Card Apprentice Daily Log

Chapter 1615 Susan’s Biggest Fear

Chapter 1615 Susan's Biggest Fear

Date- 13 April 2321

Time- 11:51

Location- Southern Region, Blossom District, Sky Blossom City, Dungeon Highway, Barren Lands, Fine Gold new tower

*Knock* *Knock*

Arriving at Diana's office, Wyatt bypassed the distracted receptionist and knocked on Diana's office door dressed like a regular employee. With the speed of Wyatt's stride even if the receptionist was paying attention she would not have been able to catch the shadow of Wyatt heading to Diana's office.

"Yes, come in," Diana looked at the middle-aged employee at the door with a pair of dark shades on and frowned. Wyatt had informed her that he was coming to meet her in disguise but he did not tell her what he would look like. However, she believed that this middle-aged employee was Wyatt since no employee of hers would dare wear shades to meet her regardless of their position in the company and relationship with her.

Diana found it hard to believe that the person in front of her was Wyatt himself, because she could not believe a disguise card could be so flawless down to the soul energy signature. She was starting to doubt if she had made a mistake, the middle-aged employee might not be Wyatt until she received a text from Wyatt's grimoire asking her to stop staring at him.

As for Susan, she seemed to have no clue whatsoever that the middle-aged employee entering the office was Wyatt himself. She frowned seeing that an employee wore cooling glasses when meeting the acting head of their organization, this was not in good taste or professional. However, she felt a sense of familiarity from the middle-aged employee. Which was puzzling as she had never met this person.

Walking into the office, Wyatt found Susan helping Diana go through the documents stacked high on her table while Corey was sitting across them, looking bored. Wyatt did not understand how Corey's mind worked, especially her obsession with Susan. Why was this girl wasting her precious time following Susan around being a nuisance instead of trying to improve her card creation skills or Rule mastery or even practicing demon martial arts?

'She better have completed the cards I commissioned her to create,' Wyatt thought as he walked to Diana's desk.

"Please, take a seat," Diana said pointing at the chair next to Corey who continued to remain in her world without sparing a glance at Wyatt who took a seat next to her.

Before Wyatt could use his soul pupils on Susan, a white bangle on Corey's wrist caught his attention. It was Baem wrapped around her wrist, she appeared to be asleep. Feeling Wyatt's gaze on her, she opened her eyes. Wyatt panicked, fearing she would recognize him.

The Myraid Devil transformation has never failed Wyatt but Baem was different, she was being classified as a mystery by the Librarian. Only she knew what she was capable of. As Baem lifted her head and glanced at Wyatt, Corey affectionately petted her, "Good morning little sleepy head."

Baem enthusiastically rubbed her little head against Corey's finger, forgetting about Wyatt being distracted by Corey. Finding Corey's actions rude and undermining Diana in front of the company employee, Susan reminded her, "Corey, why don't you wait outside the office."

"What did I do?" Corey argued only to be met by Susan's glare. In response, Corey pleaded, "Big sis, let me stay, I will behave."

"Ahem," Diana cleared her throat gaining the attention of everyone in the office.

"It's okay Susan," Diana permitted Corey to stay, then turning to Wyatt she informed, "I get right to you in a minute."

Diana then began to go through the papers in her hand pretending to be busy allowing Wyatt to do his thing without arousing any suspicion.

Seeing Diana stop Susan from throwing the nuisance named Corey out, Wyatt almost slapped his head. Moving on, under the cover of the dark shades, Wyatt activated his soul pupils to check Susan's soul energy signature in search of minute changes that might suggest that somebody might have left a hypnotic suggestion deep in her consciousness.

However, as soon as Wyatt activated his Soul Pupils, Baem who was nestling in Corey's embrace suddenly focused her attention on him. With that all of Wyatt's being rang in alarm, warning him that if he continued to use his soul pupils, the little sinister snake might attack him.

