Am I A God?

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Digging

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Zhao Yao frowned as he entered Yuan Ying’s office. Darting his eyes towards the plump lady behind the desk, he muttered, “Manager Yuan, the others have been commenting on my absenteeism, did you not receive my leave application?’’

“Oh, I did not receive your leave application” Yuan Ying replied with her apathetic tone, barely even glancing at Zhao Yao. “As an old timer, you should know better that our company’s policy on absenteeism leads to termination of the contract,” she briefly added.

“But Manager Yuan, you promised to grant me my leave the previous time.” Zhao Yao frowned as he rebutted. “Is that so? I must have forgotten then” Yuan Ying shrugged as she replied nonchalantly.

“Also, before the contract is terminated, your entire bonus this month will be deducted but your wages will still be paid for. I am very sorry,” she added.

Her lips curled as a form of sympathy as she looked up at Zhao Yao. But all of it was a façade covering her cruel and corrupt intentions.

“Honestly, these few thousands do not really matter to me. However, I do not intend to let this matter slide.” he calmly replied while exiting her office.

“Hmph, all talk!” Yuan Ying sneered as Zhao Yao shut the door behind him.

Yuan Ying knew clearly that Zhao Yao did not have a wealthy background- with neither a house nor a car, and that a large part of his monthly salary is tied down as housing rent. She shrugged off his words as senseless talk and did not buy it. Zhao Yao, however, did not leave the building but in fact, returned to his office desk.

At the end of the day, as Yuan Ying was leaving the office, she was surprised to see Zhao Yao still around but was not worried that he could do anything to her.

Just as Yuan Ying was leaving the office, Zhao Yao stood up and started walking in the opposite direction of her office and stopped at an empty corner. Without warning, he dashed into Yuan Ying’s Office.

Unnoticed by anyone, Zhao yao appeared in Yuan Ying’s office in a flash.

He switched on the computer and smiled gingerly as he saw that a password screen popped out. He immediately tried the abbreviations of the current project but it was unsuccessful.

He then proceeded to try the abbreviations of the company, knowing that despite the second failure, he knows he will get in as he brought a hard drive with a hacking tool. Furthermore, as Yuan Ying’s underling, Zhao Yao was confident that he could find her password.

Thankfully, the second try was a success, and it saved him some effort. After accessing the desktop through the password, Zhao Yao being familiar with the interface of the company’s servers and project-related codes, wiped out the entire project database.

However, he knew that even so, every employee’s own computer backup could also restore the project but doing so was enough workload for Yuan Ying to go drown her sorrows. Congratulating himself on his plan, he continued erasing his fingerprints again.

The next instant, he was back in his lonely corner, without anyone even noticing. Smiling, Zhao Yao glanced at his colleagues working overtime and promptly made his way to the elevator.

As a result, no one should be able to find out that it was Zhao Yao who deleted the project related data; it could only be traced back to Yuan Ying’s computer. Zhao Yao smiled as he started to imagine what Yuan Ying’s battered face looked like.

Just as he was waiting for the elevator, his colleague, Sonia, who was also getting off work, approached the elevator.

However, Sonia simply glanced up at him, frowned slightly, and then continued looking at her cell phone.

Zhao Yao looked down at her suitcase and asked, “business trip?”

Sonia looked up at him with a glassy stare, remained silent and went back to fidgeting with her cellphone trying to book a taxi through an APP.

Frustrated that there was no response after 20 minutes, Zhao Yao could not help but remind her, “It is the peak period; there are too many people here to take a taxi. There are more than a dozen shopping malls and commercial buildings in the vicinity.’’

Sonia glanced up, did not speak, but her eyes were starting to flash a sign of anxiety.

Finally, as the elevator arrived on the first floor, she realized that Zhao Yao did not leave with her, but set his course to the B2 floor; which could only mean one thing- he drove to work.

Noticing this, Sonia looked at the time on her phone and with a hint of hesitation, stayed in the lift with Zhao Yao. Bewildered, Zhao Yao glanced at her and asked what was happening.

Shying down with a touch of embarrassment, Sonia looked at the time on her phone once more and finally mustered all her courage to say, “I am in a hurry to catch the airplane that is leaving at half past seven, may I trouble you to fetch me there? I can even pay you the fare of a taxi.”

Zhao Yao himself checked the time on his phone, slightly hesitant on agreeing as the airport was indeed a distance away.

Suddenly, it was as if the other side of the Sonia revealed herself.

“I’m sorry, I was really rude to you before, but something urgently cropped up, I really cannot be late, I beg you to send me.” she pressed her palms together sympathetically.

Looking at her white and delicate cheeks, coupled with a pair of big puppy eyes aching for sympathy, Zhao Yao admitted that his heart may have softened for her alluring beauty and sincerity to apologize. But deep down he knew that beauty was the main factor.

Zhao yao nodded and replied, “Okay come with me.”

Sonia heaved a sigh of relief, “I am really thankful; I usually take the subway but did not expect such difficulty in getting a taxi after work. I will definitely pay the taxi price to make it up to you.” she exclaimed with much gratitude.

“No problem,” Zhao Yao replied coolly, waving it off.

As Sonia followed Zhao Yao to his car, she was stunned by the unique design of his Porsche Pella Melana.

“What’s the matter? Hop in!” Zhao Yao broke the air of silence from her astonishment as he got into the driver’s seat.

“Oh … oh …” Sonia quickly got in the car, sitting in the front passenger seat. At that moment, she started to wonder that perhaps Zhao Yao was not as ordinary as he seemed.

Watching the engine start up, Sonia could not help but ask, “This car is expensive, right?”

“Okay, a million or so. Although it is also a sports car, a Lamborghini and Ferrari is certainly no comparison to this. “, Zhao Yao calmly replied

Hearing the figure of 1 million, her eyes lit up and she thought out loud, “Hmm, that’s not bad.”

Originally, in her eyes, Zhao Yao was just an unscrupulous and employee that was often absent without reason. However, at the moment, under the façade of the Porsche, she realized that he was indeed not as simple as he seemed.

On the other side of the office building, just beside the bus stop, Yuan Ying was all smiles with several female colleagues of the administrative department of the company.

Although Zhao Yao will still leave and delay the duration of her project, she was in a good mood today. “Thousands of dollars in wages and bonuses should be enough to keep him in pain.” she thought to herself.

On seeing the arrival of the shuttle, Yuan Ying did not get on but remained in wait.

“Mary, you are not boarding the shuttle?” her colleagues reminded. Mary was Yuan Ying’s English name.

Yuan Ying shook her head and said, “No, my husband is picking me up today.”