Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!

Chapter 630 - What Should I Do With You?

Chapter 630: What Should I Do With You?

Tang Jinyu stared at Qi Mo with a deep gaze. After a while, he looked away and said calmly, “Let’s go back!”

After saying so, Tang Jinyu left the room.

Qi Mo followed him, and his gaze fell on the still unconscious doctor. His eyes darkened.

On the helicopter, Qi Mo tilted his head and looked at Tang Jinyu. Ever since he boarded the helicopter, he had been quiet. No one knew what he was thinking.

“If you have any requests, can you talk to me?” Qi Mo asked.

“What do you want to say?” Tang Jinyu asked.

“Do you know what I want to say?” Qi Mo smiled faintly. “Although I only spent a few days on the island with her, and I was slightly mistaken about her, there’s one thing that I’m not mistaken about. This person doesn’t have any bad intentions toward you!”

Tang Jinyu didn’t say anything, but Qi Mo continued, “Although I don’t agree with not reporting what I know, if you ask me for help, I’ll still help you a little. After all, she’s yours! Think about what to do. Tell me when the plane lands!”

Tang Jinyu turned around and looked out of the window. The sky was blue and the clouds were white. It was so beautiful that it was hard to look away.

However, he felt depressed.

Did she know what she was doing?

She even said that she had planned it!

Therefore, none of those lies were true!

The more Tang Jinyu thought about it, the more annoyed he became.

They were on a mission together. Their comrades did not return. They were not killed by the enemy. They ran away secretly!

Did she know what kind of punishment she would receive when she returned?

She would be removed from the military and might even be court-martialed!

If she knew that she might have taken away the item in the box, she would never be able to make a comeback in Country A!

She would be punished more than that!

Jian Qi… are you really going to give up?

Do you plan to never step into Country A again?

He knew that there was something wrong with this person’s identity from the beginning, but he couldn’t find any concrete evidence and arranged for her to come in.

He promised Tang Xiao that he would take responsibility if anything happened to her.

Now, she was really messing with him!

Jian Qi, who are you?

Tang Jinyu’s eyes darkened. He seemed lonely as he stared at the scenery outside the window.

What should I do with you?

Tang Jinyu’s expression darkened.

Did you not think about what it means to leave now?

Or have you thought it through?

Tang Jinyu closed his eyes slowly to hide the light in them.

There was an indescribable sadness around him.

It was a ten-hour flight.

Qi Mo asked again, “Have you thought about it?”

Tang Jinyu took a deep breath and pursed his lips tightly.

“Report it as it is!” Tang Jinyu said.

Qi Mo raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure? You have to know what will happen if I report it to the higher-ups!”

“Oh, then let’s end it once you leave the Eagle Organization!” Tang Jinyu said calmly.

Qi Mo was speechless.

Did he choose her?

Tang Jinyu, this is not like you!

How could Qi Mo not know how to write a report?

“But, how do I write about Qi Zai not coming back?”

“She went on a mission!” Tang Jinyu said calmly. He took the lead and walked out of the airport.