Boss’s Death Guide

Chapter 19

Chapter 19

It had already been more than half a month since the apocalypse started, and the number of zombies was also increasing .

Even though there were zombies in the district, everyone had hidden in their homes and weren’t too afraid, but when they were on the road…

The people in their cars were a lot and had attracted no small amount of zombies . The people who had killed zombies with Nie Yi were still fine, but those family-dependent people staying in the truck were terrified . Obviously, the truck was very tall, and the zombies on the road couldn’t touch them at all, but they still fearfully retreated to the center of the car, a crowd of people squeezed into a lump .

For safety, Nie Yi had Shao Zhenglan and one of his bodyguards stay in the truck he was driving, while Jiang Huai and the other bodyguard stayed in the truck behind them . Jiang Huai’s temper was good, and he hadn’t said anything when he saw the people in his truck pressed into a lump, but Shao Zhenglan’s eyebrows rose, was furious at these cowardly people .

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Especially when she saw that big and tall man who had previously mingled into the family-dependent team, unexpectedly relied on his great strength to force two children aside, causing them to fall . She was immediately filled with anger .

She was originally an unrestrained person, so she straightforwardly picked up a stick to hit that man’s legs . “You’d better know your place!”

“You hit me! You little…” The man was shocked and outraged .

Before he had finished speaking, Shao Zhenglan had directly hit him a few more times, and the one who was hit couldn’t speak . “So what if I hit you? If you don’t know your place more, I’ll throw you down this truck to be fed to zombies!”

The man promptly became as obedient as a quail .

“The front is blocked, Shao Zhenglan, try and see if you can deal with the cars on the road . ” Nie Yi stopped the car at this time .

Just in front of them, a few private cars had crashed into each other, causing the entire road to be completely blocked, as well as gathering a large number of zombies . Most of these zombies lacked arms or had snapped legs, and the ground even had dried up bloodstains, which emitted waves of the putrid smell .

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If it was a few more months when B city took the time to come, the roads would be cleared out, but right now…

A large number of zombies with blackened skin and lengthened nails rushed over towards them . Some of the family members on the truck could still barely keep themselves calm, some were already frightened to the point of weeping, or were covering their mouths from their nausea .

The man who was beaten by Shao Zhenglan because he had previously pushed aside people, once again relied on his height and strength and started to retreat into the center .

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Her way of thinking wasn’t wrong, but unfortunately, her ability wasn’t enough to completely turn the blocked road into a mud wall, to the extent that, in the end, her face had paled and her ability was also used up, yet she only cleared up a small portion of the road .

“You get in the car, we’ll rush through,” Nie Yi stopped Shao Zhenglan without delay . In truth, he hadn’t hoped for Shao Zhenglan to clear up the road, only wanting to let Shao Zhenglan use her ability more often .

Shao Zhenglan nodded her head and climbed into the carriage from the side of the truck, up until she sat down in a corner, only then did she breathe in deeply a few times to slowly regain her strength .

Just now, she hadn’t wanted the mud wall to be that wide, but she just didn’t know how to control it…

More and more zombies were already gathering, once Nie Yi stepped on the gas and directly barreled forward, he forcibly crashed open a path . A good deal of cars that had been blocking the road was straightforwardly shoved aside by him driving the truck forward .

To zombies, this truck could be counted as a large monster, and after being crushed by it, they would become a puddle of rotten meat . But they didn’t have intelligence, and still advanced as waves upon waves to throw themselves towards the truck . Some had lost the entire lower half of their body after being rolled under the wheels, as a result, they still used two hands to crawl, wanting to chase after them, ‘resolute’ in frightening people .

The truck was very tall, most of the zombies who had thrown themselves over could only grab the wheels and be rolled under the car . But some zombies had climbed to the top of the carriage, throwing themselves onto the truck, and a few had even clawed their way to the back of the carriage or pounding onto the car window .

Those zombies attempting to climb up into the carriage were ridden by Shao Zhenglan and the bodyguard . As for the zombies at the front of the truck…

If it was someone else who was sitting in the passenger seat, a window’s distance away from a zombie, they probably would’ve been terribly frightened long ago . But Qi Jingchen still leaned there motionlessly, even looking at the zombies outside the window with interest .

When Nie Yi saw his behavior, he was incredibly angry . Was Qi Jingchen this hopeful for the zombies outside the window to break in? Otherwise, why else would this person, who wasn’t even interested in eating, be so interested in those few zombies?

