Dating the Strongest Boss

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

“Let me go, let me go! Save me!!”

The boy who had been caught by Zhou Ping struggled frantically, but his strength became nothing when his neck was bitten. His whole person was numbly still.

When Zhou Ping had started to go crazy, everyone had scrambled towards the library’s door. But the door that was obviously open when they came was actually locked, and even the windows were blocked by a mysterious plant. They couldn’t pull it away no matter what.

All of them were trapped in the library.


Zhou Ping shook her head and coldly looked at this scene. In the dark, her scarlet eyes almost seemed to glow. She flared her nostrils, and appeared to be attracted by something. Then, she began to lurch towards Wang Tong, step by step.

Wang Tong swallowed his saliva, and swiftly grabbed a library chair next to him, repeatedly smashing Zhou Ping’s head.

“Swell.” There was a strange and loud noise, and after another of bones cracking, Zhou Ping actually responded by collapsing. But before the students could sigh in relief, she rapidly stood up again. Like a corpse, she swayed unsteadily in a hunched posture. Sounds of gurgling spit leaked from her throat.

At this time, Zhou Ping’s belly was alarmingly large, resembling a rubber ball. It was simply bulging, and the size of a five months pregnant woman.

Wang Tong’s insides twisted. He immediately snatched a girl near him, and to her disbelief, pushed her towards Zhou Ping’s body.

Zhou Ping stopped and grasped the girl. She started to suck blood while letting out content slurps, but her speed was noticeably much slower now. Before she was done, her belly had swelled to a terrifying degree.

The surroundings were eerily quiet.

“Splash.” Following a loud noise, some liquid splattered onto all the people’s faces and bodies.

Wang Tong was the closest, so the fresh blood even went into his eyes.


Zhou Ping had exploded like a pierced balloon!

Xiao Chen abruptly sat up, clutching his chest. He didn’t know when he had fallen asleep!

As he looked around, his hands trembled. This was his own room!

He returned?

What about Xu Sheng? What about those people?

Xiao Chen violently lifted the blanket covering him, intending to go wear his shoes.

Suddenly, two green vines stretched out from under his bed like flexible rubber bands. One enthusiastically used its tip to hook Xiao Chen’s right shoe, and the other fixed his foot in the correct position. With this cooperation, the shoe was easily put on Xiao Chen’s foot.

Until both shoes were worn, Xiao Chen maintained a dumbfounded expression.

The vine was not satisfied with just this. A towel emerged out of nowhere, and Xiao Chen’s face was carefully wiped. The actions were gentle, but Xiao Chen still felt a bit itchy, and his ears burned.

He curled up, slightly resisting.

Instantly, the vine seemed to wither. The grip on Xiao Chen was loosened as it pitifully and helplessly moved to the side. Even its leaves drooped as if they had lost vitality.

Xiao Chen inexplicably felt that the vine was cute, so he poked a leaf. The lucky leaf he touched acted like mimosa pudica, shyly wrapping around Xiao Chen’s finger.

Xiao Chen silently smiled, thinking of something as he got up from bed and walked to the door.

The vine didn’t stop him, and instead rubbed Xiao Chen’s neck like a little hamster that had stolen some food to eat. Before Xiao Chen could react, it had actually turned into a vague black shadow. Taking advantage of the situation, the shadow printed a kiss on Xiao Chen’s lips, and then speedily dispersed, leaving the other with no chance to reject.

Xiao Chen was speechless as he opened the door.

As he expected, he was still in the dream Xu Sheng had weaved.

Observing the familiar hallway, he confirmed his own coordinates. This was actually his own classroom!

When he peeked behind himself, the bedroom he had just slept in had already changed back into the classroom. Everything was as usual, with nothing different.

And the sky showed that it was already dawn.

When Xiao Chen recalled the people in first year’s Class 4, he couldn’t help but frown.

“Crunch.” There was the sound of leaves being stepped on.

Xiao Chen immediately turned around.

He only saw a black-haired girl in a uniform, who had appeared behind him at an unknown time. Xiao Chen was shocked, as he quickly recognized the girl as the one who was discovered by the others when he went to the library yesterday. He particularly remembered that she had stared at him with a scared look in her eyes. This made him have a rather deep impression of her. “It’s you? Do you have something to say to me?”

Gao Xuhan flinched and glanced at Xiao Chen. She tightly clutched the small knife in her hand, thoughts overflowing in her mind.

In the movie, Xiao Chen was the last to die, and the previous owner of her body was the only one who survived in the entire school. The original Gao Xuhan had a mild temperament, and was especially invisible to others. Within all the horror movies the current Gao Xuhan had watched, this heroine was the one who seemed the least like a heroine.

