Almighty Video Game Designer

Chapter 575

Chapter 575: Chen Mo is an honest person!

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The movements of the characters in Mobile Legends were very smooth, and the controls were very comfortable, which surprised Zhang Bei.

The controls for a MOBA mobile game could be done so smoothly?

This was very clear in the actual combat training. Zhang Bei chose the Archer hero, and he even found that he had learned to walk a!

In “League of Legends”, taking a was actually a relatively complicated and very tiring operation. If the player wanted to take a, he must first right-click the position he wanted to move to, then point at the enemy target to attack, then move, then attack, and so on.

Of course, some players liked to use the a key to attack, but in general, the movement and attack were mainly done with the mouse, and the position had to be very precise. One wrong move could lead to instant death. For example, if the attack did not hit the enemy hero but hit the ground, it would be a disaster.

However, in Mobile Legends, Zhang Bei realized that his positioning was so smooth. He only needed to use the virtual joystick in his left hand to control the character’s movement, and then hit the attack button continuously.

Because the movement and attack operations were spread out to the left and right hands, the players didn’t have to worry about making mistakes. Also, the click operation was changed to the joystick operation, so there was basically no problem with the direction of the movement.

Therefore, in Mobile Legends, anyone could get an a. This was determined by the game’s operating mechanism.

Zhang Bei was a little confused. Why didn’t he have such a smooth feeling when he was making the mobile version of ancient catastrophe?

After some careful study, he realized that Chen Mo had made some changes to the character’s movements in Mobile Legends. There were slight changes to the front and back swing of the attack, as well as the related attributes, so some Archer Heroes ‘positioning was more smooth, and even some melee heroes could completely move throughout the whole process.

After the victory, a special rating interface popped up in Mobile Legends. It displayed Zhang Bei’s battle statistics in the form of a pentagram. At the same time, it also praised him in the form of words, making Zhang Bei feel very proud.

Although Zhang Bei, as a designer, knew that the content was all fake, he still felt very happy.

What surprised Zhang Bei even more was that there was an expansion exercise after that!

In the advanced training, the player would control Houyi to release his skills. What surprised Zhang Bei was that Houyi’s second skill was similar to Annie’s ultimate skill in “League of Legends”, which dealt damage within a small area!

This was a problem that troubled many MOBA designers.

After seeing the design of Mobile Legends, Zhang Bei suddenly slapped his head. It was so simple, why didn’t I think of it?

The operation was very simple. All he had to do was press the second skill button, drag his finger, and drag the skill range to where he wanted it to be.

However, none of the previous MOBA mobile game designers had thought of such a simple move.

In fact, this thing was called the double-wheel system. The so-called double-wheel system was: The joystick on the left hand was a wheel, and the skill on the right hand was also a wheel.

It was not difficult to control the range of the skill release by dragging it, but the important thing was that many designers had a hard time turning the corner at the beginning of shooting.

This seemingly natural design was something that only appeared after MOBA had reached a certain stage in Chen Mo’s previous life. Once it appeared, it was quickly used by most mobile MOBA games.

Moreover, it wasn’t just this type of skill. There were also some super long range full map skills.

Houyi’s ultimate was the same as AI Xi ‘s. It was a long-range flying skill with a stun effect. Zhang Bei was surprised to find out that this skill could be perfectly replicated in this way!

Zhang Bei tried out Houyi’s skills many times and found that this mode was very friendly, especially for mobile games. It was even more convenient than on PC!

Since the players no longer had to click the mouse frequently, King of Glory required a very small amount of activity. The players didn’t feel tired at all after playing for 15 minutes.

From the tutorial, it seemed like Chen Mo’s game was targeted at players who had never played MOBA games before. The tutorial was very detailed, even more so than the one in League of Legends.

There was a lot of teaching in the tutorial, including basic design of the game such as level, money, skills, defense towers, and so on. It also included some more advanced content, such as choosing a target hero, adjusting the direction of the wheel, regional casting, moving through walls, and so on.

What surprised Zhang Bei even more was that there was an advanced way to play this operating system?

Chen Mo inserted two small buttons between the top and bottom of the attack button, minion and turret.

After pressing these two buttons, the hero would automatically attack the nearby low-HP minions or turrets. This prevented the awkward situation of the hero who wanted to farm but was attacking, and the hero who wanted to kill but was attacking the turret.

In other words, this design divided attacking the hero, farming, and pushing the tower into three different attack operations. As long as the players got used to it, they could very well ensure that they could attack the target.

Another special design was that there were five additional positions on top of the skill as the avatar of the enemy hero.

When the enemy hero entered the player’s attack range, their avatar would be displayed in the corresponding position. By clicking on the avatar, one could launch a normal attack on the enemy hero, and by dragging the skill to the avatar, one could choose to release it.

The design of the entire operating system made Zhang Bei’s jaw drop, because all the content that he had been struggling with before had been solved perfectly by Chen Mo!

He didn’t know how to farm or attack the tower.

I wonder which champion should I use the skill on?

Did he not know how to adjust the range of his skill?

It didn’t matter. Under this system, all these doubts would be solved.

Zhang Bei even had an illusion. Why did he feel that the operation of Mobile Legends was much easier than League of Legends?

And it wasn’t the kind of simplicity after castration, but the rationality of the design.

Not only that, even the entire interface design made Zhang Bei feel very comfortable.

The entire interface of League of Legends was still based on the design concept of PC games, and the various elements on the game interface were relatively scattered. This style was fine on a PC, but not on a mobile phone.

On the other hand, King of Glory was designed with the idea of a mobile game, and the various divisions on the interface were very clear.

Other than a few very clear buttons on the interface, there was a large UI. For example, the battle mode, ranking mode, and so on. Basically, the most important functions were all placed in front of the players in a very eye-catching way.

Looking at the design, Zhang Bei had the urge to remake the mobile version of ancient catastrophe that he was in charge of …

You’ll die if you compare people, but you’ll throw away the goods if you compare them!

And Zhang Bei realized that Chen Mo wasn’t lying to him, the controls for traditional mobile MOBA games really needed to be changed!

Compared to King of Glory, the clumsy and monotonous operating system of ancient catastrophe was nothing. Even the feel of the game was a million miles away!

Also, due to the limitations of the operating system, many skills were highly repetitive and boring. It was impossible to replicate the characteristics of MOBA games.

Zhang Bei was confused. F * ck, who told me not to believe Chen Zhao?

Chen Zhao was clearly telling the truth…He was an honest man!