Cataclysmic Transformation

Chapter 8 - A Terrifying Undead Magic

Chapter 8 A Terrifying Undead Magic

“Don’t panic, these human skeletons don’t have any counterattack power, allow me to shatter it into pieces…” The black robed man was obviously well-informed and shouted.

“Go to hell!” The brown-haired man sneered and took out his sword, and the tip of the sword made a silver light. In his imagination, the human skeleton would be easily split into two.

“Dang–“, the expected thing did not happen.  The brown-haired man saw the bone swords in the hands of the skeleton warrior. His sword that was thrown out was blocked, and a slight spark was wiped out.

The brown-haired man was obviously stunned, “What?”

At this time, the second skeleton warrior had already circled behind him, and raised the bone sword in its hand and cut him.

The brown-haired man only felt the sky was spinning, and he didn’t know anything. A solid head was directly cut down and blood was sprayed.

Two skeleton warriors cooperated with each other, they hit and killed the enemy within several seconds.

The black-robed man was stunned, the butler also was stunned, and even Roan, whose body was controlled, was paralyzed, although it was not caused by him.

The head and body of an apprentice rank thief were easily separated by two skeleton warriors.

“This… how is this possible?” The black-robed man’s pupil turned to the butler with his disbelief expression. In his memory, Undead Magic was just an old joke, after all, it was a legend, mostly existed in the novel.

Actually, not only him, basically, all people of Noah Continent thought that so-called the powerful Undead Magic was just a legend, it was actually an imaginary thing, its existence’s value only to study.

The brown-haired man’s body fell weakly, and Roan saw a frightened face of black-robed man.

“Impossible, impossible, Necromancer, how can I fight back?” The black-robed man’s teeth trembled, he stepped back, and his body kept shaking. His sixth sense told him that this kid, extremely dangerous.

“Next, it’s your turn…”, “Roan said in a hoarse voice, he extended his hand and pointed to the black-robed man.

The four skeleton warriors turned their heads, and their eight eyes flashed with the faint green light pointed at him at the same time, they yelling and attacking him.

“Nooo, escape…”

The black-robed man had only one thought in his mind, that was, escape, never facing this dangerous kid again.

“Hmm… do you think you can escape?” Roan, who was possessed, smiled and gestured with his only active right hand, and spit out the words in his mouth, “Bone Prison!”

Black-robed man only felt that figure submerged, he didn’t know what made his body slow down, and then a thing blossomed, a cage-like thing suddenly came out from the ground, and he couldn’t able to move a single step.

“What is this?”

The frightened black-robed man’s heart was uneasy. He grabbed the edge of Bone Prison with both hands and used his strength but couldn’t break free.

“Slash it…”

The black-robed man bit his teeth, pulling out a sword from his waist and slashed to Bone Prison.

“Ka Cha-“, Bone Prison unexpectedly was cut by his sword, and appeared a small hole.

“Can break…” The black-robed man was so happy, couldn’t wait to cut it again, but he didn’t know when many black shadows had appeared around him.

“No… don’t…” The black robed man had already understood what he was going to face. The four skeleton warriors raise their swords and smash into him, which was the most horrible was, he was still trapped by Bone Prison. At this time, the black-robed man found that he didn’t an opportunity to hide.


Four long swords from different angles pierced him, and his mouth overflowed blood. He looked with unbelieving eyes. He couldn’t believe that he would die in a useless Necromancer’s hand.

“This… is this still a Necromancer?”

The black-robed man gazed with unwilling eyes and left a confused hint.

The skeleton warriors didn’t have feelings. They only know to execute the summoner’s order. They take out the long sword, and their green eyes aimed at the last person, the butler of Naka Manor.

The butler’s body trembled, and he kneeled down and cried, “Lord, I make mistake, I know it …, please let me go…”

“It’s too late to admit the mistake. I will send you on the road…” The “Roan” who possessed by Hommerin was unmoved, and the four skeleton warriors slowly approached the butler.

When the butler bowed down, there was a glimpse of cold light in his eyes, and this cold light was captured by Hommerin.

While the butler thought the other person was relaxed, he moved, and pulled out a dagger from his sleeve and stabbed straight to “Roan.”

“Ohh, small insect…” Even if Hommerin was not prepared, he would not fall on a small dagger.

“Bone Shield!”

Hommerin muttered, a shield was made the bones appeared in front of “Roan”, yet its process was not so smooth.

The dagger actually passed through the Bone Shield and moved to the body of Roan.

Hommerin was a little frowned, but wasn’t worries, moving sideways, letting the dagger advanced, so the butler stabbed on empty air.

Hommerin made a mistake, which was simply impossible to happen, but now, after all, this was not his own body, it is impossible to do that, and the mistakes were unavoidable.

When Hommerin looked around, the butler had already escaped tens of meters, and he was running wildly. The power and terrifying of Undead Magic had scared him.

“Ohh.. you want to escape, it’s not that easy…” Hommerin snorted.

“Bone Spur…”

A black light was emitted from his hand, and the meteor caught the moon and goes straight to the butler.

The butler’s figure was frown, and the Bone Spur from Hommerin easily stabbed him, but he endured the pain, what about the pain for his life?

The butler didn’t stop for a moment, and he ran far away.

“He actually escaped from me…” Hommerin was a bit angry and had a hint of helplessness.

