Against Heaven's Will

Chapter 272 - Succubus Curse

Chapter 272 - Succubus Curse

"Mhmm…" Xuefeng rubbed his eyes as he regained his consciousness. "What happened?"

He remembered throwing himself at Thunder Goddess's Master only to suddenly lose all his strength. His eyesight darkened and he collapsed on her slim body, completely out.

It wouldn't be a problem if not for the fact that his heart weakened, stopping to beat for a short moment. He didn't know what the lady did to him but now he was back, feeling better than ever.

"How is that possible?!" the lady cried out in shock as she stared at Xuefeng as if he was a freak. "You should be dead!"

"Huh? Why? What did you do?" Xuefeng questioned confused. "Did you just try to kill me?"

"No! I mean, yes, but it's not my fault!" the lady explained as she distanced herself further. "Whatever, It's complicated! You don't need to know."

"Then why are you moving away?" Xuefeng asked as he lifted himself up. He glanced at Thunder Goddess and she was as much in shock as her master was.

"Because…" the lady paused, covering her chest with her face flushed. "Y-you touched me!"

Xuefeng was taken aback, not expecting such a reaction. Where did all the proudness and playfulness go? She suddenly became bashful while acting all innocent in front of him.

He knew how to recognize an opportunity when he saw one.

"W-wait! What are you doing?" the lady questioned shyly as Xuefeng got off the bed and walked up to her. "Don't come close! I'm warning you!"

"Why are you afraid?" Xuefeng asked simply, taking slow steps towards her. "You are a powerful expert. You can stop me at any moment."

"Noooo! Go away!" The brown-haired hottie threw away her dignity and began running away, trying to escape towards the doors. Too bad, Xuefeng was faster.


She cried out as Xuefeng caught her hand and pulled her closer while restraining her wrists.

"Will you calm down and tell me what happened?" Xuefeng questioned again but she was frozen, looking up into his eyes with fear.

Her gaze traveled up and down between his hands and his face as if she couldn't believe what was happening.

"You are touching me again!" the lady called out, finally regaining some confidence from before.

"And? Is there something wrong with that?" Xuefeng asked back and pulled her closer, embracing her body as if she was his. "Do you hate it when I hold you?"

He thought she would punch or push him away but none of that happened. Her body shivered instead while her legs turned weak. She leaned against his chest as she grasped onto his shoulders, trying to catch balance.

"I…" She paused as she spoke, her nails digging into his skin. "I don't hate it…"

Her face immediately flushed at her words and she buried it in his chest. Xuefeng only smiled and tightened his hug, brushing his fingers into her hair. "Let's stay like this then. I hope you enjoy it."

She completely relaxed when Xuefeng began gently rubbing and scratching the back of her head.

"Master… What is going on...?" Thunder Goddess finally spoke as she glared at Xuefeng. "You! Get off my Master!"

"Why should I?" Xuefeng replied with a teasing smile. "How about you let your Master decide? I'm not forcing her. She is the one squeezing harder."

He had no idea how and why, but this situation favored him greatly. There was no need to fight Thunder Goddess if he could subdue her Master instead.

"Master! Don't fall for his tricks!" Thunder Goddess followed Xuefeng's suggestion but her Master didn't even move an inch.

"It's so warm and cozy…" the lady muttered happily instead. "Let me stay like this some more…"

Thunder Goddess seemed like she wanted to pull her hair in anger.

"How?! What did you do to her?!" She shouted, blaming everything on him. "You had to do something otherwise you would be dead."

"Alright, it's enough with those mysteries," Xuefeng finally snapped and lifted the hot body in his arms before throwing her on the bed. She didn't resist at all and let him pin her down.

"Tell me what is going on. What is she talking about?" Xuefeng demanded sternly, hating secrets the most.

Just as Xuefeng spoke, he got blinded by a sudden light coming from her chest. He uncovered her translucent dress and saw a shining tattoo above her right breast. Before he could react, he felt pain in his torso and received an identical tattoo.

A golden drop.

"What did you do to my Master?!" Thunder Goddess called out defensively and attacked, throwing herself at him.


They both dropped down from the bed and rolled on the ground, struggling to get the upper hand. They didn't have any Qi in this Soul Realm so they could only use their raw strength. Thankfully, Xuefeng's physique as a male was superior.

