they will definitely arrive at some point."

Rean shook his head, though. "So what? We ended up being teleported somewhere else. As far as we know, we might truly be on the other side of this side of the Universe compared to where that Temporal Paths Entrance is. We have no way of contacting our companions either. As for the Vruves... They were tracking Nolui or using some spy from our deductions. We have neither a traitor nor a tracker on our bodies, so we don't need to worry about being found by them."

Yet, Roan understood Kentucky. "This smart version of you is really quite creepy, Kentucky."

"Fuck you!" Kentucky immediately answered back.

Roan then continued. "However, I see from where you are coming from. Your main concern is what kind of power the Universal Transition Organization has. If we appear there, would someone as strong as a Divinity Realm suddenly appear to kill us? After all, my Master, who is supposed to be as strong as Huban, is also there. They sure should have Divinity Realm experts or something of a similar level."

"Yes," Kentucky nodded. "You said your connection was forcefully removed. And this connection was something related to that spec of black sand or whatever that left your head. Let's not forget we are all in the Peak Stage of the Elemental Space Realm. Yet, someone or something was able to easily remove it from you from such a faraway place. This Universal Transition Organization of yours seems pretty fucking strong in my eyes."

However, Roan wasn't the least bit worried. "There is no need to worry. The Universal Transition Organization has its rules. I can't say anything about the Vruves or the companions we got separated from. But I can guarantee that we won't be attacked by the Organization as long as we don't attack first. That's the law there."

Rean shrugged his shoulders. "Or, to be more specific, that's the law you believed to exist there, no? What if you were being fooled?"

Roan didn't deny that. "I thought that too. And indeed, that might be the case. However..." Roan then looked around. "If you have a better idea of how to return to the other side, I'm all ears."

Everyone went silent. Return? They thought that coming to this side was almost impossible, let alone return. If there was some good news, it was the fact the Pseudo-Temporal Path seemed to have been opened not too long ago, so it should stay open for a few more hundred years. If they can find it again, they should be able to go back.

"Seems like you all understood," Roan continued. "If we want to find the Pseudo-Temporal Path entrance, we will have to rely on the Universal Transition Organization's power. After all, even though our Divine Senses' range is much larger, its length can't even be considered a drop of water into the ocean. No, you might as well add a thousand oceans, and our Divine Senses would still not be considered a drop. That's how big the Universe is."

Roan then thought about his past in the Organization. "Besides, my Master seems to not be an enemy... At least, that's how I felt after hearing Huban's story. Not to mention that Rean might be right. He might have had something to do with the fact I ended up going to the other half of the Universe with Rean. We need to find the truth."

Essefy sighed in response. "Since you have already decided, I won't say anything more. But before that, we weren't really sure if the others from our group were really teleported far away or not. Even the Pseudo-Temporal Path might be somewhere nearby. How about we separate and look for Nolui and the others of the Temporal Path first? This place is even worse than the Mortal Realm, so even I can open Spatial Gates here."

No one had anything against Essefy's idea. The best case scenario would be if they found Nolui, who was the one who found the Pseudo-Temporal Path first. Maybe Nolui has a way of pinpointing its location even on this side of the Universe.

"Very well. Remember this place, and then let's leave. We will look around for one day! After that, we have to return here regardless of the result," Roan said.

Rean also warned. "Don't try to open a Spatial Gate to any of the stars you are seeing. I can judge the time it took for their light to reach this place. I can guarantee that none of their lights took less than ten million lightyears to get here. Just look at the surroundings, and that's enough."

Everyone nodded, and they quickly opened their own Spatial Gates. Rean, Roan, and Kentucky were the first ones to leave, as they were used to open Spatial Gates. Let's not forget Kentucky got this chance when he went to see Sunkan Planet. Essefy was the only one who took a while to get it right, as it was the first time Essefy was opening a Spatial Gate. Nonetheless, he was part of the Essence Race, and their talent in all fields was their trademark. 

Their group kept opening Small-Distance Spatial Gates, quickly coming out and using their Divine Senses to check the surroundings. Once they confirmed there was nothing, they would open another one and go somewhere else. 

A day quickly passed, and the number of spatial gates everyone used had already surpassed the thousands. Yet, let alone finding the Pseudo-Temporal Path Entrance, they also didn't find a single member of their group. In the end, they were forced to return to the same place and give up searching. "Well, seems like Roan's Universal Transition Organization is our only choice."

Roan nodded. "Let's not waste more of our time. Follow me." Roan then opened another Spatial Gate, this time connecting as far as he could, obviously in the direction of the Organization.

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