Almighty Video Game Designer

Chapter 281

Chapter 281: Chapter 280-cancel the fees for runes and heroes

He had decided to make League of Legends, but he still had to think about what to do.

Strictly speaking, League of Legends was a very successful game in terms of business, but in terms of balance and competitiveness, there were some flaws to increase the business level.

It had been popular for several years because of the constant updates, which constantly brought new feelings to the players and diluted the game’s imbalance to the greatest extent.

Regardless of whether this method was the best solution or not, at least it solved the problem.

It allowed the players to play new powerful heroes every time there was a new version update. This allowed them to have different kinds of fun.

In Chen Mo’s opinion, there were many reasons why League of Legends went down this path in his previous life, but there were two main reasons. One was the position of the game itself, and the other was the company’s characteristics.

In terms of positioning, League of Legends was a game with the ultimate goal of exploring, expanding, and unifying the market. It was for this purpose that they tried to reduce the difficulty of getting used to it (even at the expense of the game’s balance).

Therefore, the subsequent operating strategies and version updates had to continue with this goal. This had been decided from the very beginning, and they were of the same lineage.

As for the company’s characteristics, it meant that fist company wasn’t a big company with a lot of money at the beginning. It slowly developed with League of Legends. Opening up the market and developing games all required money, so it had to consider the game’s ability to generate revenue.

This was the same reason why Chen Mo had to make some pay-to-win games in the beginning.

As for the operator, there was no need to explain. Everyone on earth knew whether it liked to make money or not.

Of course, after the success of League of Legends, more and more people began to consider changing their style, such as removing the level limit and the rune system.

He even considered completely removing the fees charged by the players for League of Legends, and using the events and other games as the main point of profit (just like traditional sports).

There were several major versions of League of Legends in Chen Mo’s previous life, and every major change would change the entire game, so he had to think carefully about which version to make.


In his own studio, Chen Mo started to write the design concept for League of Legends.

This was probably the longest draft he had ever written. Even though he knew most of the game’s content by heart, there were still some key issues that he had to consider carefully.

The most important point was what the final form of the game should be like.

Chen Mo’s goal was the same as the fist companies in his previous life. He wanted a MOBA game that was easy to get started with, a phenomenal hit game that would dominate the PC market for a long time, and cut off any other MOBA games that might appear.

As such, Chen Mo’s League of Legends was going to be a relatively simple game.

If it was too complicated, MOBA games that were easier to operate would take over the market, and it would be impossible to achieve a comprehensive domination.

Second, to what extent should the game be competitive and balanced?

In his previous life, League of Legends had been criticized for its talent and rune system. In particular, the rune system made the game an unfair game to a certain extent, because it made players of different game hours have a difference in combat power when they entered the same game.

Of course, the rune system had its own purpose.

First, to provide the players with a sense of growth and long-term pursuit.

Two, create a variety of games based on different runes for different heroes.

3. Earn money.

But later on, the design of the fist was also removed during the revision.

Chen Mo’s decision was to keep the talent in the first version of League of Legends and remove the runes.

The player’s level limit was still level 30, but their talents would all be unlocked within level 10. In other words, as long as the player worked a little harder to reach level 10, he would not have any difference in attributes compared to other players.

There was also a change in the content of the revenue: All heroes were free, and all the revenue came from skins and other value-added services that did not affect combat power.

Cutting off the fees from runes and heroes would definitely affect the revenue of League of Legends, but Chen Mo knew that there were more benefits.

He wanted to make League of Legends into an absolutely fair competitive game. This way, it would be more professional.

The reason Chen Zhao dared to do this was because he was in a different situation from fist company. If fist company started with a headwind, then he started with a headwind.

Fist company had to consider the game’s profitability, but Chen Mo didn ‘t.

Chen Mo had plenty of money for research and development, and even if he didn’t have enough, he could just make pay-to-win games. There was no need to use League of Legends to take money from the players.

It didn’t matter if League of Legends didn’t make any money in the first six months or even a year. As long as they could increase the number of players and create a prototype of e-sports, it would be hard not to make money in the future.

In other aspects, Chen Mo was considering using the framework of League of Legends in S3, with some adjustments.

Season 1 and Season 2 of League of Legends were the early stages of development. Season 3 was the time when the game truly developed its own style and had a wide impact on the world.

Especially since Season 3, League of Legends began to produce a large number of LOL-style Champions, such as: Jayce, Zyra, brightmoon, Rengar, ruler of darkness, Kazik, Queen of spiders, Zed, thresh, Zach, and so on.

These heroes were all classic heroes that took into account the hero’s mechanism and operation. It was because of these heroes that League of Legends had such a strong vitality, allowing it to have a complete explosion in S3 and finally establish its dominant position.

If simple heroes like a Mumu, stone man, and garen were the cornerstones of League of Legends, then these “Sima” heroes that could be shown were the face of League of Legends.

It was these heroes who could show off that allowed the game to cater to the vast majority of players and have a long life.

Of course, the version that Chen Mo was going to make would be different from any version in his previous life.

Chen Mo was even thinking of adjusting the entire system of League of Legends so that most of the heroes could be used, and the game would be more diverse.