Cataclysmic Transformation

Chapter 4 - Roan's Background

Chapter 4 Roan’s Background Translator : MNT team Editor : MNT team The villagers of Maple Leaf Village also left with sympathy. They can only express their sympathy for Roan’s misfortune. These villagers have neither the ability nor the strength to prevent this tragedy happened. Roan wiped his tears, his gaze stupeed at the villagers. Without saying a word, he put Grandpa Zary’s body on the fourwheeled handcart, slowly dragging Grandpa Zary back to their dilapidated home. At the bottom of the bridge at Maple Leaf Village, there was a shabby shack where Roan and Grandpa Zary lived for more than a decade. There was a lot of light on both shack sides, which couldn’t stop the cold wind outside. Because of the nearness to the river, the temperature at night was even lower than another place. The shack was their home. Roan had lived here for more than a decade. Roan cautiously took Grandpa Zary from the four-wheeled handcart to a shabby bed with a crushed quilt. Zary was restless, coughing a few times, was hard to open his turbid eyes, nally, he saw Roan with a smile. “Grandpa…” Looking at the terrible situation of Grandpa, Roan’s tears “swish” and owed down. Looking at Roan, Zary reluctantly smiled. “Roan…” just about to talk, and the blood at his mouth owed down the edge. “Grandpa, you have a lot of blood.” Roan cried, reaching and rubbing his hands around the corner of Grandpa’s mouth. Actually, Roan didn’t know what he must do. The blood wasn’t easy to be cleaned, Roan asked cautiously. “Grandpa, do you want to drink some water? Or eat something?” Innocent Roan thought that Grandpa could just get better by drinking some water and eating something. After all, there were only things that Roan can do. Zary shook his head. He stretched out a hand and gently stroked Roan’s little face. He smiled and said, “Roan, my good kid, let Grandpa…well, look at you. , … I’m afraid … Grandpa later … can’t … stay with you … … …” “No… no… Grandpa…” Roan shocked “No… no…no, Grandpa…” Roan’s tears owed again. “Roan… Grandpa knows… your dream is to be a… Grand Wizard…” Zary’s hand gently strokes Roan’s hair. “Unfortunately… Grandpa doesn’t have the ability… can’t help you … to give a hand for your… …” “Grandpa…” Roan cried. “Roan, don’t cry… it’s… life and death… are fate… we… can’t resist…” Zary smiled. “Don’t say this… Roan…your Grandpa…has a thing for you…you have to listen carefully…” With unprecedented serious expression. He was anxious, some things had to be told to Roan. Roan was wiping tears, “Grandpa, you say…” “Open the cupboard…” The cupboard placed in the corner, it was the only thing that They had in the house. Usually, Grandpa wouldn’t allow him to open the cupboard. Now, Roan couldn’t ignore it, wiped away his tears, and opened the cupboard. “Open the third…just the lattice…” Roan followed Grandpa Zary’s words and opened it, he saw several children’s clothes. It was folded and put neatly together. Roan was puzzled and took a look closely. The material was extremely noble. He wondered who aristocrat’s baby was wrapped by it. “In the clothes… there is one thing…take it out…” Zary’s voice was a lot weaker and looked that there wasn’t much time left for him. Roan took out a necklace from the clothes. The necklace was made of pure gold. Underneath the necklace, it was a pendant with hexagon shape and there was a jewel in the middle of it. Even in the dark night, it still gleamed weakly. “Grandpa, isn’t this thing?” Roan took the necklace. “Yes, it is …” Roan wondered, looking at the neckla “At that time was winter. When I discovered you, you were really hungry. Even you couldn’t cry… At that time, you were wrapped in several clothes, and… the necklace… …” Zary smiled hardly, coughed a few times, his mouth owed out of blood, and Roan wiped Grandpa Zary’s blood. Zary continued, “I was just a beggar at that time and I wasn’t able to feed you at all. I asked Aunt Susan…I wanted some milkwater…to to raise you up…” Roan nodded with tears. He remembered the fat Aunt Susan. She was his own nursing mother. No wonder she was so good to him. “I didn’t know your name and gave you a name ..Roan…” Zary continued. “But I know that your family must be