Throughout the film, she had stayed with the main group to escape.

But after the present Gao Xuhan had gone through so many things, she no longer believed in this plot! Everything that had occurred was different from the movie!

No Zhou Qingqing! Not even Li Ni! Merely the students of Class 4 and Xiao Chen had been dragged into this world.

The memories she had inherited from the real Gao Xuhan were too simple. That girl only monotonously studied, and had no friends. This kind of boring life completely couldn’t help at all!

But in those memories, the original owner of Gao Xuhan’s body really did have a few interactions with Xu Sheng.

She already had no other choice. She had to believe that Xu Sheng liked her, and all she could do was kill everyone!

She wanted to live, and she didn’t want to die!

Yesterday, she had watched with wide eyes as many familiar faces around her died. It had happened in front of her, and she herself had also been threatened with the prospect of death!

The students clearly didn’t hold much trust, but it was unimaginable that they had the sort of relationship with each other where they would easily send someone else to their demise just to save themselves!

Gao Xuhan found it ridiculous.

After being here for two days, she knew that it was safe during the day, and there wouldn’t be any monsters. She decided to separate from the main group to search for a life-saving tool in order to assist her in the long-term. Unexpectedly, she noticed Xiao Chen.

There were several common tropes in horror films, and one of them was——as long as someone was alone, they had to die!

She had assumed that Xiao Chen had already been brutally murdered by Xu Sheng. But she didn’t think that he was still alive!

This was something that was hard to believe!

She was gambling, gambling that Xiao Chen was the key to her return home.

She began to weigh the pros and cons in her mind, before finally saying, “Senior Xiao Chen, can I go with you?”

Xiao Chen was reluctant inside, but he was too embarrassed to refuse her. When he was about to agree, he suddenly discovered that his mouth had been covered by something. Someone moved close to his ear, firmly saying, “Not allowed.”

Xiao Chen blushed in shame. He secretly thought, wow, this possessiveness is really too strong!

“Sorry, I prefer to be alone.” Xiao Chen could only decline Gao Xuhan’s request in this manner.

Gao Xuhan pursed her lips, and was a little unwilling to give up. She clasped the knife in her hand and pursued in asking, “Where did Senior go yesterday? There was an accident in the library last night, but fortunately, Senior is safe and sound.”

Xiao Chen didn’t fall for her sweet words. When he saw Yang Jie dying, he realized the true colors of the group. But he still politely replied, “I was a bit dizzy from fear, so I found a place to hide by myself.” Xiao Chen grasped the keywords in Gao Xuhan’s words, so he promptly asked, “What happened after I left yesterday?”

Gao Xuhan was somewhat suspicious, but she did not rush to question him. Every time she thought of the scene last night, she was sickened, but she still answered honestly. “Last night, a girl suddenly went mad and started to suck people’s blood. Quite a few people died before the girl burst from eating too much!”

The ancient text, “Classic of Mountains and Seas”, introduced it as one of the Four Perils, with the face of a human and the body of a sheep. Its eyes were under its armpits, and it had the teeth of tigers as claws for its human hands. Though it had both a large head and mouth, it had overeaten so much that it had suffocated to death.

However, in all ancient Chinese criminal laws, starvation was never used as a punishment, unlike in Persia and Europe.

In Muslim teachings, there were even more cases of punishment by starvation——because the prisoner committed the crime of lying.

Xiao Chen’s eyelids jumped. The first thing that had come to mind was Taotie.

“Girl? Was it the girl with curly hair?” For some reason, Xiao Chen’s initial guess was her.

Gao Xuhan was surprised, and her eyes held unclear emotions. “Yes.”

T/N: Gao Xuhan did a lot of brainstorming this chapter, but she’s no match for Xiao Chen and Xu Sheng!

Xu Sheng’s pitiful and helpless expression

The author used 可怜无助 to describe Xu Sheng when he was “rejected” by Xiao Chen. The translator discovered that this is a part of the phrase 弱小可怜又无助 (weak, pitiful, and helpless), which is popular on the Internet. It has been mostly used in emoticon packages made by netizens, and usually depicts a cat photo with the words 弱小可怜又无助 on it.
Common spin-offs:
original – “weak, pitiful, and helpless”
“pitiful, lonely, and helpless”
“weak, pitiful, and helpless, but CAN BE EATEN”

Xiao Chen’s dumbfounded reaction

一脸懵逼, another popular phrase on the Internet. It refers to someone’s stunned face after being overwhelmed by something.