Boss’s Death Guide

Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Even though he ignored Yan Zhe, Nie Yi still understood Yan Zhe’s plan thoroughly .

In his last life, he had treated Yan Zhe so well, yet Yan Zhe didn’t even allow him to bump into him . He had treated Yan Zhe coldly in this life, and as a result, Yan Zhe had contrarily stuck on…

Snickering once, Nie Yi then threw this person aside and was unconcerned over him . He returned to the bed to help Qi Jingchen massage his head, relieving Qi Jingchen’s headache, at the same time he couldn’t resist feeling somewhat depressed— The matter of Yan Zhe looking for him just now, Qi Jingchen had probably heard it all, but he didn’t have a single reaction… Nie Yi felt aggrieved and decided to teach Qi Jingchen a lesson .

He… kissed Qi Jingchen‘s forehead .

Qi Jingchen wouldn’t mind this sort of small matter, and just minded his own business while relaxing with his eyes closed .

When the sun rose once again, Nie Yi had already gotten up long ago . After moving a little, he never expected to suddenly realize that his arms were incredibly sore…

When he had just found Qi Jingchen, even though he had carried Qi Jingchen, he had only carried him for a while and didn’t feel anything, but yesterday, he carried Qi Jingchen to go clear out zombies…

At that time, he had already felt that his arms were aching, but after experiencing the situation of the apocalypse, where he was able to endure any kind of hardship, he naturally wouldn’t care about this little bit of pain and aches . Who knew that after sleeping, this pair of arms was then somewhat unable to move .

Even though before the apocalypse, he had gone to exercise a few times every week, he still lacked training…Nie Yi gritted his teeth, then carried Qi Jingchen up again .

Wasn’t it just carrying a person continuously? He’ll just treat it as training his arm strength! In any case, he would never, just because of sore arms, then be unable to carry him!

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The following two days, Nie Yi carried along Qi Jingchen and went to clean out a few districts in the vicinity . In the end, their team had increased to an unspeakable amount, and all of them had killed zombies before .

Three days later, Nie Yi had everyone pack their things, planning to head towards B city’s secure base .

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He wasn’t in a hurry to go, but still needed to go… That was where his family was, as well as his adversary . Nevertheless, there were a lot of matters that he had to resolve for it to be fine .

Qi Jingchen would, because he felt that everyone was going to die anyway, be completely uninterested in taking revenge, but he wouldn’t .

He didn’t mind having those people he had killed in his last life be put to death once again . He liked to watch the appearance of those people weeping and begging for forgiveness in front of him .

Nie Yi’s lips pulled into a smile that would probably let people feel was terrifying, but it was fleeting, then he started to inform everyone to pack up and get in their cars .

What sort of car was the best during the apocalypse?

If this question was taken to ask people, it was estimated that a lot of people would feel that those foreign imported off-road vehicles were the best, if it could be remodeled, even better . However, the reality was not like this .

The most useful car during the apocalypse was actually those large trucks . Also, the bigger the better .

Driving an off-road vehicle and coming across a road that was blocked off by cars, they could only turn around or find another road, but a large truck? Directly bulldozing through would do!

Zombies on the road? If there were too many zombies, off-road vehicles could be trapped, but trucks ne, running them over and crushing them would be fine already .

There was no need to say any more about moving supplies . Overall, how many things could they fit into an off-road vehicle? A large truck… During the apocalypse, no one investigated its overload limit; as long as you weren’t afraid the car would break down or the things in the car would fall off, then go ahead and load up the roof!

Even if they didn’t bring this up, if it came to fighting zombies, it was still the truck that was more suitable . To fight zombies in an off-road vehicle, they needed to open the windows, but if too many zombies neared them, then they’d probably be scratched a few times; a truck wasn’t the same . Trucks were very tall; if it was filled with a truckload of people… even if zombies were approaching and had climbed upwards, they could still just use a stick to prod down those zombies every few minutes .

Naturally, the people who understood this now were still very little, at the same time, because a lot of people didn’t know how to drive a truck, everyone had driven a private car, and even an off-road vehicle that had better performance was mixed in .

But even so, Nie Yi still insisted on getting two trucks . He drove one, while the other was driven by someone who had driven a public transport vehicle .

They had all the supplies moved to the truck, then let the family members of those who had joined their team enter, until they couldn’t sit anymore, then the rest of them would be driving off-road vehicles, private cars, and vans .

The members in their team hadn’t reached a hundred, but after including their family members, it totaled no less than a hundred and fifty-seven people . These people all wanted to follow Nie Yi to B city’s secure base .

