Breeding Dragons From Today

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: The Genius Joelson

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Joelson noticed that the discussions around him were mostly coming from the noble boy.

The boy, called Gerard, pretended not to hear the sarcasm in his ears.

Joelson looked around him. The civilian students looked at Gerard with more admiration.


Joelson suddenly felt a gaze on him, as if someone was looking at him?

Joelson turned his head and met a pair of bright emerald-like eyes.

He had been discovered.

The person who was peeking hurriedly turned his head.

Joelson saw a beautiful face with a hint of red.

It was the cute girl with blue curly hair.


It was a beautiful school life.


“Alright, you do it, Gerrard.”

Elsa looked at Gerrard and nodded approvingly.

“Five grams of grimace vine root, ten drops of bullhorn snake saliva, three grams of fire-type gem powder and three grams of water-type gem powder.”

While instructing Gerrard to add various magic materials to the test bottle, Elsa introduced it to everyone in the classroom.

“The production of the beginner-level spirit potion is relatively simple, and the materials are relatively cheap. Everyone can try it on their own when they go back.”

The little fatty, Morton, moved closer to Joelson. He was worried that Elsa would notice him, so he lowered his voice and said, “Actually, I drink this thing every day. It costs ten gold coins a bottle. After drinking it, I sleep very comfortably.”


Joelson looked at him speechlessly.

There was no one else who could use a spiritual medicine that could increase the efficiency of meditation as a sedative to calm one’s mind and help one sleep

It was a full ten gold coins per dose. Although it was not too expensive for Joelson, it was enough to cover the expenses of a family for a few years for a commoner student.

This was how the class conflict between the commoner and the noble students came about. They had different values.

Suddenly, Joelson thought of something.

Wait, the mental medicine cost ten gold coins per dose?!

A bold idea popped up in his mind.

He had been worrying about how to earn enough money to upgrade Du Lu’s dragon nest.

Du Lu had already reached Tier 4.


A small fire-type dragon nest was a little small for him. Moreover, he urgently needed to increase the gold coin capacity of the dragon nest.

That way, the gold coins Du Lu produced every day would be enough to support his magic cultivation.

If he could learn how to make spirit potions, he would be able to earn enough money to upgrade the dragon’s nest by selling spirit potions!

All of a sudden, Joelson’s attention was focused on Gerrard’s operation on the stage.

“Gerrard, be careful. If you make a mistake in this step, you might explode.”


Elsa reminded him.

Laughter broke out from the audience.

The noble teenagers were looking forward to the explosion of the potion in the classroom.

Gerrard was also nervous.

He was holding a small test tube in his hand and adding it to the large test bottle

He shook a little. He had added too much of the potion.

The various magic materials in the test bottle suddenly had a violent reaction.

The crowd burst into exclamations.

It was really going to explode!

Elsa looked calm. She calmly stretched out her fair arm and slightly opened her mouth.

An invisible force lifted the test bottle into the air.


With an explosion, the test bottle exploded into pieces.

The exploded test bottle was wrapped by a force and didn’t hurt anyone.

“I failed.”

Gerrard lowered his head and whispered.

He bit his lips tightly, looking very sad.

“It’s okay, Gerrard. You’ve done very well.”

Elsa comforted him.

Gerrard walked down, and the people around him were still mocking him.

Joelson noticed that his hands were tightly clenched.


Obviously, Gerrard was having a hard time holding it in.

“Everyone, take a dose of spiritual medicine. Everyone, start meditating after taking it.”

Elsa pointed out Gerrard’s mistake and gave everyone a dose of spiritual medicine to experience after doing the correct demonstration.

The civilian students were very excited. Their families could not afford to use a psychoactive potion, which was a rare benefit for them.

The noble teenagers were more casual.

The successfully prepared primary psychoactive potion was a beautiful light blue color.

Joelson looked at it carefully and drank it in one gulp.

There was a slightly sour taste, which was not as bad as he had imagined.

After taking it, his spiritual power was indeed much more active during meditation, and the efficiency of capturing magical elements had indeed increased a little.


“Joelson, let’s go together. I’ll bring you to meet some new friends.”

After class, Morton proposed an invitation to Joelson.

Joelson directly rejected it.

“No, I still have something to do. Next time.”

Morton did not force him. He said goodbye to Joelson and left with the crowd.

When everyone had left, Joelson walked up to Elsa and said, “Teacher Elsa, I have something to ask you.”

Elsa was a little surprised.

“Speak, Joelson.”

“I want to know more about pharmaceutics.”

Elsa blinked.

“Are you interested in pharmaceutics?”


Elsa looked happy but soon frowned.

“But, Joelson, you are still far behind in your magic class. Studying pharmaceutics will distract you.”

Joelson thought for a moment and asked, “How is the progress of the other students’ magic class?”

Elsa said, “Everyone has mastered at least three level-one spells.”

“Is that so?”

Joelson whispered to himself.

In the next moment, Elsa’s eyes slowly widened.

A faint red light appeared on Joelson’s body. It became denser and denser until it was almost solid. It formed an egg-like round shell and wrapped around Joelson.

Level-1 magic, magic shield.

Then, Joelson stretched out his right hand. A small flame suddenly appeared in his palm.

In an instant, it expanded to the size of a human head.

This was the effect of the fireball spell he cast after Tier 2.

Level-1 spell, fireball spell.

“I have mastered two level-2 spells. Teacher Elsa, can teach me a new level-1 spell now. I think I will catch up with the others’ progress very soon.”.


He said calmly.

Elsa was completely shocked!


He had already learned two spells.

“You didn’t chant?! Instant level-1 spell?!”

Elsa cried out in disbelief.

It was too unbelievable.

How powerful was his control of the fire element to do this!

And judging from the thickness of the magic shield and the strength of the fireball spell, Joelson’s spiritual power had already reached level-2, infinitely close to level-3.

God of Magic! How old was Joelson?

Was this the so-called genius?!


Elsa’s mouth was wide open. She wanted to say something, but she couldn’t say a word.


She was shocked.

She was once a genius praised by countless people.

But what was she doing at the age of sixteen?

She was still trying hard to meditate to break through the threshold of a level one mage.


Aisha sighed weakly. “Alright, what magic potion do you want to know About?”