Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: How Is That Possible?

“Secretary Shen.” Old Master Chi smiled and greeted him.

Shen Yin passed the gift box in his hand to him. “Our Old Master was originally coming to attend your birthday banquet, but his health has not been too good lately. He has the heart but not the strength. I’m here to wish you a long and healthy life on behalf of our Old Master. May your happiness be as boundless as the East China Sea.”

Old Master Chi took the gift box and put it aside. He asked worriedly, “Is Old Shen’s condition serious again?”

Old Master Shen had lung disease, and his health had been deteriorating year after year.

Chi Yan looked at Shen Yin with a burning gaze. Just as she was about to say that she might be able to help Old Master Shen, she saw Shen Yin’s gaze land on the dried flowers in Old Master Chi’s hand.

Then, a look of excitement appeared on his usually calm and composed face.

“Uncle Chi, I would like to see the dried flowers in your hands. Is that okay?” Shen Yin bent down, unable to hide the excitement on his face.

“Of course.” Old Master Chi passed the dried flowers to him.

Shen Yin received them carefully. Opening the plastic bag, he took out a small dried flower and brought it close to his eyes to examine it.

Chi Jiao took this opportunity to look at Old Master Chi with a smile. “Grandpa, my head hurts a little. I want to go back first.”

Old Master Chi knew that she was weak, so he didn’t force her to stay. “Go let your father know and get the chauffeur to send you back.”

Chi Jiao nodded obediently and turned to leave.

Chi Yan and Zhu Limin looked at Shen Yin blankly. They were no longer in the mood to even notice Chi Jiao.

What kind of person was Shen Yin?

An old fritter who had never shown his emotions.

What kind of charm did those dried flowers have to make him so excited?

Shen Yin brought the dried flower to his nose and sniffed it. He became so excited that his face turned red as he nodded repeatedly. “Yes, this is the smell. This is a Nine Star Flower!”

Chi Yan’s expression changed instantly. She stood up abruptly and looked at him in disbelief. “Secretary Shen, you said that this is a Nine Star Flower?!”

How could it be a Nine Star Flower?

The Nine Star Flower was a new type of medicinal herb. Three months ago, when it had first been released on the market, it had caused a huge sensation. That was because this kind of medicinal herb could really maintain a person’s organs and extend their lifespan. However, as it was too difficult to cultivate, it was extremely rare in quantity.

It was only listed for a day in the market before it was completely sold out.

Back in the S911 laboratory, Chi Yan had heard their supervising teacher talk about the Nine Star Flowers with awe. He believed that the person who had cultivated the Nine Star Flower was an exceptional genius. If only they could recruit him or her into the laboratory, that would be great.

Chi Yan had never seen a Nine Star Flower before, but she had been relying on her connections in an attempt to buy and study it.

“Yes, this is definitely a Nine Star Flower! I’ve seen it with my family’s Old Master before. I will never mistake it!” Shen Yin smiled excitedly.

“That bumpkin actually gave Nine Star Flowers as a gift…” Chi Yan’s face was filled with disbelief.

The Nine Star Flower was developed by the person known as Mystery J, who had developed many new medicinal herbs. He or she was now a legend in the medicinal world.

Mystery J had kept a very low profile. Almost no one knew their real identity, not even their gender.

“What’s a Nine Star Flower?” Zhu Limin asked, frowning.

Shen Yin ignored her question and looked at Old Master Chi excitedly and expectantly. “Old Master Chi, who gave you these Nine Star Flowers? Can you introduce them to me?”

His family’s Old Master had only obtained a gram of Nine Star Flowers, while he had at least half catty of it in his plastic bag.

For a person to have so many Nine Star Flowers, could they be related to Mystery J?