Battling Records of the Chosen One

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Gate to Heaven

Shiao Tianren had not just a feeling of appreciation for Lin Xun, but also a kind of faint admiration for him.

A 13-year-old young boy controlled spiritual tattoos to help them eliminate the pests. No one would not be emotionally moved and show respect to him.

What’s more, Shiao Tianren found that the thin and delicate young boy had a much stronger mind and greater boldness comparing to his peers through their communication.

It was not that easy to speculate more subtle things from only one sentence. Common people would not figure it out.

Besides, Lin Xun’s uncommon fighting ability also impressed Shiao Tianren, making him feel more surprised and sure that Lin Xun had some extraordinary experiences.

Pondering silently for a while, Shiao Tianren sighed, “You’re right. Feiyun Village will suffer when Lian Rufeng and his people come back, so I need to be prepared during the period.”

There was a touch of determination in his voice.

Hearing this, Lin Xun said no more and cupped his hands, ready to leave.

At that moment, a kid nearby asked, “Village head, shall we keep practicing Marching Boxing without Uncle Lu Ting?”

Shiao Tianren was in a trance, thinking Lu Ting must feel humiliated to teach these kids with such a blow in heart.

Then, he thought of what Lin Xun had mentioned a few days ago. There were drawbacks in the kids’ practicing of Marching Boxing, which would do harm to their martial cultivation in the future, although it would help to build their body at the moment.

So, Shiao Tianren turned his eyes to Lin Xun, and said after hesitation, “Lin Xun, could you please spare some time to teach these kids every day?”


All kids shot their eyes to Lin Xun straight. There was curiosity as well as expectation on their immature faces.

They had seen Lin Xun beat Lu Ting in a wink of an eye, which completely shocked them. Although the young seven or eight-year-old kids couldn’t understand it, they could still tell who was stronger.

The winner Lin Xun was much stronger!

Besides, having witnessed the miserable experience of Ying Liuer, they were frightened badly by Lu Ting, and eagerly wished to have another teacher.

Taking a glance of all, Lin Xun said with a bitter smile, “I’m just at the beginning of cultivation, so it’s too early to teach others.”

However, he continued, “But, if it’s just to teach Marching Boxing, I think I can give a hand.”

Shiao Tianren laughed and said, “That’s great! You will not do it in vain. When we share the goods exchanged, you will be included.”

The kids burst into cheers after hearing that. They all looked forward to cultivating with Lin Xun, who was only 13 years old, a few years older than them, not to mention he was much stronger.

Lin Xun smiled and took the responsibility. After discussing with Shiao Tianren, he made the decision that after eliminating all the pests in the spiritual lands, he would be a teacher helping the cultivation of the kids in Feiyun Village.

Without hesitation, after then, Lin Xun went back home. Concerned about the mysterious gate in his sea of consciousness, he’d like to explore the secrets urgently.

When Lin Xun reached home, all villagers knew what had happened in the training ground given it wouldn’t take long for words to travel in this small village.

Many of them became angry at Lu Ting’s ruthlessness. If Lin Xun didn’t stop him, Ying Hao’s son, Little Six, would be maimed without a doubt.

Meanwhile, the villagers got to know more about Lin Xun – More than a spiritual apprentice, he did well in martial cultivation too. At least Lu Ting was not his opponent.

They were all surprised.

Except Lu Ting, who was drinking at home depressedly now and thinking about killing Lin Xun with rage and venomousness.

In front of him, there sat a man in grey clothes who was gaunt yet sturdy, with tanned skin and sharp eyes.

That was Qian Qi, the second strongest practitioner who reached the level of Viscera Opening in Martial Realm, just a little inferior to Lian Rufeng. He was fierce and cruel with many spiteful means.

“A cut to sunder your black snake?! That dagger should also be a treasure.” Qian Qi mused and then stated.

Lu Ting’s black snake was made from the tendon in the backbone of a fierce beast known as Hideous Leopard. With additional refined stun gold, although not a precious treasure, it was extremely pliable and tough, which could not be cut off by an ordinary sword.

It was not hard to infer that the dagger Lin Xun used could not be simple.

“Of course, how could I be humiliated if he didn’t have that sharp dagger?” Lu Ting replied in anger. It was as if a bunch of fire was burning inside as long as he thought that he was defeated in public, which nearly drove him crazy.

