Cataclysmic Transformation

Chapter 7 - The 'Garbage' Undead Magic

Chapter 7 The ‘Garbage’ Undead Magic

“My enemy? I don’t have an enemy?” The innocent Roan was still confused, and he couldn’t think that he had an enemy.
Hommerin said with a heavy expression, “Nothing wrong, they are coming for you, go quickly, before you .. te’…”
Roan’s face slightly changed, at this time he had heard the chaotic footsteps.
He raised his head to look around, he saw three people had appeared on the stone bridge.
The three men were the killers sent out by Naka Manor. They didn’t hide their faces. Maybe they thought ‘absolute unnecessary’.
“Is this kid?”A plain clothed man said, he had a brown hair and carried two daggers on his waist. He looked disdainfully at Roan.
“Yes, that’s him. He’s the person whom the Lord has designated to demand his life…” Another middle-aged man in blue clothes said quietly, he was the butler of Naka Manor.
“In order to kill this kid, we three people. Isn’t the Lord exaggerate a trivial matter?” The brown-haired man slightly dissatisfied. According to his thoughts, just one person could finish the Lord’s order.
The black-robed man nodded softly with a hoarse and unpleasant voice resounded out, “Hit him, Third brother, hurry up! finish our mission,  then we go back to report the finishing mission to Lord”
The brown-haired man smiled, “Since it’s the boss’s business, I will tackle this difficult job…”
He turned to Roan and laughed nastily. “Kid, do it, kill yourself, so I can avoid to dirty my hands…”
Roan leaned back against the wall, his heart pounded and palpitated while the brown-haired man’s eyes stared at him, and made more Roan panicked.
“Run… Roan, you are not their opponent…” Hommerin also saw that the situation was extremely unfavorable to Roan, and he was busy reminding Roan. Although the three people are not a powerful expert and had strength level apprentice, yet their strength was enough to deal with a 15-years-old ordinary kid.
“Are you guys Naka Manor’s people?” Roan wasn’t stupid, he had always been so kind to people. He had never had any enemies. he only had a conflict with Naka Manor’s people, and the innocence of Roan, he only understood that these people killed his Grandpa at this afternoon, yet why they came to kill him at this night.
“Haha haha, you ….smart.” The brown-haired man smiled. He didn’t put a childlike Roan in his eyes and smiled. “Yes, we are Naka Manor’s people.”
“Why?” Roan’s hand trembled, his voice shivered, “You guys killed my Grandpa at this afternoon, why do you guys want to kill me?”
“It’s very simple, they want to kill the last one [1], don’t give a chance to take revenge, even if for a kid who only God knows how far the level will be reached in future.” Hommerin was an experienced person, he naturally understood these people’s intentions.
“Hehehe.., this is the Lord’s order, kid, you will accept it.” The brown-haired man pulled a dagger from his waist and approached Roan step by step.
“Don’t talk much nonsense to him, quickly! hit him, to avoid a long night dream.” The black-robed man said urgently.
“Yes, boss.” The brown-haired man could not defy the boss’ order, and he closed his mouth.
“Dead, kid…” The brown-haired man raised his dagger and threw it into Roan in a secluded cold light at a quiet night.
“Ah…” Seeing the dagger came, Roan suddenly dodged, escaping from the dagger, and he fell to the ground.
“Oh, your reaction is so good…” The brown-haired man laughed nastily, then raised his leg to kick Roan.
This time Roan couldn’t escape, and his arm was kicked directly by the brown-haired man. He only felt a strong attack. “Oh…”, Roan’s arm was broken.
Roan’s head was covered with cold sweat, yet he couldn’t make a sound, and he took a few steps back.
“Help me, kill these people…”
Roan screamed.
“It’s useless. It’s too far from the village.”
The brown-haired man smiled. As a Naka Manor’s person, he already knew about Maple Leaf Village. After all, Naka Manor was not far from Maple Leaf Village.
Roan felt a hopeless fear. He didn’t know how to do this, he just wanted to break from this man, yet this man didn’t move.
The brown-haired man roared and rushed to Roan again, and he wielded the dragger liked silver-light and hit the Roan’s hand.
Roan avoided repeatedly the dagger, yet he was still hit by the dagger, so he was still bleeding.
“Not good, Roan will be killed…” Hommerin was nervous. If Roan was killed, he would have to sleep again and didn’t know where he would wake up.
He gritted his teeth, “Only this way…”
Not long after, Roan had been knocked down by the brown-haired man. He stepped on Roan’s chest and sneered. “Kid, your movements are really flexible… but you can’t escape the fate of death…”
A 15-years-old ordinary kid couldn’t beat an adult at all. Moreover, this adult was obviously trained. He was an apprentice-rank thief.
The brown-haired man raised his dagger from his hand, and he shall pierce Roan’s chest.
“I will die, Grandpa, sorry,  I can’t take revenge for you, wait for me, Roan will go to your place right away…” Roan’s heart filled with desperation, he closed his eyes.
