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Chapter 113

Chapter 113
War of Mechanics (Arc 8.18)

Jing Yang and Denanfry's marriage could be said to be a national celebration. The people of Wilkesa were like they were participating in a carnival, celebrating the two people's wedding.

Jing Yang was able to get down and walk around for longer and longer periods of time, but the wedding would take an entire day. Denanfry was worried that he would be too tired, so he wanted all of the procedures except for the ceremony to allow him to sit on the wheelchair. But Jing Yang insisted on not being tied to the wheelchair on the wedding day. After all, even if he got tired he would only be tired for one day, but in this lifetime the wedding ceremony would only happen once. He still wanted to carry it out in the best state.

On the wedding day, not only did all of the officials show up, but many citizens also stood outside the wedding hall to give their blessings.

After greeting the guests, Denanfry quickly walked toward the lounge.

"You'll be very tired today, don't force yourself. If you feel tired just tell me, it doesn't matter if you go rest in the lounge. Don't make yourself tired out." Denanfry touched Jing Yang's face.

"I know." Jing Yang smiled slightly. "Didn't you arrange it so that there would be a lot of sofas in the ballroom? I think that I will probably be sitting for most of the time, I won't tire myself out.”

In most wedding banquets, in order to facilitate the flow of guests, they were basically all standing. But Denanfry, because he was afraid that Jing Yang would get tired from standing all the time, specifically had the banquet hall people prepare a lot of couches so that those who wanted to stand could stand and those who wanted to sit could sit. Because this layout was very reasonable, it didn't seem strange at all, and even became a mainstream style for parties.

For such a grand wedding, it was impossible for them to not have media coverage. Not only did the Wilkesa Empire's media broadcast some live coverage, but those countries with good relations with Wilkesa, as well as the Federal Star Network media, also streamed some live coverage.


Avery was half lying on the sofa, the ground next to his feet and the coffee table filled with empty bottles. Since escaping from Fetani, he had almost been living in a drunken stupor, rarely sobering up. Not only did he look absolutely decadent now, but he was also in poor health, as if he wasn't a teen of merely ten plus years.

He had just woken up from a dream with a sore head and a sore body. Even though his body was very uncomfortable, it was a rare sober moment. He turned on the screen on the wall, wanting to see what the recent Star Network news was in order to divert his attention and relieve his headache.

But he didn't think that it would be such a coincidence. He had just turned on the screen when he saw the live scene of Denanfry and Jing Yang's wedding. Seeing the scene of Denanfry and Jing Yang's deeply affectionate gazes toward each other, at first he was little dazed, but he slowly realized what he was seeing.

Avery instantly rose from the sofa, grabbing a bottle and throwing it at the screen on the wall. He smashed over a dozen bottles, glass shards flying everywhere, but the screen didn't break at all, and he could still clearly see Denanfry kissing Jing Yang, as well as the two men's happiness.

"Ah!! Ah!!" Avery was like a mad man, completely not feeling the scratches on his face from the flying debris.

And finally, there were no bottles left to smash, and his body fell back onto the sofa. It was as if he had been drained of his soul, lying there lifelessly with dead eyes.

Avery suddenly felt very powerless. He felt like it shouldn't have been like this, he should have been the person who got such happiness. If his ending was just like this, what was the point of his rebirth? It would have been better to just die straight away at the beginning. Why? Why the hell was it like this? His love was gone, his fame and status were gone, what was the point of him living anymore?

John opened the door and saw the debris in the room. He thought that Avery had gotten into a drunk fit again. By this time he had already become accustomed to it, and without any additional expression, he went straight to Avery and sat down.

"How do you feel? Do you have a headache? Do you want me to call a doctor for you?" John asked him, checking his expression to see if he was awake.

Avery glanced at John, shaking his head.

John saw that he was actually somewhat sober and said, "Could it be that you actually want to stay like this forever? Do you know how difficult our current situation is? Can't you pick yourself up and help me out?”

During this period of time, John was constantly contacting the top officials of those countries who hadn't joined the Federation. He only felt physically and mentally exhausted, but Avery still didn't let him save his worry. He was now truly frustrated like never before, but he had no choice but to accept and face the perfunctoriness of those people.

"What can I do for you?" Avery said self-mockingly. "I'm such a complete failure, what can I do? My equipment designs aren’t as good as Skien's, my weapon designs aren't as good as Skien's, and even the mechas I make aren't as good as Skien's, do you think I can still help you?”

