Against Heaven's Will

Chapter 12 - Scam

Chapter 12: Scam

Entering the Capital, the first thing Nuwa and Wu saw was a giant Information Board that listed all the rules and a map of the City. With just one glance, they finally realized how big the Fire Land Capital was.

Based on the guide at the bottom, it would take them a full day by flying to reach from one gate to the other while in the Earth Realm Capital, it would be just over an hour. Just this fact alone told them something about Fire Land Capital's size.

Recalling the City Staff explanation, they weren't surprised anymore. Fire Land Capital was one of the Safe Zones, so naturally, most citizens lived there.

"To think that even flying is forbidden… I guess we will need to use one of those Spirit Beasts," Nuwa muttered as they scanned the rules, gazing at the line of flying beasts at one side of the street.

Four chairs were attached to each beast's back while the driver sat directly on the beast's neck. Based on the amount of similar flying creatures in the sky, they guessed it was the primary form of transformation.

Especially for poor people.

Nuwa could still see thousands of flying ships, one bigger than the other, but aside from the City Guards, there was barely anyone flying in the sky. Everyone too disciplined, which looked suspicious.

"The Central Bank's branches should be close to the gates so most new residents can register relatively quickly. We need to find the tallest and grandest building," Wu suggested, gazing around and fair enough, they saw signs directing them to Central Bank.

Wu winked at Nuwa and grabbed her hand, pulling her forward. They could explore a bit and familiarize themselves with the place. At first sight, the City seemed relatively carefree and quiet, but once they delved deeper into the City, they realized how wrong they were.

Although the streets were massive, almost three times as big as the ones they knew, crowds of people filled them to the brim anyway. It was all because of two roads in the middle of the street where pedestrians were not allowed. Only autonomic wagons, similar to flying ships, drove on the road, reaching incredible speeds.

"It's quite pretty here," Wu commented, watching everything with curiosity.

Colorful trees and metal lamps decorated the side-walk, making the sole walk a magical experience. They couldn't help but gaze at the pavement made from rock that shone like thousand stars glimmering while reflecting the sun.

The most interesting was the strange architecture with an elegant and clean setting. The buildings were like endless straight lines only to make a turn, split apart by another road. Wu was amazed by the concept, dragging Nuwa to walk around and check where the same building would end. Eventually, they returned to the same spot, completing a full square.

"So each of those buildings worked like closed communities with their parks and space inside. Even though the City is so busy, families or clans get their own space, and the City doesn't need to distribute the territory to anyone. I'm sure they still own the land and lend or rent it to different families or clans. Amazing…" Wu explained, fascinated.

"Knowing the size of the whole City, the number of clans or families should be astronomical. I wonder how top clans live," Nuwa pointed out. "The bank seems to be in front of us."

Just a little further, they finally spotted their destination and headed straight to the bank.

The best aspect of the City? No one bothered them.

The two were the most influential figures in the Earth Realm, so almost everyone knew them, bowing each time they met them before offering greetings. In this City, they were the most anonymous with people ignoring them as they busied themselves with their own lives.

Well, at least that's what they thought.

"Huh? Move!" Nuwa called out, annoyed, seeing a few people circling them while moving extremely slow.

She thought that would be enough, yet they acted as if they heard nothing, grouping even tighter. There were ten of them, bonding in a circle while walking like turtles, one slow step at a time.

It wasn't normal.

Nuwa was quickly irked, ready to break through forcefully when Wu stopped her, grabbing her wrist.

"We can't. Do you remember the rules? The City will always punish the initiator of any conflict. The attacked party can defend freely, and they won't receive any punishment," Wu reminded. "This must be a scam."

The crowd walking past didn't interfere with the scene, but they did throw some hateful glances at the ten masked men. It seemed like they were already known and despised by everyone.

"Hahaha, good guess, lady! Unless you pay us a hundred credits for each of you, we will not let you pass," one of the masked men called out in laughter. "Of course, you can fly over us and get a thousand credits fine. The choice belongs to you."

"Fuckers…" Nuwa muttered, realizing what they planned to do. If they blocked them from moving, that would be their offense allowing her to attack, but they are still walking, so technically, they are not breaking any laws.

"Don't let them scam you! If you are not busy, just wait thirty minutes for the next patrol of City Guards. They will disperse before they punish them." Some lady from the crowd advised only to get barked at by the masked men.

"Shut the fuck up before we target you every day for the next week!"

The lady paled when she heard them, immediately walking away. No one else tried to help, scared to become a target as well. Nuwa and Wu were just a pair of strangers. Who would sacrifice their comfort for them?

The masked men got cockier and suggested, "If you take off your hoods and show us your pretty faces, we will only charge you fifty each."

Nuwa grasped Wu's hand, giving her a signal, and Wu returned it, sharing the same opinion.

They are not going to let the fuckers earn even one credit of them.