Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 1638

Chapter 1638: Chapter 1636-Yu Shan returns

“Alright, boss, I understand what to do!” Qikun nodded.”Boss, let me know when you’ve recovered. I don’t need to worry!”

“Alright!” Lin Yi hung up the phone, wondering if qikun could become his trusted aide! However, this was the perfect time to see a person’s loyalty. Lin Yi just had to wait patiently!

Hidden house Zhao’s meeting room-this was Qibing’s first time attending a meeting as a core member of house Zhao, and in the meeting room were guangyin, elder bi, qikun, and the others!

Old Zhao was in seclusion, so there were naturally more people in the family meeting. Even elder Zhu came to the meeting!

“Lin Yi’s definitely crippled now, it’ll be easy for us to deal with him! Elder bi and the young master, please send your men to kill Lin Yi!” Said elder Zhu. He was the one who poisoned them, so he was confident.

“Grandpa is in seclusion. Before he went into seclusion, he told us to keep a low profile and not make any big moves. Elder Zhu, did you not know?” Qikun said faintly as he looked at the older man. He wasn’t as strong as the older man, but he was still a core member of house Zhao. He knew that the older man was Qibing’s man, so he didn’t bother to be polite.

“Lin Yi’s already poisoned and lost all his strength. This is a once-in-a-thousand-years opportunity. You’ve never suffered in Lin Yi’s hands before, so naturally, you don’t need to rush!” Elder Zhu hmphed coldly, not giving qikun any face at all-he was an Earth Class now, after all, and a core member of the Hidden House Zhao. He was Qibing’s man too, too, so he wouldn’t give face to a competitor like qikun.

“It’s true that I’ve never suffered a loss before, but in this trial, I’ve seen someone suffer a loss with my own eyes!” “Ancient sect,” qikun said faintly,”isn’t the everyday and every day sect strong?” Their disciples know a powerful art called the Wasp absorption Arts, which can suck the practitioner’s Qi dry and turn them back into a normal person, and Lin Yi fell for it …”

“What? Lin Yi had already fallen for it? Did that mean that Lin Yi wasn’t a practitioner anymore? That’s not right, when Lin Yi fought the fake Lin Yi, he did have strength, didn’t he?” Qibing asked, confused.

“That’s the main point I wanted to say! Lin Yi may have lost all his strength, but he recovered very quickly. Not only did he recover, he even broke through!” Qikun said faintly,”this test is actually a secret. But I’ll remind everyone that if you think you’re stronger than those ancient sect disciples, you can go after Lin Yi. Otherwise, don’t go and die!”

“Is … Is this true?” Elder bi frowned as he looked at qikun-he knew that qikun wanted to be the Head of House Zhao, and so he didn’t really believe him.

“Why would I lie about this? The Hidden House Yu and hidden house Pi were both there-boss bi could go ask them, aren’t we pretty close with the Hidden House Yu? We’ll know if this is true or not after we ask!” Qikun said faintly,”I’m also a part of house Zhao. You guys know what I’m thinking, but I can’t harm house Zhao and make them lose their strength for nothing!”

Elder bi nodded with a dark face-indeed, qikun wouldn’t say things like this out loud. Even if it was a secret, with the relationship between house Yu and house Zhao, it wouldn’t be hard to find out the truth.”According to what you’re saying, Lin Yi’s strength probably hasn’t dropped, and he’s even recovered to his previous level? Late phase Mystic class?”

“It’s hard to say, but that’s what I’m guessing. ” Qikun said.

“Yes, this matter has happened in the past!” Zhao Qibing suddenly said,”before, Lin Yi fought with Ma Zhu. I heard that Lin Yi was also disabled and lost all his strength. Even his meridians were broken. So, Lin Yi’s enemies went up to kill him. In the end, not only was Lin Yi not disabled, but he even broke through. He beat up those people who came to find trouble. Qitan’s words do make some sense!”

Qibing didn’t argue with qikun-he’d experienced it himself. He almost believed that Lin Yi had lost all his strength last time and went looking for trouble! But before he even went, Lin Yi came to kill him, so Qibing would rather believe it than not!

“If that’s the case, I’ll give house Yu a call first. If it’s true, then we won’t be able to do anything!” “Qitan, why didn’t you tell me earlier?” elder bi said with a dark face.

“After the test, the sect master specifically told us to keep it a secret-we can’t talk about it! If it wasn’t for the fact that I think you’re going to die for nothing, would I have taken the risk to say it?” Qikun said with a bitter face,”so, elder bi, it’s fine if you ask House Yu, but don’t ask anyone else. If word gets out and the sect master blames us, it’d be bad!”

“I see!” Elder BI’s face softened quite a bit after hearing the explanation,”Young master, you’re the son-in-law of house Yu, why don’t you give them a call and ask about this?”

“Alright, I’ll go!” Guangyin nodded-since Qibing had returned to house Zhao, he was his son and a strong competitor. Naturally, guangyin would be very enthusiastic about this.

The Hidden House Yu, on the other hand, was in chaos! The reason was that Yu Shan was back with good news and bad news!

The good news was that Yu Bing passed the test and stayed in the Ice Palace, becoming an outer disciple! The bad news, on the other hand, was that Yu Shan was crippled, and it was because Yu Bing colluded with outsiders to cripple him!

Feng nitian was from an ancient sect, and he was crippled by Lin Yi. The Ice Palace gave them face and sent a disciple to send him back, but Yu Shan didn’t have that kind of treatment. He was only sent to the nearest hospital and paid for his medical fees.

It was almost a month later when Yu Shan was able to get out of bed and walk back to house Yu.

Xiaochen’s face was dark as he sat in his seat, looking at his brother and Yu Shan’s unhappy faces! It was only one side of the story-now that Yu Bing was an outer disciple of the Ice Palace, who knew what the truth was?

The outer sect disciples who had just entered didn’t have the right to contact their families-the Ice Palace would just send a letter to notify them! (To be continued.)