Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 2228

Chapter 2228: The Great Fire Lion takes action

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The pig also knew the fire Lion very well. He knew that he would repay whatever he owed!

So, when it found the big fire Lion and the small fire Lion who were returning to their nest, it told them about Lin Yi’s situation with some exaggeration. The big fire Lion was instantly enraged! Because, Skybolt pig told him that it was someone else who found out that Lin Yi was helping the little fire Lion, and that was why they came for revenge!

How could this be? When the Great Fire Lion heard that his benefactor was being retaliated against because of his child, he quickly came to help! It didn’t matter if they were from the Tagan family or not-he’d rather offend them than not save Lin Yi!

Hence, the big fire Lion, the anxious little fire Lion, and the smug Skybolt pig rushed to the scene of the incident together!

Just as everyone was wondering why the Great Fire Lion had returned, the fifth Guardian suddenly felt a strong gust of wind behind him. Immediately after, he felt a tearing pain. He saw with his own eyes that the area below his waist had been torn apart by the Great Fire lion’s claws …


This was the last scene he saw in the world. He didn’t even know how he died. He didn’t understand why the Great Fire Lion came back and suddenly killed him.

This dramatic scene stunned everyone present, especially taganlong. He was still immersed in the pleasure of the fifth guard abusing Lin Yi, but he was now in deep fear!

Although he had hidden his strength, he was no match for the Great Fire Lion no matter how hard he tried. Seeing the Great Fire lion’s ruthlessness, taganlong knew that he would only be courting death if he went up.

However, he could not figure out why the Great Fire Lion had returned. Didn’t it leave?

Could it be that after it returned, it became angrier the more it thought about it, so it came back for revenge?

Thinking of this, taganlong’s face turned ashen.”Lion hero, I … I’m just here to watch the show. It has nothing to do with me. I’ll leave now. I didn’t do anything to your son just now!”

The big fire Lion ignored taganlong and quickly came to Lin Yi’s side with the little fire Lion and the Skybolt pig. The little fire Lion looked at Lin Yi who was motionless on the ground sadly, sticking out its tongue and licking his forehead, tears of sadness flowing down …

The little fire Lion thought that Lin Yi had died and was naturally very sad! To it, Lin Yi had died to save it, which meant that it had killed Lin Yi.

The fire Lion clearly distinguished between kindness and hatred. How could it be happy to see its benefactor die because of it?

However, the pig understood Lin Yi better. He checked Lin Yi’s condition carefully and found that Lin Yi was still alive. He explained happily to the fire Lion and the fire Lion,”Ji Ji~~”

The pig was telling the lion that Lin Yi had the ability to heal himself, and as long as he was still breathing, it was fine.

Both the big fire Lion and the small fire Lion were surprised by the pig’s explanation, but remembering what the small fire Lion said about Lin Yi’s ability to heal it quickly, the big fire Lion didn’t doubt the pig anymore and let out a breath of relief.

Lin Yi was fine now, and the most important thing was to let him heal in peace. Since taganlong didn’t do anything, he’d let him go for now. It was just a fifth guard, and the Tagan family probably wouldn’t care too much.

So the fire Lion gave up on the idea of making taganlong pay with his life. It was smart, and if it killed taganlong now, the Tagan family would go crazy. Not only would it be in trouble, but Lin Yi would be in trouble as well.

Taganlong found the attitude of the two fire lions strange-why did they seem so friendly? Could it be that they came back this time to help Lin Yi? The more taganlong thought about it, the more he felt that something was wrong. Why would the little fire Lion help Lin Yi when he was surrounded by him?

Taganlong may look like an idiot, but he wasn’t stupid. He understood the fire lion’s personality-it knew how to repay kindness and gratitude. If that was the case, it meant that Lin Yi had helped the fire Lion before, and they would return the favor …

Help … That’s it! Thinking back to the past, every time the little fire Lion looked like it was about to die, it would run up to Lin Yi and fight with him, and then it would be back to life. Lin Yi must have done something!

This Lin Yi was suppressing his strength to come up the mountain for a mission-something was obviously wrong. He was an Earth Class mid phase, why would he risk his life for a gathering spirit pill? He wouldn’t even care about the five spirit gathering pills! Then, he thought about how the big fire Lion pretended to teach Lin Yi a lesson. Everyone else died but Lin Yi-wasn’t there a problem?

It seemed that this Lin Yi was a spy, helping the little fire Lion in secret!

Taganlong glared at Lin Yi with a venomous look as he thought of this. He was ready to run away while the big fire Lion, small fire Lion, and Skybolt pig were all focused on Lin Yi, and he’d run with Jingyi!

However, just as taganlong was about to catch sun Jingyi, Skybolt pig let out a “Ji Ji” sound.

“Roar!” The fire Lion roared at taganlong and pounced on him, scaring the hell out of taganlong and lazi. They couldn’t care less about Lin Yi and Jingyi anymore as they ran down the mountain!

Jingyi had just come back to her senses-she didn’t think that the pig would be this strong, calling the fire Lion and the big one, and ending up in such a tragedy for the fifth guard.

“Skybolt pig, big and small fire lions, thank you so much!” Jingyi let out a breath of relief. She could tell that Lin Yi was injured, but he wasn’t dead. As long as he wasn’t dead, then there was no problem. Jingyi was very clear about Lin Yi’s healing ability.

“Ji Ji!” Skybolt pig nodded proudly, but it was his duty to do so.

The fire lions, on the other hand, smiled apologetically. They didn’t think that they helped Lin Yi in any way. In their eyes, it was the little fire Lion who hurt Lin Yi and got taganlong’s revenge.

“Let’s leave this place first and find a safe place to recuperate. ”

Skybolt pig wrote on the ground with his claws, but when Jingyi finished, he wiped it clean, leaving no evidence.

The big fire Lion lifted Lin Yi up with its claws and carried him on its back. The little fire Lion led the way, with Lin Yi in the middle and Jingyi and Skybolt pig at the back …continue read on our website

The middle of the mountain range was the territory of the fire Lion family. The little fire Lion led the way directly to their home …

In fact, although it was called the fire Lion family, there were only a few fire lions in the entire family. Other than the big fire Lion and the small fire Lion, there was a female Fire Lion. To put it bluntly, they were a family of three, but the strength and cultivation of the female Fire Lion was not too high, and she did not have much combat power. (