Wyatt immediately stopped using his soul pupils but it was too late. Corey had noticed the change in Baem's actions and turned to focus on Wyatt. The little snake flew from her embrace and began to circle around Wyatt while stretching out its little forked tongue to smell Wyatt.

This action of Baem practically pushed Wyatt's heart to his throat, he was not afraid of the sinister snake but afraid of his identity being exposed by it.

"Hey mister, please remove your glasses," Corey demanded of the middle-aged employee as she got up from her chair.

"Corey, don't cause trouble," Susan immediately warned Corey, like a mother who knew her child was up to no good.

"Big Sis, stand back. He activated his soul energy just now," Corey defended herself revealing what she learned from Baem to Susan.

Listening to Corey's words, Susan's clothes morphed into a dark armor covering her from head to toe. Her reaction surprised both Wyatt and Diana. Both Corey and Susan appeared to be spooked. Even Baem appeared to be prepared to strike Wyatt as long he moved a single muscle or soul energy in his body.

"Guys, calm down. Corey tell your pet snake to retreat. This employee is blind and uses a card to aid with his sight," Diana hurriedly explained. However, neither Corey nor Susan seem to lower their guard.

"Diana, if that is the case then ask your employee to remove his glasses and show his eyes to prove that he is blind," Corey demanded. Her reaction was surprising but what was more surprising was that Susan too seemed to agree with Corey and to top it off she was slowly backing away from Diana's side and retreating to take cover behind Corey. They both looked like two spooked cats.

"What's going on guys? You guys are acting weird," Diana did not immediately agree to Corey's request as she knew the eyes of the middle-aged employee / Wyatt in disguise were perfectly fine.

"Miss Diana, please forgive our rudeness but we have reason to believe our lives are in danger. So, at the risk of being rude I will have to ask the gentleman to show his eyes to prove he is blind," Susan spoke explaining her and Corey's peculiar actions.

'Is this because of the text I sent to Corey?' Wyatt wondered, remembering that he did warn Corey that Susan's life was in danger through a text before arriving here.

"Big sis, this was why I asked you to skip work for a few days. I don't know why you go to such lengths for Wyatt when he is in the Southern capital having the time of his life with that slut Anna," Corey took this opportunity to bad mouth Wyatt to Susan.

However, her words implied that she and Susan believed their lives were in danger even before Wyatt sent the text to Corey.? That meant something had transpired earlier today which spooked both Corey enough to ask Susan to take a break from work. Even Susan appeared to be spooked to the degree that she was willing to risk embarrassing a blind person.

This was puzzling, how could both Susan and Corey be so scared for their life when they had Baem next to them? Even if Susan had no idea of Baem's power, Corey should be clear of her pet snake's power. Yet, she was on guard against a supposed blind middle-aged card master. This could only mean that either she was not aware of Baem's power or the enemy they feared was stronger than Baem.

So, Wyatt impatiently asked Susan, "Who is it? Who dared to harm you?"

Corey and Susan looked at the middle-aged blind employee in confusion. Fortunately, Diana spoke up, "What he means is, why do you guys feel that your lives are in danger? After all, with Wyatt's reputation nobody in the city will dare to go against his people. Especially, you Susan."

Feeling the sudden burst of emotion in Wyatt, Baem hissed at him warning him to behave or else she will not hesitate to bite his head off. She then continued to circle around him in a threatening manner ready to strike him. It appears she could not see through the Myraid Devil Transformation.

"Miss Diana, it is not the people of this city we are afraid of but Wyatt's enemies. Since they cannot reach him in the Southern Capital they plan to get to him through us," Susan explained, and then turning to the middle-aged employee she sincerely requested, "I apologize for the inconvenience but could you please remove your glasses and prove that you are indeed blind."

Susan's biggest fear was becoming a burden to Wyatt. This was why she worked so hard to increase her management skills, at least this way she could be by Wyatt's side and not be a total burden. However, now her nightmare was coming true as Wyatt's enemies were trying to get to him through her. Pushing her to resolve that she would rather die than become the reason for Wyatt's downfall.