“Forget it…” Hommerin smiled. He couldn’t control Roan’s unfamiliar body to chase the butler. Even if he couldn’t catch up, it would be good to save his life.

Hommerin deactivated his Undead Magic, and several skeleton warriors became gray and dissipated in the wind.

Although Roan’s body couldn’t move, his eyes kept watching at the movements of his body. He couldn’t even believe that it was all caused by “himself.”

“It’s safe, Roan, I will quit from your body…” Hommerin laughed.

At this time, Roan only felt that his body was soft as if he had been exhausted, and he fell to the ground with powerlessness.

Roan, who regained control of his body, only felt the intense pain in his left hand, because of the dislocated hand.

Roan clenched his teeth, pressed his well-handed right hand, twisted it hard, and only heard “pa-“, the dislocated bone recovered to its original position, but Roan was already covered with cold sweat.

“Oh, Roan, I don’t think you can connect the bone…” Hommerin said with a smile. “A good kid, this pain is not something that ordinary people can bear…”

At the same time, his figure also appeared in front of Roan.

It’s not surprising that Roan could connect his bones. As a street kid, many of the necessary skills to survive must be met.

Roan pressed his excitement and kneeled down in front of Hommerin. He said sincerely, “Grandpa Hommerin, I… I want to worship you as a teacher…”

“Oh…” Hommerin smiled and a proud laughed was involuntarily emitted from his throat. “Roan, don’t you want to be a “Grand” Wizard? Would you learn Undead Magic with me?”

Roan was indeed shocked by Hommerin’s Undead Magic, who knew the mystery and power of Undead Magic deeper than him.

He scratched his head and said in embarrassment tone, “Grandpa Hommerin, I am wrong, Undead Magic is very powerful, more powerful than Magic of Wizard.”

“Oh, Roan, you make a mistake again, there is no powerful magic, there is only a formidable Wizard, Undead Magic is more powerful than the magic of wizard, it also depends on the people who use it…” Hommerin laughed and said.

However, Hommerin’s heart was a bit puzzled. Seeing the few people just now, obviously that they had seen Undead Magic, but ‘Why do they think that Undead Magic is garbage magic? then these people panicked?’ Hommerin was dubious about it and couldn’t understand.

“Grandpa Hommerin, can you teach me Undead Magic?” Roan saw Hommerin in silent, he fear that the opportunity would blow again and hurriedly asked.

“Oh, of course, but…” Hommerin laughed and said.

When he heard the words, Roan’s face shook down and blushes, he said, “Grandpa Hommerin, I… I don’t have money…”

He said this because he had touched with a wandering Wizard before. He said that he could teach Roan at the beginning, but he had to give seven hundred gold coins. When he heard that Roan didn’t have money, he immediately turned and left.

Hommerin’s face was sweating again. he was just a soul, ‘what is he have money for?’. He said with a smile, “Oh, Roan, I don’t want money…”

“Hey, Grandpa Hommerin, what do you want?” Hearing that he didn’t need money, Roan’s eyes ignited hope.

“I have only one condition.” Hommerin smiled and held out a finger. “You join my Church of Calamity, I will teach you Undead Magic…”

“Eeeee.., what? is only join Church of Calamity??…” Roan asked casually.

“Oh… Church of Calamity is not something…” Hommerin said, but when he just exported, he knew he was wrong. He coughed and shouted. “You don’t talk about the topic. Would you like to join it?”

“I am joined… I am joined…” As long as you join the Church of Calamity, you can learn such awesome Undead Magic. If you want to understand, what you can do with your ass, how can Roan not do it? The most important thing was that after learning Undead Magic, with great strength, he had the opportunity to avenge Grandpa. When he thought about his Grandpa, Roan had a strong fighting spirit.

“That… what is the rules to join it?” Roan asked.

Hommerin thought about it and said helplessly, “It would have been a lot of rules to join the Church of Calamity, but now that conditions are limited, these things are outside. Well, this way… you can make an oath with me…”

“I said, then you follow my words…” Seeing Roan had agreed, Hommerin said immediately.

“The great god of death, your believer Roan joins the Church of Calamity today, following your footsteps and spreading your glory…”

The vow was long, but Roan said, in the same way, was like Hommerin.

“Just like this?”

“Well, that’s it.”

“Then can I learn Undead Magic now?”

“Of course, you can!”

“Great…” Roan jumped up happily. Suddenly, he seemed to think of something and asked.

“Grandpa Hommerin, can I ask you a question?”


“How many people are there in the Church of Calamity?”

“Well, this, there used to be a lot of people, but now, only me and you two… Of course, I am a soul, exactly, you are only one…”


Roan was speechless, this was only one of Church of Calamity’s people, it’s too… too powerful…

His eyes turned, “Grandpa Hommerin, I heard people said that after I become an apprentice, I should call you teacher Hommerin, right?”

Hearing the words “teacher Hommerin”, Hommerin kept his mouth closed and remembered the one who had betrayed him, and his chest ached dully.

He took a deep breath, “No, let’s call it a day…”

“Oh…” Roan nodded and said, “Grandpa Hommerin, are we starting to learn Undead Magic now?”

Roan was a little impatient.

Hommerin smiled slightly, his eyes looked at the two corpses, he said, “Roan, your most important task at the moment is not to learn Undead Magic, but to leave this place as soon as possible…”