Adopted Soldier

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The world of Esterorht had many wars, which were due to it having many countries . Each country of course had different opinions . The opinions being something in relation to religion, opinions in relation to who owns which territories, or opinions such as to who was the more powerful country . These are some of the examples as to why war happens in Esterorht a lot .
In this war torn world, being a mercenary is the fastest way to become rich, as well as the fastest way to die .
It has been eight years since Carlo Samarita, adopted his son Alexander . He who was called the messenger of death by his enemies, and even his allies, suddenly adopted a seven year old boy which shocked everyone on his squad .
Carlo's squad was a special one . None of them are any good in anything else aside from their specialty, Carlo was the only one who could somehow do most of everything . Though they couldn't do anything aside from their specialty, but they were the best in their own specialty .
They had the best demolition expert, the best marksman, the best stealth operative, the best driver of any kind of vehicle, the best hand to hand combat specialist, the best researcher, and the best supporters . With all those factors their little squad was feared throughout the world .

They had a completion rate of 99 . 70% out of numerous missions they had only failed once .
The squad didn't know how to handle the new recruit which was also the adopted son of their leader . When they first met Alexander no one knew what to say to Alexander, so they just started teaching him their skills and knowledge as ordered by the leader .
Alexander was like a sponge who was able to learn quickly . Now after eight years of training, and real life battle, Alexander could be called the perfect soldier . By himself Alexander had the stunning achievement of a 100% completion rate in all of his missions .
The boy had a drive like no other, once he hears the word mission from his father, something in his mind is triggered . So whenever he hears the word mission he will try with all his might to complete the mission no matter the cost .
At the age of ten he was able to get his first kill, at the age of twelve he was able to infiltrate an enemy base and kill the enemy leader without no one noticing, at the age of fourteen he was able to blow up the enemy command center .
Though he retained his indifferent expression, he was able to find new warmth in the company of the mercenary squad . Alexander was somehow satisfied with his life . He had become strong like his father had promised him .

Yet this kind of lifestyle came to an abrupt end, when Carlo had made a mistake and got his right leg cut off . This was not a failure of the squad, but more on Carlo's ability . Since he was getting older he had misjudged the opponents abilities and was caught off guard . Though in the end the squad was able to finish the mission, but Carlo needed to retire .
After appointing a new squad leader for his mercenary group, Carlo alongside his son Alexander returned to his homeland .
Carlo has been thinking of going back into normal society, ever since Alexander turned fifteen . He wanted his adopted son to become something more than a soldier, who only knows how to fight and kill . Now that he has given him strength, he wishes to give him a normal life, and a normal happiness .
He wanted to go back to his homeland but couldn't find the right opportunity to tell Alexander, so it was postponed for a few weeks . Then the incident happened, though it was unlucky to lose a leg, but now he had a real solid reason to retire . If a leg is needed to be sacrificed for my son's normal life then its worth it, Carlo's thought .
After years in the battlefield Carlo had amassed a fortune, and with it he made numerous companies . The companies he owned were varied, he owned a game company, a shopping mall, a brand line of bags and shirts, and so on and so forth .

In his home country, in normal society no one knows his true self as the former leader of the Unique Squad . All the normal people know him as the owner and founder of numerous companies .
Using his money and status Carlo was able to easily hide the truth from the public eye .
Once the father and son where standing in front of their mansion, a bunch of maids and butlers greeted the two . After which the butlers took their luggage and fixed their rooms . Carlo and Alexander on the other hand where at the living room discussing some important matters .
"Nope it's final you're going to a public High school . " Carlo said with finality in his tone .
"Dad I don't understand why you want me to attend school . With all the knowledge I have, not even mentioning High School but I can probably pass a doctorate level exam . " Alexander asked his dad confused at the whole situation .
Carlo knew his son was smart, and didn't really need to go to school, since he can just inherit the companies he owns, or he could just go back to the battlefield . But that was not the point, he didn't want his son to return to the gloomy battlefield, he wanted his son to find a normal happiness, and step one to achieve that, is to get him a girlfriend .

A public school is the best place to find someone his age that might be able to tie him down, and bring him normal happiness .
'Tsk I didn't want to do this, but you gave me no choice Alex . ' Carlo looked at the stubborn Alex and sighed .
"Fine then, I have a mission for you Alexander Samarita . " When Alex heard the word mission from his father, he stood upright and did a military salute . When Carlo saw Alex's reaction he nodded .
"The mission objective is to find a girl in the public High School you'll be attending and protect her . "
'This way he could bond with a girl, and try his absolute best . '