While Roan was closing his eyes, a voice came from the bottom of his heart.
“Roan, open your heart and let me enter your body…”
Roan was startled. “Yes… Grandpa Hommerin, he…”
Before he could react, he only felt his heart pounding, and a powerful force invaded his soul.
“Grandpa Hommerin, you…”
“Don’t talk, look at it…” The voice of Hommerin came from the depth of his soul.
Roan opened his eyes and a cold light quickly fell to his chest. He wanted to call, but he couldn’t make a sound. He wanted to move, but he couldn’t move.
“My soul, uhhh… so pain..”
A strange consciousness came.
They saw the brown-haired man screaming in pain, reaching out and holding his head, and the dagger in his hand did not know where it was thrown.
The change of the kid and the behavior of the brown-haired man made the two people also stunned. What is the hell with the third brother doing?
“Third brother, how are you?” The black man first found something wrong.
“Third brother…” The Butler of Naka Manor also shouted.
“Nothing, my head somehow hurts a bit…” The brown-haired man felt his head a bit uncomfortable.
“How can you head suddenly hurt?” The black man snorted as if to express his unbelief.
“I don’t know, oh, it seems to be fine…” The brown-haired man rubbed his head.
At this moment, Butler looked like a ghost and trembled. “He… what happened to him?”
“Well?” The old man in black clothes screamed, his eyes gazed at the kid, the kid’s condition suddenly changed.
The kid didn’t know when he stood up. His body was covered with black air, and his mouth was sneering. His eyes were glowing with green light, and he sneered at the three people.
“You…you don’t pretend to be a ghost, it’s useless…” The brown-haired man was worried and his energy was weak.
Roan’s body was occupied by Hommerin, and he could only watch it all, yet his body didn’t follow his order.
Then Roan moved and felt a sudden pain, it turned out that the left arm was broken, “Only one arm, but … enough…”
Roan pointed three fingers and said in a hoarse voice, “You must die…”
“Skeleton warrior, go out…” His hand waved as he recited a spell. A black color spread from his feet and the land began to dry.
Then, a weird thing happened. The dry land waved and gradually blossomed white. Four human skeleton heads were pierced from the ground.
“This… what is this?” The black man was startled.
The four skeleton warriors rushed out of the ground, like the evil spirits from hell, standing in front of three men and making a fearful roar.
“Ah?” Seeing the four skeleton warriors appear, the three people directly stayed away.
The brown-haired man looked at the few human skeletons and blinked his eyes. He said to the black-robed man, “Boss, how these things are so familiar, I seem to have seen them.”
“We saw this at Rheims City in Roland Empire…” The black-robed man put down his heart, “Oh, I remember, this is the legendary Necromancer, haha, actually Necromancer, you kid had learned Undead Magic ……”
“Know it, you fear…” Hommerin couldn’t help but feel proud. His strength was certainly more than that, but now he was a soul state, and he takes a lot of soul power to do this.
However, the next conversation was like a cold water dripping down to Hommerin, which made him very depressed.
“Oh, it turned out to be Undead Magic…” The brown-haired man couldn’t help but laugh. “Kid, do you think that you had learned this shit-like Undead Magic, can you resist us? This stuff is enough good, yet in battle, it is like garbage…”
“What the hell is this?” The butler was still confused. He was a Naka Manor’s person and had never been at Rheims City.
The black robed man sneered and said at him, “My lord butler, if you haven’t seen it, you will be caught by this thing. In fact, this is Undead Magic, also known as the weak magic, although the magic’s name is exaggerating. But in fact, it isn’t more than the fart. At Rheims City, with one gold coin, we can learn this Undead Magic”
“Oh, it turned out to be…” The butler suddenly realized.
“Third brother, hurry up! kill this kid, don’t delay time…” The black-robed man ordered.
“Well…” The brown-haired man smiled. “Kid, don’t engage in so many tricks. It’s useless magic. Come here and die!”
“I  f*** .” Hommerin couldn’t help but rage, he couldn’t think that the powerful, mysterious, and terrifying Undead Magic had crowned with the name “garbage magic”. This man repeatedly provoked his bottom line, Hommerin had been really angry.
Finally, Hommerin sneered and said, “Since in this case, you can try this garbage magic…”
“Go, kill these people…”
He gently waved his hand, then the four skeleton warriors began to advance like the soldiers got an order of the commander, the flew toward the three people.
The first target of skeleton warriors was the brown-haired man.
Note :
Undead Magic is enough good, yet in battle, it is like garbage.
‘enough good’refers to, in the current era, this Undead Magic is used to carry many citizen’s things (transportation tool).

[1] idiom: to exterminate all people (enemies), no one will be left