"Let go! I will kill you!" Thunder Goddess threatened from under his body, wiggling endlessly to throw him off.

"Why don't you do it then, huh? Do it if you can!" Xuefeng shouted annoyed, already fed up with her. If she was his woman, she would already receive punishment.

"Ugh! I hate all men!" Thunder Goddess grunted hatefully. "Just wait till I get back my powe—"

"Stop talking already!" Xuefeng cut her off, his mind exploding as soon as he heard her voice. He was trying to figure out what happened yet she was yapping over and over again.

He already expected to hear another series of curses but she got surprisingly quiet. Her body trembled and similar to her Master, a Golden Drop appeared on her chest.

"Again?" Xuefeng wondered out loud and his own tattoo met with a second drop, right next to it.

Thunder Goddess stopped struggling instantly and stared at her chest with her eyes wide open. She tried to speak but the Golden Drop shone brightly, preventing her from talking.

The lady on the bed watched the whole scene and questioned while squinting her eyes, "What did you do to us? I felt a sudden urge to answer your question and I can't resist it anymore..."


Xuefeng raised his eyebrows, finding this situation quite familiar. Didn't Sena have the exact same power?

"Don't resist it then. Tell me everything. Why did your disciple say I should have died?" Xuefeng repeated the question and sure enough, the ultimate Master acted as if she entered a trance, revealing everything.

"It's because I have a Succubus Bloodline with a special variant. I call it a Succubus Curse. Whenever a man touches me, he dies a moment after. My body passively sucks all life force from them and I can't control it. Normally that wouldn't be the case. All Succubus can control their Bloodline Ability but not me."

"I see…" Xuefeng nodded in understanding. "So how did I survive it?"

He could already guess who was the one who helped him but he couldn't confirm it yet. Sena wasn't his Fate Spirit so this could be a complete coincidence.

"I don't know. That's what I'm trying to figure out too," the lady replied before shaking her head as if to return back to her senses. "Wait, don't ask me questions. I can't resist them."

She stood up and crouched next to them. "I need to research it. This is definitely not normal."

"Go ahead," Xuefeng agreed as he pulled away from Thunder Goddess. He still sat down on her belly just in case she tried anything funny.

The lady Master went silent and touched the golden drops on their bodies. When she caressed his own, her chess immediately reddened and her body shuddered.

"This… Whenever I touch you, my body turns hot, and my desires spike," she muttered with hurried breathing and drew away. "Can you touch me? I want to confirm it works both ways."

He didn't hesitate and reached down to her inner thigh, giving her a soft rub.


Her eyes almost rolled back and she moaned loudly, grasping onto his arm without any strength. Her voice leaked with pleasure and her back arched uncontrollably.

"Whoa, you do have a nice reaction," Xuefeng commented and glanced at Thunder Goddess with an evil smile. "I think we need one more test."

Thunder Goddess warned him with a glare but Xuefeng didn't care, grabbing onto her neck as punishment.


Her reaction was similar, if not even more explosive as her body twisted from pleasure. Her tongue was out and when Xuefeng neared his hand, she wiggled it around his fingers, sucking it greedily.

"This…" the lady gawked her eyes as Thunder Goddess's reaction. "I'm pretty sure it's a Slave Contract…"

"What does it mean?" Xuefeng wondered as he let go of Thunder Goddess, letting her recover a little. "Did I brand you as my slaves?"

"Cough!" she cleared her throat as if not believing he was asking it. "Shouldn't you know? You are the one who did it to us."

"Oh, I have no idea. I did it randomly," Xuefeng replied casually. "I don't even know how I did it."

"..." His words made her speechless. "It basically means you are our Master and we have to obey you… That's why I feel the need to reply to your questions and perform your orders."

"Let's test it then. What's your real name?" Xuefeng asked playfully.

"I'm Emi. I only have one name," Emi replied honestly and quickly accepted her fate. "I don't mind playing around for a little bit, but don't expect it will last forever. This Slave Contract is not that strong. I can break it if I try hard enough."

She leaned over and whispered, "I didn't expect it but I actually like being ordered around… Is there something Master wants to order for your little slave?"