Almighty Video Game Designer

Chapter 1180

Chapter 1180 The meaning of the special mode

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“Even though zou Zhuo had died heroically, at least he had completed his historical mission, which was to let many players know about the extraordinary player mode. ”

“After all, his livestream room had millions of viewers who could clearly see the state of this mode when it was turned on and off. It was simply a live advertisement. ”


“Many viewers were chatting in the dark stream, wondering if zou Zhuo would come back or not. At the same time, they were discussing the new mode. ”

“””Who’s the big one who can tell me what this new mode means?”” ”

“””We seek the same!”” ”

“””We’re the ones who trouble you with everything. Can’t you guys check it on the internet? It’s written in the introduction of Resident Evil!”” ”

“””Forget it, I’ll explain it to everyone. It means that once this mode is activated, the game cabin will implant some of the top players ‘talents and awareness into your brain. Don’t you think that little Fatty’s shooting skills were very stable before? And a lot calmer? It’s not infuriating at all? This should be due to this model. “” ”

“””F * ck, isn’t that the official cheating device? Wouldn’t I be invincible if I play League of Legends and win chicken dinner?”” ”

“””In your dreams … Currently, only single-player games support this mode. Otherwise, wouldn’t the talented players start a rebellion?”” ”

“””To put it bluntly, this is for all single-player players to have fun. It won’t affect other players, but it can let you experience the feeling of being a high-level player. And it’s not to lower the difficulty of the game, but to increase your upper limit. As long as you persist in playing this game, you will naturally become stronger. “” ”

“””You’ve successfully recommended a horror game to me. Alright, I’ll go buy Resident Evil. “” ”

“Many players would never buy a horror game like Resident Evil, but when they heard about the new mode, they felt that it wasn’t impossible to buy it and play … ”

Most people didn’t dare to play horror games because they were cowards.

“Bad skills? Then you can play the lower difficulty. At most, he would die a few times, and after he memorized the backbones, he would be able to clear the game. It was just that the process of clearing the game was more torturous, and most players didn’t experience any fun. ”

“However, there were also some die-hard players who liked to play horror games. Obviously, the difference between them and other players was that they could find fun in horror games. ”

“For this group of people, horror games could increase their adrenaline and speed up their heartbeats. They could experience the thrill of seeking death and experience extreme excitement that they couldn’t feel in reality … ”

“This was not the only fun part of horror games. They could also test if the players could stay awake and rational in an emergency, and if they could find key clues in a pile of useless information in a panic, thus solving the mystery. ”

“However, whether the players could enjoy these things was basically something that was already decided. If they were not into it, it would be useless no matter how much they trained. ”

“However, with the extraordinary player mode, players no longer had to worry about not being suitable for a certain type of game. ”

“Seeing that a coward like zou Zhuo was able to stay calm in Resident Evil and face all kinds of difficulties, the others were even more confident … ”


“Once the extraordinary player mode was launched, it immediately attracted a strong response from the players. ”

“However, the players came to a common understanding The host is strictly prohibited from using it! ”

“The hosts were simply feeling bitter in their hearts. Why can you all use it, but we can ‘t! ”

“In fact, this was quite reasonable, because the streamers were basically showing off their talents to the audience. If they used the extraordinary player mode, whose talent were they showing? ”

“The audience would say,””if you’re playing in extraordinary player mode like this, then I’m fine with it. Why do I still have to watch your live stream?”” If you don’t turn on this mode, then you’re the one who’s truly capable! ”

“This point of view soon became the consensus of the audience. Except for some beautiful and timid female streamers who could live-stream Resident Evil in extraordinary player mode without being criticized, all the other male streamers would be criticized without exception … ”

“The streamers felt bitter. Many streamers decided not to broadcast Resident Evil. When they stopped broadcasting, they would secretly turn on the extraordinary player mode to experience the game, but they had to hide it … ”

“However, this mode was really fun for the players. ”

“Chen Mo’s original intention was to let everyone enjoy themselves in private, as part of the gaming experience. As long as the players limited this to single-player games and didn’t cause trouble for other players, it would be fine. ”

The release of this model also produced an unexpected effect-the sales of Resident Evil skyrocketed.

“As Chen Mo’s horror games, outlast and Silent Hill were both famous, or rather, well-known. ”

“Although the two games used completely different pricing models and marketing strategies, in general, more people knew about them than actually played them. Even though Silent Hill had adopted the ‘free game after clearing the game’ strategy, most people were unmoved, because everyone’s desire to survive was really strong … ”

“However, judging from the current popularity and sales curve, it was certain that Resident Evil’s sales would surpass the previous two. ”

“Of course, this was all thanks to the new game mode. When the players tried this mode, they found that they were not as scared when playing horror games. They even seemed to understand how fun horror games were. ”

“As a result, the sales of Resident Evil kept increasing, and the discussion about the game became a hot topic for players. ”


The success of Resident Evil and the extraordinary player mode had made many people see the broad prospects of this mode.

“The biggest purpose of this model was to eliminate the barriers brought about by the players ‘””talent””. This would make the niche games no longer be niche, and allow the players who had no confidence in themselves to try the game genres that they didn’t even dare to try before. ”

“The trial of Resident Evil was just the beginning. Other than horror games, there were many other games that could use this mode, such as the suffering game. ”

“Some hardcore games could even take this opportunity to expand to players who were not very interested in games, such as female players. ”

This also meant that the game crowd would be further expanded. Players who were not interested in games at first might fall in love with the feeling of playing games after trying this mode.