Death… And Me

Chapter 2275 Try It Out

Chapter 2275 Try It Out

The twins' group was puzzled but followed Eagon anyway, even though they still couldn't catch anything with their Divine Senses. As they got close to where the planet exploded, Kentucky, with his much superior eyes, began to notice something. "What is that thing?"

After a few moments, the others were also able to see the same thing. "Is it... a black hole?" Rean couldn't help but ask.

Yet, Eagon continued to get closer while shaking his head. "If you have seen black holes before, you should know just how ridiculous their gravitational pull is. This distance we are from it should be more than enough for us to fight with all our powers just to not be sucked in. Yet, there is nothing."

"Black holes also mess up with Space and Time, but both laws seem to be completely fine," Roan added.

"Last but not least, Blackholes can't really be 'seen,' you know? Even light doesn't escape its confines. Yet, we can truly see a black mass. There is no way this thing is a black hole," Eagon explained.

Finally, he stopped just by the side of that black hole. It wasn't much bigger than Eagon himself, having around three meters of circumference. "This is the thing I was talking about."

Roan looked at Luan. 'Can you see anything with your eyes?'

Luan shook his head. He had activated his Elemental Pupils a long time ago. 'Nothing. Even my eyes can't perceive this thing's existence. If not because my normal pupils can see its presence, I would say this thing doesn't even exist.'

Suddenly, Eagon reached his hand inside, much to everyone's surprise.

Eagon laughed right after, already expecting everyone to act like that. "Hahaha! It's okay, it's okay. See?" He then began to enter and leave the black hole nonstop, passing through it as if it were made of air. "That's why I'm so puzzled. Just what is this thing? I have seen planets being destroyed before. Be it because of some phenomenon like supernovas or because someone destroyed it. Yet, none of them created this kind of thing."

Finally, he looked at Old Worm. "That's where you come in, Jakiro. I want to see if this black hole will have some other reaction to you, who lived here before. That's also why I brought you to the Realm of Gods to cultivate. I wanted you to be at least in the Void Tempering Realm and be able to control space to a certain extent in case something happened."

Eagon then shifted his attention to the twins' group. "Of course, if any of you have a better idea and don't want to let Jakiro take any risk, you are welcome to demonstrate."

Everyone looked at each other. Yet, they had no idea what to do.

Rean then shook his head. "I'm pretty sure you tried everything, so I don't see why waste my time repeating your actions. Can you tell me what kind of methods you used to try to identify this thing before we try the same?"

"Absolutely!" Eagon didn't see any issues with that. He immediately used his Divine Sense and told the twins' group about everything he attempted. He went for Soul Power, Divine Energy, formations, attacks, and laws. Whatever you could think of, Eagon had already tried. At some point, he finally grew frustrated and tried to touch the black hole. Yet, there was absolutely no reaction, just like he showed a moment ago by flying through it several times. "And that's about it."

Old Worm thought about it and decided to give it a try. "Alright, Let me see if it has any kind of different reaction if I'm the one to touch it... if touching is even possible, that is."

Roan asked straight away. "Are you sure? I could also do it."

Eagon found it weird. "Why would you? There is no point if you were not from this planet?"

Roan shook his head. "Perhaps it has nothing to do with being from this planet. Instead, it has more to do with being someone from the Mortal Realm. In that case, I also fit the requirement."

"I see..." Eagon already heard during their first encounter that Rean, Roan, and Kentucky were also ascenders. "Well, by all means, go ahead."

Yet, Old Worm refused the offer. "No need. This is my planet, so I will do it."

"Master!" Mia couldn't help but get worried.

Yet, Old Worm just patted her shoulder. "I have made my decision."

Eagon then took some distance from the blackhole together with everyone else, just in case something happened.

After confirming that everyone was far away, Old Worm extended his hand forward, touching the black mass. Yet...


Old Worm touched it and pulled his hand back, just to find that there was no reaction. It was basically the same thing that happened to Eagon. "I don't seem to be anything special in this case either," said Old Worm while looking at everyone in the distance. He then tried to fly through it and got in and out several times. Nothing happened anyway.

Eagon couldn't hide his expression of disappointment. "So even someone from this planet can't get any reaction, uh? Could it be this thing is truly useless?"

Yet, Rean didn't think so. "I'm sorry to say this, but... Jakiro was one of the cultivators that were brought to Sunkan at a later time. His group conquered the planet from the Lakures, and they lived there for a long time, that's true. However, Jakiro was not born there, you know?"

Eagon immediately looked at Old Worm. "Is that true?"

Old Worm sighed as he nodded. "Yes. I lived longer than anyone else in Sunkan if you don't consider the Lakures' Ancestor. Yet, I'm truly not someone who was born there."

Eagon immediately looked at Mia. "What about you?"

"I..." Mia was taken aback for a moment. It was obvious that she was definitely someone born in Sunkan due to her age. However..."

"Let me give it a try first," Rean suddenly said. "Perhaps it is not because you had to be born there. Instead, you need to have a big enough cultivation. If it doesn't work, then we can let Mia give it a try."

Eagon thought it was a waste of time. Yet, since Rean confirmed he would let Mia try after him, he had nothing to complain about. "No problem here."

Mia looked at Rean with concern. After all, she knew Rean was indeed born in Sunkan... Well, kind of. His soul reincarnated there, but it was true he was born there as well. 'I don't mind giving it a try myself,' she said with her Divine Sense.

Rean shrugged his shoulder. 'What kind of Dalamu Sect Disciple would I be if I couldn't even take some of my Sect Master's burden away? Hahaha!'

That said, he traded places with Old Worm and tried to touch the blackhole himself.