an aristocrat… It can be seen from the kid’s clothes and the necklace… …” “You know, I’m like this… I can’t afford… to help you nd your parents, so I’ve been waiting here for years….. waiting for them to come back… to nd you…” Zary smirked Roan nodded with tears, Grandpa’s ankles was hurt, and even for walking was dicult, not to mention looking for someone. At this time, Zary’s vision began to shatter, his breathing became weaker, and the time had come when the light had dried up. “Your Grandpa… already…can’t wait for you any longer… and… Roan… Don’t make no sense to wait here anymore, get out of here…to pursue your life, you can get back to your parents…. will depend on yourself…” “Grandpa… I don’t want anything. I only want you. I only want you… Grandpa…” Roan didn’t want to hear it. The tears owed down his cheeks. He kissed Grandpa on his skinny hands. He thought, “as long as Grandpa can get better, he is willing to pay anything”. “Don’t leave me……” Zary said with smiled, “Roan…live well…don’t take revenge for me…take care yourself..” The poor old man, while remaining at the last moment, also gave Roan a reminder, he feared that Roan would sacrice his life for Granpa’s revenge. “No… Grandpa… They killed you. I’m going to kill them and take revenge for you…” Roan’s eyes widened and scowled. But Grandpa Zary couldn’t hear his voice. His eyes already closed. “Grandpa…” In the silent Maple Leaf Village, Roan’s piercing cried risen. “Roan…” After a long cry, Roan heard a familiar voice, he saw a fat gure standing outside the door, she was Aunt Susan, she was looking at him with concern. “Aunt Susan…” Roan wiped his tears and stood up. “He passed away, Grandpa…” “I guess…” The fat Aunt Susan sighed. “Actually, your Grandpa isn’t always healthy. He also feels he doesn’t know when… He told me not to tell you… Roan, you have to think a Aunt Susan sighed. She licked her lips, hesitated and said, “Roan, one of those people today is Young Lord from Naka Manor. The other two are estimated to be … they aren’t simple.., Roan, I see…” “Aunt Susan… I want …alone…” Roan understood what Aunt Susan mean that she doesn’t want to lose his life for Grandpa’s revenge, but Roan didn’t want to hear it and interrupted her bluntly. Aunt Susan sighed, she said, “Well, Roan, please calm down. We aren’t the opponent to these Roan, you cannot afford..” Aunt Susan was desperate, however when she was about to leave, Roan stopped her. “Aunt Susan, can you do me a favor?” Susan turned and laughed. “Say, what else can I do for you, Roan…” “Can you give me a mat? I want to bury Grandpa…” Roan said, biting his lip. “Okay.” Aunt Susan nodded heavily and turned to leave. Roan’s heart was depressed. Grandpa had a lifetime of bitterness. When he died, Roan didn’t even have a mat to wrap his corpse. After all, he was poor. Maple Leaf Village, under the cold moonlight, a handful of lofty mounds piled up a small tomb. Grandpa Zary’s corpse was so little immersed in the soil. Burying with him,  the little fourwheeled handcart, it was Zary’s last relic. The Grandpa’s grave was being piled up by Roan’s hands without any tools. At the moment, his hands were injured and bloody, but he couldn’t feel it. “Grandpa, this is the wine which you always cherished and won’t be willing to drink. Today, Roan took honor to you…” Roan opened a bottle and poured the wine gently on the ground. It was the worst liquor of the worst quality. For Grandpa Zary, it is the most precious wine. He always refused to drink. Together a cold wind, Roan at was caught in a deep memory and muttered. “Grandpa, do you remember? When I was a child, what was the best food to eat, you left it to me, and you were eating the worst food…” “Grandpa, at that time, the sky was full of snowdrops, and the wind was blowing, we were freezing to death. I was too hungry to cry, but you still gave me the last piece of black bread…” Roan’s eyes looked up at the sky. The stars in the sky seemed to form Grandpa Zary’s face and looked at him kindly. As if to say to him, “Roan, you want to be a Wizard, let Grandpa touch light, and when Grandpa can proudly say to others, I have a Wizard’s grandson…” “My little Wizard, where are you going? Come back for dinner…” “…” Roan closed his eyes