Breeding Dragons From Today

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Dragon God’s Pasture


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A white light flashed in front of his eyes, and the next moment, he found himself in another world.


It was as if he was flying in a very high cloud, surrounded by white clouds.


Then he kept descending, and the clouds spread to both sides.

A small island appeared in front of his eyes.

A small island suspended in the air.

Joelson landed on the small island.


He was stepping on soft grass, surrounded by the fragrance of flowers. There were rocks, weeds, and wildflowers. The outermost area of the small island was shrouded by clouds and mist, so he could not see clearly.

“Rancher, please enter your name.”


The system’s voice sounded again.

“Joelson Edward.”


“Honorable rancher Joelson, welcome to your Dragon God Ranch.”


Joelson was stunned. This was his ranch? What was he raising?

A dragon?


“Congratulations rancher for successfully activating the ranch. You have received a novice gift pack.”

“Do you wish to receive it?”


“You have received a gold coin * 1000.”


A heavy black cloth bag appeared in Joelson’s hand. Joelson almost couldn’t hold it anymore.

He opened the bag, and there was a flash of gold inside.

Joy appeared in his eyes.

One thousand gold coins!


This was a huge amount of money even for the entire Edward family.

The exchange ratio between gold coins, silver coins, and copper coins was 1:10 and 1:100 respectively.


As a noble baron, his father’s annual tax revenue in Morgan territory was only two to three hundred gold coins.

“Obtained, one chance at the lucky draw.”

A huge illusory wheel appeared in front of Joelson.

In each box of the wheel was an egg of a different color.

Joelson blinked and chose to draw a lottery.

The huge illusory wheel started to spin.

A few seconds later, the wheel stopped. An egg that was as red as magma slowly turned from illusory to solid.


It gently landed under Joelson’s feet. It was the size of a human head and looked like a dinosaur egg from his previous life.

“Congratulations to the rancher for obtaining a fire-type dragon egg * 1.”


“Main Quest: hatch a Dragon Egg. You have your first pet dragon.”


“Quest Reward: EXP * 5, gold * 50.”


Seeing the quest content published by the system, Joelson was stunned. Hatch a dragon egg? How was he supposed to hatch it? He couldn’t just sit on the egg like an old hen and wait for it to hatch, right? The dragon egg was so big that even his butt couldn’t cover it.


With a strange and curious expression, Joelson squatted down and placed his hand on the dragon egg.


The temperature of the fiery red dragon egg was unexpectedly high, making Joelson feel a little hot.


Joelson could clearly feel that a life was being nurtured inside, and it was currently in a deep sleep.


“Hey, system? How do I hatch it? I can’t just sit on it and wait for it to hatch, right?”

Joelson shouted in his heart.

The system’s voice immediately sounded, “The rancher’s blood can awaken a sleeping dragon baby.”


Does the dragon egg still have a blood contract? It’s always like this!

Joelson cursed in his heart. He thought for a moment, but he didn’t have a knife on him, so he bit his pinky.


A few drops of bright red blood slowly slid down and dripped onto the dragon egg.

Then, a magical scene happened.


Joelson watched as the dragon egg absorbed all the blood he dripped onto it like a sponge.


The color of the dragon egg became even redder, and the temperature rose rapidly. There were even steam rising from it.

It was as if it had been cooked.


The dragon egg began to tremble violently.

Joelson hurriedly retreated.



Many cracks suddenly appeared on the dragon egg, and then it broke into pieces. A small red head slowly drilled out of the eggshell.



A young and strange cry rang out.

The life born in the dragon egg slowly crawled out of the eggshell.


Its fat body was the size of a small dog. Its whole body was fiery red, like the color of lava.

The little fire dragon staggered towards Joelson. It looked like it would fall at any moment.

Joelson felt it coming forward and picked it up.

The little fire dragon stuck out its tongue and licked Joelson’s face intimately.


The temperature of the little fire dragon was very high. When Joelson held it, it felt like he was holding a stove. Even his tongue was hot. However, as the owner of the little fire dragon, Joelson did not feel hot.



A pair of small wings suddenly stretched out from the back of the little fire dragon. Although it was still very small, it finally looked like a dragon.

“Mission completed. Congratulations to the rancher for having his first dragon. Reward experience points * 5, gold coins * 50.”


A small pile of gold coins dropped in front of Joelson. He counted them and found that there were exactly 50 of them.

He could be considered as a little rich man now.


“System, what’s the use of experience points?”

Joelson asked, “Can it be upgraded?”

“That’s right, respected rancher.”


His personal attribute panel popped up on the system panel.

Host: Joelson

Title: Dragon God rancher


Class: Magic Apprentice (5/10)

Dragon Clan: Fire Dragon (unnamed)


Building: None


Item: gold * 1050

Followed by the attributes panel of the little fire dagon.

Fire Dragon

Name: unnamed

Strength: Tier 0

Skills: fire breath, bite

Habitat: Fire Dragon Nest

Yield: 1 gold coin per minute (activated after owning the Dragon Nest)


Growth Value: 0/10

Note: Without the dragon’s nest, the dragon race can not obtain any natural growth points

Personality: loyal and passionate, hot-tempered


“It seems that the so-called intermediate mage talent tested yesterday is not practical at all for me. As long as I have enough experience points, I can directly upgrade from a magic apprentice to a trainee mage and a level-1 mage. Fortunately, this is good news.”

As he thought of this, his expression also began to become happy.

To him, this was the greatest good news at the moment. He did not have to endure to become a white-bearded old man to barely become a level-2 mage. After all, in the other world, strength was the most important thing.


“I’ll give you a name first.”

As he picked up the little fire dragon, he felt a sense of intimacy and familiarity that was connected to his soul.

“Du lu du lu…”


The little fire dragon did not look like a mighty dragon at this time. It licked Joelson like a puppy.


“What should I call you?”

“Since you like to Du Lu du Lu so much, I’ll call you Du Lu.”


Joelson said with a smile.

The little fire dragon was so excited that it spat out a flame, which made Joelson jump.

“You can’t spew fire randomly. Fortunately, I reacted quickly. Otherwise, this handsome face would have been ruined by you.”


Joelson lectured him.

It was better to be more careful in the future.

Joelson put Du Lu on the ground.

Du Lu, who had been born not long ago, looked at Joelson innocently with his black eyes that were as clear and bright as gemstones. His expression was very human-like as if he had been wronged.

“Du lu du lu…”

“I’ll help you build a home first.”

“Main Quest: Build a fire dragon nest.”

“Quest Reward: EXP * 5, gold * 50.”