Card Apprentice Daily Log

Chapter 1168 Devil Belphgor?

Chapter 1168 Devil Belphgor?

Date- 5 April 2321

Time- 04:18

Location- Southern Region, Blossom district, Sky Blossom City, St. Raymond Cemetery

"Where is everyone?" Colleen walked out of the Mirrorverse carrying a block of ice encasing a human-size egg, only to find that the St. Raymond Cemetery was empty of any living like a graveyard was supposed to be. But then she felt two familiar but unfamiliar presences approaching.

When she turned to look, she found two teenage girls cautiously looking at her. And it did not take long for her to recognize them through their presence. One seemed to be closely related to the Bright couple, their daughter perhaps, as Ann reported this girl reeked of demonic energy and the other must be the Clown Mask's daughter, the wielder of the fabled physique 'Tongue of Tao.' Though she was curious as to what these two were doing here early in the morning however before she could ask them she felt fluctuations of strong energies colliding from the outskirts of the city and rushed toward it after warning the girls, "Go home, it is not safe outside."

"Holyshit, I thought I was going to die," Corey said while taking in deep breaths trying to forget the intimidating presence of the Demigod that just left. Then she complained to the incarnation of Corey Park in her core aloud, "Didn't you say all the Demigods had left?"

'I warned you not to come here. Thankfully, she is someone from the southern royal family. This means the demigods that took Wyatt should be related to her or something like that,' Corey Park felt Colleen's presence familiar to that of Anna's, hence she regarded Colleen as a part of the southern royal family. Like how humans can distinguish other humans by their appearance similarly veteran Card apprentices can distinguish other Card apprentices based on the presence of their soul pathway, soul pathway signature.

"Excuse me, Corey, right? Are you here for Wyatt too?" Cortney approached Corey who was talking to herself like a mad person knowing that Corey and Dalton Wyatt were friends.

Corey glanced at Cortney suspiciously before answering her, "Yes. But, you and Wyatt, did you two agree to meet here, at this hour?"

'Really, Corey? Why would you ask her that? If Wyatt was cheating on mother with her, why would they meet here out of all the romantic spots and hotels in the city?' Corey Park comments knowing the reason behind Corey's question to Cortney. They can not stop their mother from falling for him but they sure as hell could help her keep him in line and not derail.

"No, we didn't. I rushed over here to investigate why his presence disappeared with the demigods," Cortney explained to Corey.

"No need to worry, Wyatt's presence did disappear with the demigods, but the one just left belongs to the southern royal family. They should have things under control. But it is impressive as to how you can so accurately differentiate presence afar with your realm," Corey Park walked out of Corey's body in her fire incarnation form to commend Cortney for being able to distinguish the presence of a card soldier from the various demigod presences despite the limitation of her realm.

Feeling the intimidating presence of four demigods and a semi-demigod suddenly appearing in the airspace of the city. Alerted, Corey and Park walked out of their card creation retreat to check on Susan and the rest of their family. Though the arrival of demigods did spread a little panic around, it did not disturb daily life. As they caught up to what happened during their retreat, a drama broke out, shit hit the fan, and despite Park's repeated warnings, Corey rushed over here to check on her friend.

Park asked Corey not to run around to check on her friend not because she did not care for the boy but in light of these events she suddenly felt a presence of an old enemy, Demon Belphegor, what was concerning was that he seemed to be stronger than she remembered. It seems what she dreaded the most happened, after killing her, Belphegor had advanced to become a Devil.

"No, I did not, Bloodette did," Cortney said as a head of a girl made from blood extended out of Cortney's neck looking in the direction of where Colleen flew to, then the head spoke, "But you sure Wyatt will be fine? They seem to be fighting over there."

"With our realm, we can not participate in that fight, so we can only assume that the southern royal family can protect him," Park answered Bloodette with a partial but practical answer. And neither of those present here could refute her answer. Even though they knew their friend was in danger they could only pray that he was okay. The realm difference was just too huge.

"..." Bloodette and Cortney's faces turned grim and they remained silent as they felt regret for not being able to help their friend. Because what Park said was true, neither of them had the power to help the boy. They could only promise to avenge him in the future in case things go badly.

When the demigods arrived in the airspace of the city, Cortney and Bloodette, who was asleep in the new building of the orphanage, woke up on high alert. The demigod's blatant display of their presence had them worried that a fight would break out between the demigods and the whole city would become the fight's collateral damage. So Cortney was out of wits regarding how to protect the orphanage. However, with the help of Bloodette, she teleported everyone in the orphanage into Bloodette's dungeon. And by the time she returned to check on Wyatt, his presence vanished with the presence of the demigods. If not for being delayed in bringing the orphanage to safety first, Cortney planned to rush to Wyatt and bring him into Bloodette's dungeon too. But things did not go according to her plan.

'If only they had come to Wyatt's rescue first.'

Now that their orphanage family was safe and their friend was not, these words kept repeating in Cortney and Bloodette's minds again and again, nonstop, fueling their regret. Never once did they stop to consider how could they get to their friend if he was the target of the demigods.

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