Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 497

Chapter 497: The Emperor’s Daughter 497

Ferdel (POV)

A heavy silence settled between us.

Caitel still hadn’t answered me. Only a bitter smile lingered on my mouth.

He could have been the Emperor, but Caitel never had the intention to become the Emperor. The sixth prince, Siorn, touched and pushed Caitel over the edge, making him take up the role.

Thus, I saved the sixth prince. Meanwhile, I made sure to keep it all well hidden from Caitel’s eyes.

If not for Ria, I would have kept him hidden all his life.

Such a situation wouldn’t have even cropped up if I didn’t see Caitel and his actions towards his daughter; he talked about being a good father and giving her affection.

“Don’t think that your sins will be covered up with just those words?”

Caitel, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly spoke.

“Sin? What sin are you talking about? I am innocent.”

Caitel yelled.

“You are a minister who betrayed the Emperor and his country to help rebels. Do you really think I’d let you live?”

“Do you have any evidence?”

My body was trembling after getting hit, but my mouth was working fine.

Caitel did speak about killing me, but he wouldn’t have a chance. Of course, he had no evidence, but there would be witnesses. However, I couldn’t guarantee that they would survive till then. Knowing the character of the sixth prince, I knew that no witnesses would be allowed to live.

“If you kill me without any proper evidence, not considering the fact that you are an Emperor, your rationality will be questioned. Don’t tell me that you have forgotten who I am, Your Majesty.”

Caitel’s hand, which was holding onto the sword, began to shake.

I knew very well that Caitel wouldn’t kill me.

“Strictly speaking, this is no betrayal. I don’t like you or that sixth prince either.”

“If Ria is dead, I’ll kill you.”

His cold voice descended upon me, words which made my heart heavy.


Fortunately, Ria was safe until Caitel died.

If the sixth prince weren’t crazy, he wouldn’t just blow up the excellent chance he had gained. Of course, if Ria died, there was no way Caitel could stay sane. Even Caitel knew that.

“Prime Minister Ferdel is no more.”

Well, that much was determined.

When I shrugged, Caitel frowned.

“Say it.”

“What else?”

“That sly sixth prince won’t just go along with your plans. You must have a reason for doing all this. Tell me that reason. then I won’t convict your family.”

That one hurt.

Seeing that he was using my family for his advantage, I felt nervous. Was he really such a man? Shockingly, Caitel could hold his rage.

That was the most surprising fact.

“Do I look like I’ll talk?”

“I will really kill them.”

Caitel was affirming that he was serious about his words.

“I won’t spare Silvia either.”

Well, I had nothing to say when he put it like that.

As I shrugged, Caitel’s expression changed. I didn’t exactly say anything—just a glance.

Quick-witted Caitel looked at the room. I didn’t say anything after seeing him take something out of the luggage he had been carrying over the past two months.

It wasn’t my place to solve his problem.

“It was out of hand.”

There was nothing I could do.

All I had and could do was watch Agrigient rage.