And while they were counting these people, there was even a matter that they didn’t know whether to cry or laugh— there was a man in his twenties or thirties, who was over 180cm tall, seemingly extremely robust, but was unexpectedly staying in the family-dependent team .

Shao Zhenglan was in charge of this area, and when she discovered this bit, Shao Zhenglan immediately felt unhappy . “Who are you? This is for the family-dependent! What’re you sneaking in for?”

Previously afraid to fight zombies with them, yet now wanted to sneak in… Shao Zhenglan despised this type of people the most .

“Little miss, little miss, he’s our family member, rest assured that he’s family-dependent . ” As soon as Shao Zhenglan’s criticism came out, someone immediately spoke . Shao Zhenglan turned her head to look over and was completely struck dumb .

When they were recruiting people into this team, they had clearly said that it would be dangerous, and later even eliminated some people whose stamina couldn’t keep up . Therefore, the ones remaining to the end were basically all youthful people, but among them were also some exceptions .

In this team, there was a pair of husband and wife in their sixties, who unexpectedly didn’t lose to youths when it came to killing zombies!

The education Shao Zhenglan received since her childhood, was to have her respect the old and cherish the young . Thus, she was more caring towards this pair of spouses . She had always thought that this pair had worked hard to kill zombies because their child wasn’t by their side, yet never imagined that they had a son, and the son was even tall and robust .

“Even though this child grew up to be very brawny, his courage is small . Previously we had let him stay in the house, so you haven’t met him before . But he really is our son, the two of us also only have him as a family member,” the wife spoke .

A healthy, able-bodied man actually didn’t go kill zombies himself and hid away in his home, instead, allowing his aged parents to support him… Shao Zhenglan looked at other people bringing their old and young family members, then looked at him, and her overall thought was that he was unbearably fortunate, and said to this man, “You, this type of person, should bring a weapon, later you’ll also go fight zombies!”

“Little miss, my son can’t, he had never even killed a chicken before . ” This man’s mother spoke again .

Seeing this, not only did the man not say anything, he instead said, “Some of them went to kill zombies and brought two or three family members, my parents as two people brought only me, a single person, why are you still blabbing about?”

“You, as a big man, don’t go kill zombies, yet you still have the nerve!” Shao Zhenglan furiously said .

“There’s also a man over there that didn’t kill zombies, not to mention he’s even got someone carrying him, why are you acting like it’s invisible?” That man snorted, then turned to get on the truck .

The one who was taken as an example by that man was naturally Qi Jingchen . Shao Zhenglan glared at Qi Jingchen but had nothing to say anymore . Other people’s parents would rather bear hardships and sufferings themselves than tire their son, and she could only regard it as nothing .

“Miss Shao, don’t be angry anymore…” Xu Nan’s wife followed behind that man and smiled at Shao Zhenglan . She was also a youth who hadn’t gone to kill zombies, but anyone with eyes would be able to see that she was like this because she definitely didn’t have the physical ability to fight zombies .

Xu Nan was very built, but his wife was extremely thin and weak and also short and small . Her complexion was pale as if she had some ailment; moreover, she still closely pulled along a little girl .

Shao Zhenglan gave that little girl a piece of chocolate . “What would I be angry about? It’s not me who raised this fellow who’s strong in appearance but weak in reality . Even if someone had freely given this type of person for me to have as a son, I wouldn’t even want him!”

Xu Nan’s wife was in the middle of reminding her daughter to say thank you . When she heard Shao Zhenglan, a little lady in her early twenties, speaking of a son, she couldn’t restrain herself from laughing .

This incident didn’t affect the original plan . Before the scheduled time, everyone had already gotten on the trucks .

Nie Yi placed Qi Jingchen on the front passenger seat, helped him to fasten his seatbelt, then stepped on the gas pedal— setting off!

For a sedan car to turn and so on, it was fine to just turn the steering wheel lightly, but big trucks weren’t that simple . To turn most trucks was to waste a large amount of strength .

Because Nie Yi’s arms were sore over carrying Qi Jingchen for two days straight, he had originally felt worried about whether his hands had strength or not, but never thought that now that he was grasping the steering wheel, he unexpectedly felt that his strength not only didn’t lessen, but had also increased by a lot, and didn’t know what was going on .

Just as he wanted to talk to Qi Jingchen about this, Nie Yi turned his head to the side, only to see Qi Jingchen flexibly leaning crookedly in the front passenger seat like a rag doll, for a moment he felt angry yet amused .