“A young boy who knows how to inscribe spiritual tattoos, reached the second level of Martial Realm with a treasured dagger…How strange it is.”

Qian Qi frowned and asked, “Have you found out where he comes from?”

Lu Ting shook his head and answered, “According to Shiao Tianren, the boy came to Feiyun Village by himself. No one knows where he comes from.”

Qian Qi sneered, “You believe it?”

Lu Ting was in a daze and said with gritted teeth, “You mean Shiao Tianren hid something purposely from me?”

Qian Qi smiled without a word.

Lu Ting was furious and said, “That old dog! How dare he play tricks with us!”

Like a snake in the darkness, Qian Qi narrowed his eyes and said, “Relax, we will handle him when Brother Lian Rufeng comes back. But now, we need to kill the young boy Lin Xun.”

Hearing this, Lu Ting felt refreshed and said, “Totally right. He’s gonna be a real trouble if we don’t get rid of him. Then what’s your plan?”

Qian Qi drank a glass of wine unhurriedly and answered, “It’s not the time to break up with Shiao Tianren. To avoid any accident, we must make a good plan to kill Lin Xun.”

Lu Ting frowned and said, “Then when can we do it?”

Qian Qi grinned, “Do you still remember the spiritual land of Pock Sun?”

Lu Ting blurted out, “Of course, it is below the hill that is 6 miles away from the village. Smoking Mountain is right next to it.”

Qian Qi nodded and continued, “Yes, and I heard that Lin Xun will go to that spiritual land and eliminate the pests with Pock Sun five days later.”

Lu Ting seemed to realize something, “You mean we can kill him then?”

Qian Qi smiled and said, “Isn’t it a good opportunity? We can distract Pock Sun first, kill that boy together and unobtrusively, then throw his body to the deserted mine under Smoking Mountain. Who can tell it’s us? Even when Shiao Tianren asks, we can say we know nothing about it.”

Lu Ting grinned hideously, “Fine, wait another five days and then I will kill him and bury him by myself.”

After he got back home, Lin Xun began his cultivation in cross-legged position. He put his mind on that mysterious bloody gate when all distracting thoughts were gone.


Just one moment later, Lin Xun trembled all over as if struck by lightning. His consciousness was like to lose and his body didn’t belong to himself.

When he woke up again, he found he was in a totally strange space that was dark and silent. Time seemed to stop here.

Under his feet, there was a straight path which seemed to be paved with green clouds. At the end of the path, there stood a bloody gate.

Like developed from nihility and brought out from a river of blood, the gate was 33 meters high in the dark red color. Horribly shocking, it was just like a gate to hell.

The strange space, straight green-cloud path, and a mysterious bloody gate…

All was so real, definitely not an illusion.

Taking a few breaths, Lin Xun tried to calm down and then he realized that the bloody gate at the end of the Green-cloud Path was exactly alike to the mysterious gate in his mind.

Lim Xun keenly felt that there must be a close relation between what happened to him and the mysterious gate in his mind.

Then what was the secret here?

Could he find a method to change his fate here?

Mused for a while, Lin Xun shook his head, discarded all thoughts and stepped out, planning to get more by watching closely.

However, there was an odd wave dispersed from the Green-cloud Path while he took the first step.

Like a ripple flowing over Lin Xun’s body, the wave was obscure and soon disappeared.

Then, there burst out a light curtain a few steps away from Lin Xun, which was round and shining. Inside it, a mystery and complicated drawing emerged.

Shocked a little, Lin Xun was hesitated and gazed at the light curtain.

At that time, a cool, cold and emotionless voice appeared.

“If you want to get to the Gate to Heaven, first, pass the Green-cloud Path with nine tests. The first one is Spirit Refining, after passing which, you will be rewarded with a manual to refine spirit, named Meditating Magic. Seeker, will you accept to begin the test?”

The voice announced that at an appropriate speed ethereally, which numbed Lin Xun a while. Then he came to his sense again.

Gate to Heave, Green-cloud Path with nine tests, Meditating Magic…

That was the secret that Master Lu had mentioned?

“Am I Dreaming?” Ecstasy surged in Lin Xun’s heart.