Adopted Soldier

Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Alex was walking towards Rachel's house early in the morning, while thinking of what his dad said last night . Alex's dad had inform him that he would be meeting Oliver this coming weekend . Today was Thursday so two days from now Oliver and Carlo would be having a meeting in the mansion . Still when Carlo informed Alex of his decision to meet Oliver, Carlo's facial expression was hard to read, but he was making the same face he would once an extremely demanding mission was coming .
'Was the Shadow Mercenaries really such a threat? Even dad seems wary of them . . . ' Alex couldn't help but think of Oliver, that guy who doesn't seem like he would want to harm anything . . . Alex decided to dismiss any irrational thoughts and make his dad decide what to do . Alex just needed to continue being Oliver's friend, nothing more nothing less .
The next thing that occupied Alex's mind was that a week after now at approximately 05:00 hours on Monday, Dan Regius would barge into his home accompanied by Alex and start explaining what had happened to him in the past ten years while he was missing . Dan would replace the story of his time as a mercenary with him having amnesia while teaching martial arts as an instructor, and it just so happens Alex was his star pupil .
Any inconsistencies in the story will be blamed on Dan's erratic memory, and brain damage sustained from fighting tanks . When Alex imagined how angry and betrayed Rachel would be either at him or her father, Alex's chest somehow tightens . 'What is this feeling? My chest is tightening . . . Is this heartburn?' Alex was confused as to why every time he imagines Rachel's face betrayed and melancholic his chest would tighten even more .

This was the first time, he felt something like this . . . Alex tried to calm his emotions and stop thinking about Rachel's sad face . He forcefully changed his thoughts and reminded himself this was a mission . While he was thinking of such things, he was already in front of Rachel's house .
Alex checked his watch it was 6:40 a . m class starts at 8:00 a . m . From Rachel's place to school it takes around twenty minute to walk there . Alex stood by a street pole waiting for Rachel to come out .
A few seconds later after Alex started waiting for Rachel, someone from atop the roof of the dojo shouted . "Oh if it isn't my brother-in-law!" Joseph jumped down from the roof of the dojo and did a three sixty spin before landing in front of Alex .
"Waiting for my little sis? Don't worry she's just applying a bit of make up to make her look prettier for you . " When Joseph said those words, a random bag came flying towards Joseph . As if he had eyes in the back of his head Joseph was able to dodge . Alex then caught the incoming bag that was now heading towards his face .
"What the hell are you saying Big Brother!" Rachel was fuming mad . When Alex saw Rachel he wanted to greet her, but stopped himself when he saw her angry face .

"Why are you so mad my little sister? I was just telling the truth . " Joseph looked at Rachel as if he was wronged .
"What truth?! Do I look like I even use make up?! This is all natural . " Alex unconsciously scanned Rachel's face and noticed just tiny bits of eyeliner and a bit of powder with some lipstick . Alex wanted to tell her that she was indeed wearing some make up but the instincts he acquired in the battlefield told him not to .
While Joseph was running away he shouted . "Have fun at school!" Joseph leaped back to the roof of the dojo .
Rachel took her bag from Alex and walked forward . "Don't believe what my brother said alright . I don't put make up on, and even if I did I would not put it on just to look prettier for you, understood? . . . " Rachel said those lines with an ice cold voice which reminded Alex of the time his dad ordered him to take revenge and kill for the first time .

Alex nodded his head vigorously . "Good . " After saying that Rachel smiled at Alex as if she was having fun with the whole situation . Seeing Rachel's smiling face made Alex chest tighten even more than before . 'Why!? Am I actually scared?! What am I scared of?! Me the one they call silent flash is scared?!'
Alex with his EQ being the complete opposite of his IQ making his EQ very low, was having trouble understanding what he was currently feeling . Rachel noticing the pain look in Alex's face came close to him worried .
"Are you alright Alex?"
Alex shook all the irritating feelings away and tried to focus at what was happening now . He looked at Rachel's eyes which were filled with worry, for a moment his chest tightened again, but he dismissed the feeling and answered Rachel . "I'm alright just a bit groggy from waking up . "
Seeing Alex's expression returning back to normal, Rachel nodded relieved . The two started walking again, but this time Rachel extended her hand towards Alex .

Alex seeing Rachel's left hand being extended towards him looked at it confused . Did Rachel want to shake hands? That was the only thing Alex could think off seeing this act .
Rachel sighed and grabbed the confused Alex's hand . "Here let's hold hands as we go to school, you might feel a bit better if we hold hands right?" Rachel showed Alex another radiant smile, this time showing her canines . Alex was being pulled by Rachel while she was smiling so happily as if she was having the time of her life .
Alex seeing this radiant smile of her's made him feel mixed feelings . His chest was tightening still, but this time there was a good feeling coming from it . Alex really couldn't understand what the difference between the chest pain from awhile ago, and the nice tightening of his chest that's happening right now .
Both times was about Rachel, both times made his chest tighten, but the resulting feeling was different . Alex looked at Rachel's back as she pulled him forward, for some reason Alex was smiling, without him noticing he was doing so .