"The more you abandon yourself to despair, the faster we will be completely destroyed. It's impossible for Skien to not find us for revenge. Now he has married Denanfry and can mobilize even more power. Do you really want to do nothing and just wait for him to come to the door and destroy us?" John felt the feeling of helplessness for the first time. This little brother who had always made them proud had now fallen to this state, which made him both angry and sad.

Avery's eyes continued to be godless, as if he hadn't heard John's words.

John only felt powerless and helpless. During this time, he had advised him countless times. He really had nothing more to say, he could only wait for time to pass slowly and for him to recover on his own.


"En~" Jing Yang lay on the bed, withstanding Denanfry's final impact, and his lifted waist was finally put back down.

The morning exercise had already been finished but Jing Yang still couldn't open his eyes. He was turned over by Denanfry, and in a kiss that almost suffocated him, finally woke up a little.

"Get up, en?" Denanfry whispered into his lips.

"I feel like I only slept for a little bit." Jing Yang half-opened his eyes and said with a lot of dissatisfaction. He had been tossed until the middle of the night last night. He didn't even know when this person stopped, only remembering that he had fallen asleep when he really couldn't handle it anymore, and then he didn't sleep much when he had been fiddled awake again.

"We are going to go today, sleep on the ship, okay?" Denanfry said dotingly.

"Hu." Jing Yang huffed as a response.

Denanfry picked up Jing Yang and brought him into the bathroom for a wash. The ship's departure time was already set and couldn't be delayed. So even though Denanfry wanted to let Jing Yang sleep longer, he couldn't let him continue to sleep at this time.

They were preparing to set out to destroy John. They had been preparing for so long, and they could finally bring things to a conclusion.

The two people had just gotten married but Denanfry already needed to go fight. Jing Yang could only feel glad that fortunately he wasn't only able to send him to the battlefield, but he could also accompany him. So there was a lot of peace of mind in his heart that at least no matter what happened, they would always be together.

Once aboard the ship, Jing Yang went directly to Denanfry's room to sleep. The two people were now legitimate husbands, and sleeping in the same room on the ship was completely normal. No one felt this was weird. Even though this was a first for the general to bring along a family member while going out on a mission, who made Jing Yang not just an ordinary family member.

John and his men had been hiding all over the place, not daring to stay in any one place for too long. He thought that he would be able to escape for at least a few years, and in those years he could build up his own power. Then even if it were Fetani or Wilkesa, they wouldn't be able to easily extinguish him. But when he was surrounded by ships led by Denanfry, he finally realized how easy it was for him without the backing of Fetani to be surrounded by troops from another country.

There was no escape. John could only pilot his mecha to fight and use his own life as a bet to make one last-ditch effort.

Denanfry had made a command that John would be left for him to solve himself. So when John attacked, the other soldiers didn't go deal with him, instead deliberately avoiding him.

John's mecha was made by Avery. He had piloted it into combat many times because this mecha was much stronger than other mechas, so each time, he enjoyed the feeling of being incredibly powerful. But now that he was fighting Denanfry, he knew how it felt to be facing real strength.

He had originally thought that he would at least be able to confront Denanfry for a while, but since the start he had no power to fight back. That sense of oppression and powerlessness that he couldn't resist made him desperate.

Avery stood in the command module. Seeing John's mecha getting shot continuously by Denanfry's mecha, he stared and roared with grief, "No! Brother!!”

"Ah!!!" Avery crouched down and cried. He knew very clearly that these consequences were largely the result of his own actions. He really regretted it, truly regretted it!

Jing Yang was also sitting in the command module at this moment. Watching the screen, the scene of Skien escaping appeared involuntarily in his mind. He was chased by the Poison Wolves' men, then his mecha was shot through multiple times.

These two scenes overlapped. Jing Yang knew that this was from the consciousness that belonged to Skien's body that was finally willing to dissipate.

Avery and John were both captured alive. John was badly wounded but didn't die, and Denanfry also had no intention of letting him die that easily.

Denanfry brought John and Avery to the Federal Star for custody. Then, through the federal conference, he convicted them as pirates of the universe, and brought them home to Wilkesa for punishment.

Falling into Denanfry's hands, they obviously would not have a good end. Chat, the leader of the Poison Wolves had confessed to everything, and according to the agreement, Denanfry gave him a fast way out. But John and Avery would not be treated so well. The second half of their lives would be worse dead than alive, and Denanfry would help make sure of that.

Jing Yang didn't go see those two again. In the coming days, those memories would slowly be forgotten into a tiny corner of his brain, becoming an unimportant memory. They would always be there, but he would no longer pay attention to them.

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