Nie Yi has a belly filled with unshown anger, but still, he couldn’t show it to Qi Jingchen, so he despised those zombies outside that wanted to smash through the window to the extreme .

On either side of the truck, multiple flames appeared out of nowhere . While a zombie hanging by the window was roasted, the zombies on both sides of the truck and the cars were scorched .

The flames weren’t big at first, but later it got more and more exuberant . He ignited the petrol leaked from those sedans, and the zombies within their surrounding few meters were all wrapped into the fire .

This sort of blazing fire would bring about explosions, but everything was controlled within a certain range and would be entirely unable to affect the cars in the middle . It was clear that Nie Yi’s control was strong .

When the fire just began to rise, the family-dependent on his car were all alarmed and frightened, but now there was only worship for Nie Yi remaining . Seeing that there were flames on both sides, but couldn’t harm them, the excitement on their faces couldn’t be concealed at all .

This skill of Nie Yi was very, very cool, but… even though he later controlled the flames formed by the combustion of the gasoline on both sides, he had used his ability at first, precisely to deal with the zombies on the car window…

Probably because of the abrupt high temperature appearing outside, the glass of the truck window suddenly burst, and all kinds of glass fragments scattered… A good amount had even fallen onto his and Qi Jingchen’s body .

“…” Nie Yi’s control over his ability had always been exact, and even though it was a sudden eruption this time, he had never thought that such a matter would happen…

“Jingchen, don’t move!” Nie Yi promptly said . He slowly slowed the car’s speed, for fear that continuing to drive the truck like this or emergency braking the car would make those glass fragments cut open Qi Jingchen’s skin .

Although it was summer, for safety, everyone had worn long sleeves and pants . However, Qi Jingchen felt that it was hot and was unwilling to wear it, so now he was only wearing a white short-sleeve shirt .

It wasn’t until the car stopped that Nie Yi felt at ease . He first carelessly shook off the glass fragments on his own body, then began to very carefully pick off the ones on Qi Jingchen’s body .

After crossing that section of blocked up road, this area was spacious and empty, having already reached the outskirts .

A Great Wall minivan from behind had caught up, and Ping Shengchao who was sitting in the passenger seat yelled out, “Boss, why’d you stop?”

As soon as the question left his mouth, from below, he saw Nie Yi bending his waist to the passenger seat . Who knew what he was up to, as he had even turned to glare at him when he heard his voice .

The person sitting in the passenger seat was Qi Jingchen, so for his family’s boss to stoop his body like that… It seemed that he had interrupted his boss’s happy occasion?

Ping Shengchao felt that this was what happened, Yan Zhe who was in the same car as him also felt so . Even if Nie Yi wouldn’t go so far when he during broad daylight, but kissing and whatnot… seeing this scene, and thinking back on the sight before, when Nie Yi used his ability to ignite everything around those cars and turning them into floating ashes, his clenched hand became tighter and tighter .

Ping Shengchao glanced at Yan Zhe, and his impression of Yan Zhe became even worse… no wonder his family’s boss told him to pay attention to Yan Zhe . Seeing this person’s manner, it was truly unlike the pure appearance he had displayed before!

Instead, it was that Qi Jingchen, because he himself hadn’t long to live, he had given no small amount of things to torment his family’s boss for his boss to give up on him, but he hadn’t truly done anything bad . Before, when eating fish, what ‘don’t want because it tastes bad’, it was, in fact, to set aside for his boss to eat ba?

Qi Jingchen did not know that Ping Shengchao had already changed his opinion of him because of Nie Yi’s fabricated speech . At this moment, Nie Yi had finally managed to clean up the glass fragments on his body and immediately puckered his brows . “So amazing at playing with fire, why don’t you know how to play with water?”

Nie Yi couldn’t help smiling bitterly when he heard this . He didn’t know whether it was because the cultivation method that no one had used before was incredibly effective, his current fire ability strengthened a lot more . Soon, he will reach level three, but there was not even the slightest outline for his water ability…

“I want to shower later,” Qi Jingchen said .

He had brought a lot of water on the car, but using it to shower was still a little extravagant . But since Qi Jingchen wanted to shower, then he definitely couldn’t oppose it!

Nie Yi promptly agreed, then continued to drive . In the end, their team of people settled down in a newly constructed district in the suburbs that had practically no one living there .